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Writing the previous part of the review "Meeting with the Chiang Mai" I thought I made the point in the description of our journey through the city of Chiang Mai. But if you look again the pictures, I decided again to write about our trips in Chiang Mai. Painfully, I fell in love with this city. And some interesting places in it deserve special attention and a separate description:

The ancient city of Wiang Kum Kam (Wiang Kum Kam)

This place is very close to the city, and it is not clear, or omitted to relate it to the urban attractions of Chiang Mai, felts to the attractions of Chiang Mai. But where would we didn't, the place is interesting and worthwhile.

Once upon a time, more than 700 years ago, this city was built by king Mengray and became the capital of the Lanna Kingdom. After the city several times filled with water in the floods, the king Mengray, apparently, still realized that the place for the city a bit off, and moved the capital to a new place – Chiang Mai. The old capital was abandoned without leaving the city completely destroyed and almost disappeared from the face of the earth.

Again the city was discovered very recently, in 1984. The ruins was restored and opened for visiting the public.

Now rare ruins of an ancient city located right between houses in the countryside in the suburbs of Chiang Mai. You can visit them yourself on a motorcycle or Bicycle, however, you will have some problems with orientation, because signs and maps are almost there. Here is a map that we could find on the Internet:

The map, incidentally, can be found here at the information center on the stand and photograph it. Another visitation option is to go by tuk-tuk and then buy an excursion on a cart with horses (300 baht, the money of Thailand), or in the car with carriages for 400 baht. Well, or you can arrange a ride with a tuk-Tucker. Write more, that anywhere we can find bicycles for trips, but we have not seen.

We decided to save time is to hire the tuk-Tucker for a trip to the ancient city, and for inspection. Found the Tucker we in the old town, and agreed to the trip after bargaining for 300 baht.

As usual, on the way to the place Tucker was trying to impose on us additional services in the form of carriage rides:

Or this car:

I guess when you have enough time and do not mind the extra 300-400 baht, such trips can really be enjoyable and interesting, but we refused wanting to explore and get to other tourist attractions.

Conditional centre of the ancient city is a tourist information centre, from where depart all those coaches and cars. There supposed to be bikes, but we asked if it we said no. Perhaps this is due to the fact that we tried to "sell" more expensive trips on the carriages and cars, and if we looked for a rental, maybe would have found it. Visit the ruins of the city as the center, free.

The center has something like a Museum or, as here called, the cultural center, where you can get acquainted with the locals in the layout of the village courtyard and the house.

Village house
Inside the house
Every home must have a photograph of members of the Royal family
In the yard

Here, in the center, there is an operating temple

And a lot of funny and interesting sculptures

After examination of the information centre we went to explore the ruins. There is in principle nothing to say, except interesting and mysterious. Mysteriously, because it is not clear how could these ruins to be forgotten for 700 years, if around the homes of local residents and they had to see them every day. And the underground monument has nothing to hide. Most likely, just these piles of stones, nobody paid any attention until they have not reached the attention of some historian.

These are just some pictures, even of the ruins there very much is something to see. The scale, of course, not altaiskie, but worth a look.

Silver temple in Chiang Mai (Wat Sri Suphan)

Another place in Chiang Mai, which really want to mention – the silver temple. In fact, despite the nickname, the temple is not actually silver and its name is translated quite differently. And silver in the temple only room in which there are important spiritual ceremony and accepted in San young monks, the so-called ubosot. This ubosot, by the way, entrance is forbidden to women. There is nothing unusual, because women in Thailand monks are not, and historically always in the ubosot women's entrance was prohibited. Just recently, many churches have ceased to adhere to this rule may, in particular, and due to tourism.

As stated in the brochure that we were given in the temple, he really is a silver only in some parts. Only the Holy image made of pure silver. The greater part of the temple is made of zinc foil.

It tells the booklet, the first Church on this place was built in 1501 during the reign of the dynasty Mengray on the personal orders of the king. Since that time, the temple was rebuilt many times, and only in 2004, he won the silver when his new Abbot decided to transform his temple. In fact, work is still underway and is scheduled for completion only by 2015. Really today inside the Church are still far from finishing, but outside the temple have almost all been "had poserebneac".

