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Pattaya, June 2011

I like SABAY. Rhymes with Tay. But Ty is not my country. Interesting, fantastically bright, hot, and not mine. Here about it

And they say – I came out with a different person)))

What I like in my Tae?

Look at yourself – Zamorano lathered nag in the first days of vacation - super do not like. Climb to the second floor – with shortness of breath. Curls of lamb – not smooth. From constant perspiration on his forehead – teenage acne in far not youthful age.

The whole Thailand was initially painted it. And suspension drops paired bath in front of the camera.

The country began to emerge gradually, along with the focus of the camera.

They say the first half of a long journey think about what is left and the second on what's ahead of you. We had to leave grim problems at work, something else and plunge into SABAY, to dive into the wave, catch it and swim happily gliding. The wave will pick up, and then...


The huge beast wants to dignify only gently. It turns out that their 5-theantimicrobial the thickness of the leather is very soft, warm seravince.

I fed an elephant, stroked an elephant, watched elephants having fun doing their thing, and with all different room laughed when one of them purposely missed, or happily gicala when another dart hit the target.

Now elephants are my favorite


Th word has never been particularly fond of birds. But these are so much fun galloping from the camera, so much fun waking in the morning, even cloudy, and the last, the last day, so smartly devoured the leftovers from our plates, I loved these insolent Taek ;)


Watermelons were the first dish in the hotel Breakfast and the last to complete the fun, though, to eat a lot more then it was: and the soup I myself do not deny, Thai noodles, and meat with vegetables (and how not burst, nilopolis? ;-) )... But watermelon and watermelon juice – so tasty! This is a European Breakfast, and more...

Crabs, shrimp, etc

The first night we were struck by one Petersburger, who was very nice explained to us where to go, how to get here, but the question about where to eat, call the restaurant "Russian Blues" with Russian borscht at hand! Why do we here the Russian borscht? We have shrimp, fish Yes, but more...

Oh, write and Drools... I Want again: every day try the new restaurant Tom Yam; guess what kind of fish, similar to mackerel, but mackerel not; what kind of salad ordered as signature Thai papaya, and resembling more than anything... cabbage; search for tiger prawns and eat them grilled, almost raw in some places; to shake hands with a crab in the bowl and deftly split his claw...

WANT!!! Not ate...


In Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand, captured by the Burmese in the 18th century, we saw a few temples, dilapidated, disfigured with soot and... beautiful.

Here you can walk among the greenery and ruins, not in a hurry.

You can climb the steep steps to the almost empty niche, and ask to go down (very scary!! they say the ancient monks knew how to build temples: to go to God is hard work), to again enjoy the land, steady earth under my feet.

Here in one high-high tower to give the Church a mere 20 baht (currency of Thailand, the exchange rate) – and, giving to the twelve statues of the Buddha pieces of gold leaf, make a performance of twelve dreams the twelve! I had enough:

Mini Siam

In the Park Mini Siam was also Ayuthaya, even more beautiful copy, but we have again the camera is not on time, sorry I'm dead, then I have this almost Nirvana forgot to take a spare battery, so...

Yes, all is well: wonderful Mini Siam , we first took off, to suffer with its lights while the camera was alive, and then calmly contemplated the fun :)

Yeah, I almost forgot! Thailand, apparently, is my destiny!

Once I got into the hands of mark (she got stuck among the pages of a library or rare book, can't remember exactly, long time ago it was books). Mark was huge and scary and fun and looked super-brightly painted mask – whether man, or shaman, or monkey... it's only the non-signature and the absence of the Internet 30 years ago plunged the mask in such a secret...

Mark had disappeared. But the mask did not give rest: probably, she dictated the dreams with a strange sea, burning sun and the searing cold at the same time, she dictated my first story on TBG, unexpectedly generously priced medal.

And now led to – well, who else but she? – in Siam: I found her in the pictures of Thailand when preparing for this trip. But almost a copy of the Mini-Siam:


Strange people, these Thais – they even make demons look beautiful. After all, the mask with my brand – daemon, and it is sculpture, it turns out that the Royal Palace in Bangkok. But we got into Bangkok and only saw a copy of demon in the Mini Siam. Not know that kept me, or seducing this demon of Siam?

And familiarity with the temples in Pattaya – a very fleeting encounter: sometimes the sight of a tuk-tuk, Yes one day, we went specially to the temple in the city centre at six o'clock in the evening, after the heat, and it turns out, is only open until 16.30, so only managed a few almost nightly snapshots, and remained in the memory of the toy, screaming, tropically bright colors, in luxurious Royal naive and childish at the same time.

Yes struck by: the grounds of this temple in the city centre – the Grand car Park.

But the temples still shone in the night light fell on his neck, and I really wanted to hit the bell. Resisted the urge.

And maybe I should have afford?? Perhaps sabay closest to the child, in which everything is possible ;)

French coffee shop – special song GOOD

The French coffee house found in a nearby hotel – an example of refined sophistication among the flashy luxury of the East in the architecture of the temples and unassuming in makashnits for every two metres of the road. My daughter was happy when we finally found a place with hot tea, and I... I just felt at home :)

And girls-Thai waitresses were very nice, and a huge croissant, sprinkled with almonds and filled with some simply divine cream, and Edith Piaf in the background – Oh, how good it was! This would be a croissant – home...


Fruits – a feast of Pattaya, which is no tale to tell, nor pen describe. Let there be only one photo of mangosteen, which we liked the most from sampled exotic local fruits, and we tried all kinds of 8 (say, they are all different – 15), including the well-known pineapple and banana. Eh...

Margarita 180, not 340 R, and the pancake with bananas

In almost the last evening in Pattaya, I allowed myself not only become a favorite Tom-Yam and rice with seafood, but adorable after America cocktail "Margarita", and was filled to the top happy that he is here not 340, as we have, and 180 rubles. Probably so cheap and nice at the same time to eat more will never be possible :(

And in a farewell party we had planned with my daughter again to sit in a French coffee shop. Tai stepped up and allowed us to spend the last moments with him to some of Europe. Because virtually wiped out of cash after a visit to Mini Siam in the late evening we famously stopped a tuk-tuk near the seller of pancakes with bananas and fate has completed its harmonious circle: our first night here was wonderful pancakes, and the last one too

The Bangkok airport was huge already sad: not like in a swimsuit for lunch, not to eat a super-delicious fish, not to get into the sea to catch a wave – how now without it?

To catch a wave? If her "catch" she'll pick up and carry, and you're in bliss would fly without even noticing!

We're lost count of the days (happy hours are not watching, yeah!), and the Thais struggled in helping us "keep the feast". Here stood the crocodile under the wand of the trainer with open jaws, 15 minutes storm and you along with him, happily surprised to see – and nothing more is needed! Here the tigers jump into the ring of fire, and you all fingertips close, and this is – happiness! Here's the little tyke looked up from her white boyfriend and swam swiftly and easily, it seems, across the wave, but never this wave it is not covered and forced to choke, very accurate flight-swim.

They say I'm a different person came back from Ty. Naively, but I want to believe. I will try to keep the wave!

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