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In Thailand there is a very extensive bus route network. Almost the entire country, and even neighbouring Thailand, the country, you can travel by bus. While travelling on buses, if you are willing to experience some inconvenience will be the cheapest way to travel around the country. The bus ride for the same distance in the low-cost classes will cost even cheaper than the train, not to mention the fact that the trains in Thailand will get you not anywhere.

One should distinguish between tourist buses and Shuttle intercity buses:

  • Tour buses in Thailand

    Минивэн в Тайланде

    The buses are private companies that organize the routes between the popular tourist cities in its sole discretion and is intended for tourist purposes. I.e., on these buses move tourists from the resort to the resort. Tickets for buses are sold at travel agencies and airline companies, and are more expensive than regular for the same routes. The convenience of them is that they are, as a rule, the tourist areas and not from the bus stations (terminals), which, in turn, have to travel on local public transport or taxi. Often, the cost of the ticket includes transfer from the hotel to the place of departure of the tourist bus.

    Among the tourist buses should be allocated a separate category - minivans or minibuses (see photo). They are quite convenient in some cases, but often they lack the Luggage compartment, and travel with large Luggage is not possible (you can get in there except with a small backpack). This issue should be clarified in advance, to purchase tickets.

    Associated with the tourist buses, and particularly minibuses, one serious problem due to which we recommend some time to think and check before you use their services. This is especially true of long journeys, especially if the move will be associated with transfers and change of buses. This problem – their punctuality, or rather its absence. Situation when when buying tickets, you are told that the bus leaves at 8 a.m., but really you come over at 7 or 9 hours is not uncommon. Also don't be surprised if the ticket you are persuaded that the bus will arrive exactly at 18 hours, but get to the point you only in the night of the following day. The arrival time of buses specially indicated travel companies unrealistically early to lure tourists, and the buses on the route will do a lot of deviations from the route of doing "their business". Count on these buses if you need to catch the airport or to transfer to another train, we would really not recommend it.

  • Buses of Thailand

    Рейсовый государственный автобус в Тайланде

    Buses run between almost all cities of the country are used including local residents, are cheaper and leave from the bus stations. I.e. it is exactly the same intercity buses, as we do at home. Some of the buses are owned by private companies, but mostly state buses (they are the cheapest and uncomfortable). It is considered that buses are more reliable and safe. In addition, they clearly run on a schedule and arrive on time, or with very small delay.

What kind of buses to use, you choose. If you don't want to complicate your life familiarity with the routes and schedule for the Thai language, you will only tour buses between the major resorts of the country. But remember what is written above about their quality and punctuality. If you want to save some money and see places like this and this is a side of Thailand that do not see the majority of tourists, they are welcome to take advantage of scheduled intercity buses.

After our short stay in Siem reap in Cambodia we had planned to return to Thailand and relax for a few days in Pattaya before going home. To get to Pattaya, we first considered the option of moving on their own, i.e. to get the local bus to the border in Poipet after crossing the border to get to the bus station in Aranyaprathet, and from there go by bus directly to Pattaya, or with transfers through Bangkok or Rayong, despite what the flights are. But here at the local tourist Agency in the street we turned up a tempting offer to get directly to Pattaya for $ 14. Rather, it was a composite transfer with change of bus, we were told only one bus. We were assured that the bus runs on schedule, and we will take away 8 hours from the hotel, and in 17 hours we will be in Pattaya at the bus station, only on what I could answer and could not. In principle, knowing from past experience that there will be definitely a catch, and the time specified is unrealistic, we gladly agreed to "scout" the route. So all kinds of "surprises", we were ready.

As a result, the place we arrived there at 17 hours and 21 hours. Along the way we replaced four!!! the vehicle, one of which was even a tuk-tuk in which to go had hanging on the steps, luckily not for long. The last part of the route ran in the minivan, whose driver on the way home stopped by for lunch while we were sitting in the car, stopped at a few villages not on the itinerary, where it is picked up and transported passengers and all cargo. He's clearly in a hurry, it was important to dissolve all of its "dowry" and upon us was clearly not care.

As I mentioned, it is something like I expected and not at all surprised. And the name of the company that is organizing such a "wonderful" transfer from Siem Reap to Pattaya – Hang Tep Travel and Transportation co.

But honestly, I don't mind. As they say, cheap but cheerful. For the money in another way, this route will not do, if only on foot.

August 2012.

Кассы на автобусной станции в Тайланде

So, buses depart and arrive at the bus station in the cities of Thailand. On the way these buses pick up or drop passengers, making stops at designated areas or at other bus stations. In order to get on a passing bus, you must purchase a ticket at the bus station and get information about the place and time of bus stop, because passing the bus may not even stop at the bus station and pick up passengers at bus stops along the route. Sometimes you can take the bus without a ticket in advance (but not at the bus station there for such a "dowry" drivers watch), but you need to know the schedule and route.