To work on the "serebrianiy" of the temple were attracted by local artists. By design, new style, silver-plated temple, should remain the same in the style of the Lanna Kingdom.

Over time, the Church formed a co-operative of artists who are now constantly working and not only for the decoration of the temple. Skilled craftsmen make different ornaments for sale, dishes, the whole picture on sale. You could buy in the shop in the temple or in several shops on the streets near the temple. All these products are handmade and very expensive, but a little trinket for a few hundred baht can afford one. Just don't expect for a minimal price you can buy here is silver, at least, get a zinc alloy. But to cheat you in the temple, no one is going, and if you ask what made this or that thing for sale, will you answer honestly. At least, we told everything honestly.

By the way, the craftsmanship can be seen right here on the temple grounds.

Well, actually, the photo of the temple:

And this is probably the car of the rector with such a frame in the room
And this is the master at work

A sequel to "the Road from Chiang Mai to Siem reap"...

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admin December 19, 2012
We spent in Chiang Mai four wonderful and very interesting day. I really wanted to stay there longer, but the road was waiting for us. The next stop on our journey was Cambodia, namely Angkor. This was our first visit there, but not the first in Cambodia.
The road from Chiang Mai to Siem reap, turned out to be eventful, I decided to write about it separately and in detail. To get decided through Bangkok, as it is the most reliable and Mature route. Practical information about how to get to Siem reap, I set out here.
To Bangkok from Chiang Mai the day before dispatch we bought the tickets at the station, bus station Arcade, to contact the travel agents did not. For tickets to the first class bus (night) gave 538 baht. Here are prices:
The next day we arrived at the station an hour before departure of the bus to once again be well versed with transportation and schedules. About all this I wrote in "How to get to Chiang Mai and Transport to Chiang Mai". At the same time decided to eat the road. Near the station a lot of institutions, we decided to choose the "local". For 70 baht ate to satiety and drank a bottle of lemonade. If you are in those places to wait for the bus, I recommend to eat there, very tasty.
Loaded on the bus when it was already dark. To the credit of the carrier it should say that and went and arrived in Bangkok we are on schedule. And the trip was quite comfortable. In the path of the conventionally-fed (gave the bread and the water in the morning serving coffee), a night for the goal ...
admin 30 December, 2012
So we are in Siem reap. If anyone still does not understand why we came here, is in order to explore the temples of Angkor.
Here we planned to stay for 4 days, which settled in the hotel Aliance Villa. The hotel is great, especially when you consider that we booked it for stock with 50% discount and paid for the room a little less than $ 15 per day.
Here, according to tradition, photos of hotel
Everything you need in room: air conditioning, TV, hot water shower, window and even Breakfast. The hotel staff is just super friendly and very helpful. Was so pleased by their helpfulness that I felt even slightly awkward. The hotel was always quiet and we never saw any of the guests, while all accommodation was occupied. That all the rooms were occupied, we learned when I arrived. Our new fellow traveler with whom we were going to get a taxi from the border, but came on the van, also went with us to the hotel, but places for them was not. Was free only single room but for $ 20!
The only downside of the hotel was just what before him had led the asphalted road and after a rain with the main street, had to walk about 100 meters through the puddles. But in General, the position of the hotel is great, very near the night market and pub street, and, at the same time, very quiet.
But, of course, we arrived in Siem reap not to stay in the hotel, so we immediately went to explore the city and at the same time and decide as we would for three days to visit all these temples. Nothing izobretal ...
muzzle 5 January, 2013

I know brother Bob....(The Golden calf)
A generally good, well done!!!! And great pictures, clear. Very love it. Direct memories of Cambodia came flooding back, thoughts povilioniene.... Thank you! ...
muzzle 5 January, 2013

