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General information about trains in Thailand

Trains in Thailand - a great way to travel, especially for budget travelers. Their disadvantage compared to the planes, obviously, is the speed, but they are much cheaper. If you compare the train with the intercity buses in Thailand, the more comfortable trains (the trains would be more comfortable when moving long-distance) and safer (carriers often in pursuit of profit, neglect security). As for the cost, it all depends on the class of train and carriage and the distance of the trip: if you travel by train for long distances on a recumbent, then compared to the bus, the train will be a bit more expensive; but if to compare with the bus seated second or third class, the train in most cases much cheaper than buses. Well, the trains for the most part, slower buses.

Ж/д станция Хуаламфонг

The route network allows to visit almost all the most interesting sights of the country, and in conjunction with the buses can take you to almost anywhere, and even in neighboring States. This is very convenient to the box office you can buy a combination ticket (Joint Tickets) to places where trains don't go. For example, you can purchase a ticket from Bangkok to Koh Samui, and it will include the train, transfer from the railway station to the pier, and delivery by ferry. To obtain information about all routes, timetables and costs on the site From this website the price will match the price of the ticket when purchasing at the ticket office at the station when buying tickets via the Internet the cost will be added to the Commission.

Ж/д станция Хуахина Girl on Railway station Hua hin

The main railway hub of the country is Bangkok (main railway station Bangkok Hualamphong). It is from here start your journey most trains to the North, South, East and West of Thailand. To get from one part of the country (e.g., North) to another (such as South), you will have to follow through Bangkok, making it a connection from train to train. Keep in mind that the trains of the Western direction (in Kanchanaburi) depart from the station Thonburi Train Station, aka Bangkok Noi Station, so don't forget to plan time for travel between stations.

Railway map of Thailand

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Popular routes by train Thailand

The most popular routes for tourists on the trains in Thailand are:

Read more about how to get on the train to a particular place in Thailand, read the relevant sections:

About railway station Bangkok here

About the Railways of Malaysia here

Поезд до Канчанабури The train to Kanchanaburi

Where and how to buy tickets for the trains of Thailand

A ticket on a train in Thailand looks like this:

All information in the ticket is duplicated in English and everything is quite clear.

The system of sale of tickets for trains of Thailand allows you to buy tickets through the Internet from home, directly at the station and at the ticket offices and tourist agencies in the cities of Thailand.

Tickets can be purchased directly before sending the train, but you can buy a ticket for 60-90 days in advance. To buy tickets in advance or not, you decide, but we recommend to think in advance about the tickets, especially for long-distance and high classes of cars. To purchase tickets to the 3rd or 2nd sedentary classes in advance is not necessary, they are always available before sending.

Purchase tickets via the Internet

Electronic tickets on trains of Thailand were not sold in 2013, but in February 2017 sales again resumed. Book and buy tickets on the website Payment is made by credit card, but the interface is half-Thai, and not accept all cards.

Another good option to purchase tickets to any destination in Thailand and Asia in General on the website or using the search form below. Interface and support for Russian language. But when you buy a ticket on 12go you will have to pick up the paper ticket at the office at the don Muang airport, or office in Bangkok, 12go.

🔍 Search

💲 Pay the ticket online

Will receive an itinerary receipt by email

🚌 Arrive to departure

When searching for tickets on buses and trains for pay attention to the ranking of tickets/carriers (marked with asterisks on a five-point scale) and the reviews of actual users who traveled on this route. Selecting carriers with the highest rated according to user reviews, you will protect yourself from possible problems during the trip.

Attention! Don't rely 100% on train schedules that are specified on the websites of the sellers. It is best to check the availability of trains on the website other sites do not display all local trains for short distances.

Buying at the station

Buy tickets at the station before sending, as well as 60 days in advance. Purchase tickets at the station occurs without any fees. Tickets for Seating the first and third classes in advance purchase is not necessary, they are always available. In the recumbent class it makes sense to buy tickets in advance, especially during holidays (new year's eve and Thai new year Songkran, see holidays in Thailand)

Classes of cars in Thailand

Вагон третьего класса The cheapest 3rd class

The trains for comfort in no way inferior to the Russian trains, and in most cases even surpass. The choice you are given three classes, which are divided into sedentary and bedridden, air-conditioned and not air conditioned. But this does not mean that every Thai train you will find all these classes, all individually according to the directions and numbers of trains. To properly determine which classes are available in a particular train, use the search Each long-distance train has a restaurant carriage.

Trains in Thailand there are:

  • 3rd class (3rd class). This class resembles our trains. Most are not air-conditioned wagons with wooden or leather shops. It is not necessary to use these cars for long trips, but for short nothing could be better. The more that worth the trip on such trains is very cheap: for example for 15 baht to get from Bangkok to Ayutthaya, and for 31 baht to Pattaya.
  • Поезд в Тайланде 2nd class
  • 2nd sitting class (2nd class seats). As the name implies, it is a sitting class. For the most part, this air-conditioned cars, but sometimes (rarely) you can meet and not air conditioned. This is a great option for daytime travel, but if you have a burning desire to save money, then you can ride at night. Chairs recline and it is possible to sleep in the plane. Just don't forget to dress warmly, or very freeze but the air conditioning was working relentlessly.
    Among sessile second-class carriages meet the trains DRC or PDR. It's like a second superior class, in which the back seats recline back more.
    For second sitting class will have to pay more than double for the 3rd.
  • Поезд в Тайланде Reclining seat in 2nd class
  • The 2nd recumbent class (2nd class sleeper). This class is a second-class carriage on our way. A great option to sleep during long or night crossing, and thus not to overpay for almost twice more expensive first class. The second class in Thailand found the type of our, split like on the coupe but no doors, and just couches along the aisle without breaking down into the compartment. It is very convenient that each lounger is closed from the rest of the car blackout curtain.
    Among the second class lying across reconditionnement cars, and they are much cheaper and therefore sold out quickly. Conditionedevery the second class may be a very good option for overnight travel (would not be too hot).
  • 1st class (1st class). This class though is almost the same as flying the budget airlines, but it fully justifies its price. A journey in a double compartment in which there is even a sink where you can wash and wash my hands. Toilets are common on the edges of the car, but they are not like our trains clean, and there's even a shower, but with cold water.
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