Tickets can be purchased in advance or directly before travel, at bus stations or at ticket offices in the city (such cash is referred to as Boh Koh Soh), often available in local tourist agencies (with a small markup), along with the tourist buses. Tickets for the VIP-class is recommended to purchase in advance. Sometimes travel agencies complement the purchased ticket to their Shuttle from the hotel to the bus station which is very convenient but of course not free. And sometimes instead of the regular bus slip a more expensive ticket for the tourist bus. So the best option is to purchase at bus stations. Here it is necessary to warn that is often visited by tourists cities the staff at the bus stations tolerably well speaks English, but in small provincial towns will have to explain with gestures and write the destination and time on the paper.

Автобус первого класса в Тайланде

There are five classes of buses, among which we have identified three main ones: VIP, first class (1st class), second class (2nd class).

VIP – the most expensive, comfortable and fast. Air-conditioned, the degree of comfort is not different from tourism. Toilet on Board. Almost make stops along the way.

First class (1st class) is cheaper than VIP, air-conditioned, with a toilet on Board, but go slower and make more stops along the way.

Second class (2nd class) is the cheapest. Are not always air-conditioned (air-conditioned if – marked in timetables and on tickets as Conditioned Air or A/C; if it is not air-conditioned, designated as Ordinal or are not indicated), and if air-conditioned, poorly. On-Board toilets. On the way make a bunch of stops, including trips to the toilet, which is going very slowly. Mainly used for short routes.

Still have Silver class and Economy class.

Where to find the schedule and cost of the buses in Thailand?

Unfortunately, there is no online booking system (at least, we don't know about this) of tickets for buses, which brings together ALL the ROUTES. For example, almost impossible to find information about the movement of buses from the station of Pattaya. Some information can be found on these sites: http://www.thailandday.com/index.html, http://www.thaiticketmajor.com (in Thai), http://www.transport.co.th/ (Thai language only) http://www.thairoute.com/ (in Thai language).

Using these sites can, at least, to plan travel between cities. 100% reliable information will only be obtained on the spot in the box office.

On our website in the section on each resort there are the sections "How to get there?" (for example, how to get to Bangkok). In these sections we have tried to gather information on how to get there by bus, including popular routes, estimated cost and schedule, location of bus stations. So, look for and find everything.

Good luck with your travel to Thailand!

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Pisatel 27 September, 2012
like seem that Thailand, a poor country, and if you look on the other hand, even those buses that they provide, deserve attention. ...
Love At 19 April, 2014
I do not know as in other regions of Thailand but in Phuket there is a special bus terminal. I think that this information may need to many. I of this terminal was out with friends. If not they would have the tour book. And so she coped. In General, in the bus terminal in Phuket to you even assistants and, if necessary, will explain. Will help you choose a suitable route and explain what is the difference in carriers. In our country there is nothing like it. Oh, and most importantly, the prices of all the transporters different. First, walk through all the booths, then choose from whom to buy!!! ...
35eg35 20 April, 2014
North bus station is located on North street, near the shop Locdoc. Indicated by the arrow on the map. tel. in ITL: 084-427-4607 http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/5626/137528123.15/0_96835_33e56a1a_XL Departure Pattaya - Koh Samui To 18-00, there are 1st class and VIP. Ticket price 900 baht ordinary. VIPs are more expensive by about 30%. http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/6312/137528123.8/0_6a1f6_7515c9c8_L Pattaya - Suvarnabhumi Airport 6-00, 9-00,11-00,13-00,15-00,17-00, 19-00(sometimes not always) the fare is 200 baht. The bus arrives on the first floor, entrance 7. http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/6311/137528123.9/0_6a20c_82056b0e_L the Departure time from the Airport to Pattaya 8-00, 10-00, 12-00, 14-00, 16-00, 18-00. http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/6110/137528123.8/0_6a1f7_896b91a1_L Pattaya - Bangkok 6-00, 7-00, 8-00, 9-00, 10-00, 12-00,13-00, 14-00, 15-00, 16-30,18-00. Arrival in Bangkok Ekamai. http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/6210/137528123.9/0_6a20b_f24ac78b_L In Bangkok Morchit From 4-30 to 21: 00 (every 30min.) ...
35eg35 21 April, 2014
The bus terminal is on Sukhumvit road Pattaya Klang is suitable for buses passing through the SOR to the South. Located on Sukhumvit South of the intersection. On the map the arrow http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/5630/137528123.15/0_9734c_7ea48b5_XL On the Trad: 6-00 7-30 11-30 18-00 20-00 In Chanthaburi 8-20 10-30 17-30 18-30 the Price of tickets do not know, because the buses going from BKK and BKK. But the tickets in Thailand are not expensive, much cheaper than in Russia. Time specified, but we must understand that this +/- 15-20min. Stopping is not difficult to find, it looks like in Russia. There is a bench and a canopy over it. Inscriptions in Thai, but you don't need them, because the schedule I posted. Good luck and good travels! ...
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I was told that the transport in Thailand is very dangerous, especially if public. They say that here they let and don't go with super speed, but here we go exactly by the rules. Is it really so? ...
35eg35 27 October, 2014
Machinations of the enemies! Ride or slightly worse than in Russia! And still only buses in good condition! ...
atenal April 30, 2016
Thanks for the schedule ready!) ...

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