And our guide in Cambodia told me that baby strollers in Cambodia, a tremendous luxury and not all of them can afford it. She has a little daughter and she doesn't like rice likes milk and bread. And it is very expensive. How to complain about us.
Our guide cost us$ 20 a day. For the money we were offered a minivan with driver and guide and a very professional story. Truth is correspondence with her I started from Moscow. ...
admin 13 January, 2013
And now it's just a series of photos from Angkor. Describe what, where and how, I do not see sense. Will be ready in a guide to Angkor with a map (already started here), they think everything you need can be found.
Photos will be in several consecutive posts.
angkor10.jpg ...
admin 13 January, 2013
angkor20.jpg ...
admin 13 January, 2013
angkor30.jpg ...
admin Feb 12, 2013
The next point of the trip was to Pattaya, where we planned to stop by in a few days to spend there. We were not in Pattaya for almost three years and it was very interesting to see how the city has changed over time. Changed dramatically, but more on that later. .While we waited for the road from Siem Reap to Pattaya. At first we planned to get there about the same route as I travelled here from Chiang Mai, only to go had in Chiang Mai and of course Pattaya. Ie from Siem Reap, transfer by taxi or minivan to the border crossing, and from there the bus to Pattaya.
But a devil pulled me to go to a local siemirowice a travel Agency and ask how much is the ticket for the tourist bus to Pattaya. Well, to be honest, hell this is the need to collect information about transport and ways of moving for the site, so it was planned.
Well, when I found out that moving from Siem Reap to Pattaya by tourist bus costs only 18 dollars, and at the same time leaving at 8 in the morning at 17 o'clock we will already in place, I couldn't resist. I knew it would be a trick, remember, that gave themselves earlier vow not to use more tourist buses in Thailand, but it was too great was the temptation. Yes, one would test the route, then to share with you, because on the chaise in this way we (there was another 6 hours, 10 and 12) already got (more on that here). So I bought two tickets for tomorrow at 8 o'clock in the morning, trying to figure out all the details (but I no one was able to explain where the bus arrives in Pattaya), and finally specify whether the bus will arrive in Pattaya in 17 hours, and received a solid affirmative answer. The company that organizes this ...
admin 14 February, 2013
About Pattaya write somehow doesn't want to. But not to throw out this stage of the trip, because it took place. And no matter is that Pattaya is so bad. .No, actually it's a great place, it is no wonder it is the most popular resort in Thailand. But what can you do in Pattaya, I remember when his first meeting for more than seven years ago is very different. Then it was another city, mysterious and attractive. And now I know almost every street, all the shops and entertainment, etc. Nothing new in Pattaya, I this time have not found, though not been here for almost three years. We had originally planned to stay in Pattaya for seven days, to sunbathe and lie on the beach. But for three days all so tired that in the morning on the fourth day we weighed and went out.
But it is more likely my problem than Pattaya. For newcomers to Pattaya should stay the same interesting resort and entertainment city, and the center of the sex industry of Thailand.
Although, I'm deceiving you. Something in Pattaya very much changed even in four years, what is there to speak about the seven years. On changes will tell photos:
Russian faces and speech in the streets has become much more the impression that every second tourist, walking on second street and beach road – Russian. All shops crammed with Russian tourists, every 50 meters a Russian travel Agency or office real estate, restaurant menus in Russian, signs in Russian hotels. That is strange, if you go to other streets, there ...
admin 24 May, 2013
From Pattaya to Ayutthaya accessed directly only by taxi, at least to us of any direct bus unknown. By taxi the ride is not a budget, so we decided to get on the chaise through Bangkok. To bother with the big bus and the bus station in Pattaya we did not, of Luggage we've a very little, only a couple of backpacks, and so we went the simple way: go to the minibase through victory Monument. Total, leaving the hotel at 6 a.m. at 12 moved to pre booked hotel in Ayutthaya, Grandparent's Home. He spent 160 baht.
A little more paint about the road, suddenly someone come in handy, though, information on how to get to Auctau here already written enough. In General, from Pattaya to the bus stop Victoria Monument from different places travel mini-bus services approximately every hour. Rather, it is in theory, they depart approximately every hour, and in fact, if passengers there, they can delay sending for half an hour and even an hour until they get enough passengers. In a way, they slightly more than an hour, cost 100 baht or so. To find the nearest location you can send them by asking at the hotel reception or simply finding a place while exploring Patati. Near to our Guesthouse, the location was near the Central Festival, came to him on foot. When it arrives to the Victoria Monument, we will have to find another mini bus to Ayutthaya already. To explain where to find it, it makes no sense, just better for the Mets to ask passers-by or drivers. He is already about 60 baht in the way too about an hour. Travel often. Well, to Auctau they arrive right in the heart of the tourist district of Ayutthaya in the North-Eastern part of the STA ...