Visa to Thailand: how to live in Thailand long?

Attention! We constantly try to monitor any changes in the visa regime and to make timely on this page the most accurate information. However, we do not warrant that the submitted information is rapidly changing visa regulations of individual countries, therefore, the information on this page is presented for information.

From August 2014 of the immigration rules of Thailand has changed dramatically. So, now almost completely closed all opportunities for vitharana, i.e. exit and re-enter the country with the aim of extending the stay. Now with re-entry, the border service of Thailand denies entry. Also tightened the punishment for exceeding the period of stay (overstay). Now in addition to a fine and the opportunity to visit a Thai prison foreigners may be banned from entry for up to 10 years.

At the same time, pursuant to bilateral intergovernmental agreements between Russia and Thailand, citizens of Russia have the right to enter the country without a visa for unlimited times. This explanation was given by the chief of the immigration office of Thailand. He commented that the Russians were indeed entitled to multiple visa-free entry, but they have to prove that moving from a purely tourism purposes, and not with intention of illegal work in the country. Such evidence may serve as a return ticket, hotel booking. Having developed the route of travel. However, if you have the passport stamps of permanent departures-arrivals for the last time, you almost certainly will be denied entry into the country.

Виза в Тайланд

We have already briefly described the visa issue in Thailand in the section "Visa to Thailand"to give an idea to tourists how to visit Thailand for a short period. I hope that most of the questions we answered there. If you have a burning desire to be in Thailand legally for as long as possible in this article we will share with you information about how to live, work or study in Thailand.

It should immediately be noted that to obtain citizenship of Thailand and live quietly in the country without worrying about the visa issue, it is difficult almost impossible to consider here this question, we will not. If you have enough money and determination to become a permanent resident of Thailand, it is best to address the issue of citizenship and obtaining a residence permit to an official of the institution or specialized organization, where you organize everything and provide the necessary legal support. Briefly, this requires: a permanent residence in Thailand for at least twelve years; knowledge of basics of Thai language; permanent residence permit etc. So this question is very expensive and time consuming. This is not Russia.

Owning property in Thailand as yet does not provide any visa privileges to foreign citizens–owners of real estate in Thailand. You, in the same way as other foreign nationals, have to solve the visa issue one of the proposed methods. If the situation changes, we'll report it.

However, there are many legal and inexpensive ways to stay in Thailand indefinitely: this is a permanent extension of visa-free stay (so-called "vizaran"); obtaining and renewing a tourist visa (another version of "vizaran"); obtaining long-term non-immigrant visas; obtaining retirement visa. Well, now the details:

Visa-free stay

Attention! From August 2014 of the immigration rules of Thailand has changed dramatically. So, now almost completely closed all opportunities for vitharana, i.e. exit and re-enter the country with the aim of extending the stay. Now with re-entry, the border service of Thailand denies entry. Also tightened the punishment for exceeding the period of stay (overstay). Now in addition to a fine and the opportunity to visit a Thai prison foreigners may be banned from entry for up to 10 years.

Russian citizens when entering Thailand without a visa are given permission to stay visa-free for 30 days. Do not confuse this with visa on arrival. Instead of a visa you just put a stamp in the passport with date of arrival.

In order to obtain such a permit, you must comply with conditions: the passport must be valid for the duration of the stay in the territory of Thailand (previously had a rule about a six-month validity of the passport, but now it is cancelled) and you must have a ticket from Thailand to any country. For the last condition needed is the ticket (not the reservation), but not necessarily to Russia and do not have a ticket.

It should be noted that the presence of the ticket is not checked always, but this requirement does not disappear. To check availability of tickets when boarding the flight from Russia or another country to Thailand and to deny you boarding the flight in case of absence of the ticket. Another test can be at passport control at the airport of Thailand on the desks of immigration. When entering Thailand by land having a return ticket is checked very rarely (almost never), so you can fly to Malaysia, for example, and thence by land to Thailand.

To solve the problem with a return ticket to Thailand, usually:

  • doing a dummy print selling e-tickets (but there is a chance that they can check on the reservation system, but this chance is negligible);
  • make a reservation without payment and present the printed e-ticket (almost always helps);
  • buy a return ticket as well when it is not needed, cancel it (cancel the low-cost tickets may be with penalties airlines cancel tickets at expensive rates is usually without charge);
  • buy a cheap ticket in neighbouring Thailand, the country on sale or in lowcost, and then just throw it away;
  • traveling without a ticket, and in the case of check buy ticket on the spot (back or to a third country low-cost airlines). This option can also implement a purchase of a ticket via the Internet straight from the airport from your mobile device.
  • to buy a train ticket to Malaysia or to Laos, or a bus ticket in the same Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia or Myanmar. However, in this case you will have to prove at the airport when landing or at passport control that the ticket you actually have, because electronic tickets for the train or bus in Thailand is not for sale. Alternatively, you can book a train ticket delivered to your house by post, for example here - To ensure that the ticket was cheaper to buy it from the border town to any border town in the neighboring country.

There is information that the visa-free stay is limited to a total of 90 days within six months. However, this requirement does not apply to the Russians, and thus prolong their stay can be arbitrarily long (as long as there are pages in the passport).

To extend visa-free stay by another 30 days to get a visa for a longer stay, you can take a so-called "vizaran" (visa-run). Vizaran is when you go to another country even for a few minutes, and when you return to Thailand again get a stamp on a 30-day stay. To go home is not necessary, and it's expensive too. Much easier to go on land or fly in one of the neighboring countries: Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, etc. are very convenient Malaysia, Laos and Vietnam, because their visit visa is also not needed.

Theoretically prolong his stay can be arbitrarily long, as long as you have the passport does not run out of clean pages. Although you can then change the passport and again to continue to make "viserny". Officially, as far as we know, there is no ban on the number of such entrances and exits. However, if you want to wander, the guards may have questions and they will try to restrict your entry under any pretext. Experienced travelers say that the problems begin to arise after about the fifth entry. Therefore, it is best to figure out the issue in advance or do not rush to return to another country at least several days.

Another option is a "vitharana" was to travel to a neighboring country in order to make out in the Embassy of Thailand visa. You do not will need as often dangle a "vitarana" because a tourist visa is valid up to 60 days. There are more long-term visas. But that's another topic, and it is below.

Tourist visa

Tourist visa is one of the most common and the easiest to obtain visas to Thailand. To obtain such a visa, the Russians can at home in consular Department of Embassy of Thailand in Moscow or Saint Petersburg, but you can do it in any other state. Especially convenient to do it in the neighboring countries of Thailand (Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar). Moreover, to obtain a visa a lot easier there than at home: list of documents less, cost less, the period of issuance is minimal.

Tourist visa there are two types: single and multiple. According to some information a multiple-entry visa has recently become almost impossible to obtain, so we would not recommend her too count, and still lock onto a single.

Single entry tourist visa is issued for single entry, giving the right of stay not exceeding 60 days. A return ticket (or ticket to a third country) to enter on a visa not required to be.

Multiple entry tourist visa is issued for multiple (up to four) entrances to Thailand, and after each entry you can stay up to 60 days. But to enter on it you can only during the validity period of the visa. The duration of a tourist visa (i.e. the period during which the date of visa issuance you will be able to use to enter): 90 days (standard), six months, one year and even 3 years. So, theoretically, if you get a visa with a validity of 90 days, you can enter and stay on it 60 days, then extend for another 30 days, at the end of the period to leave the country in a neighboring country and enter again (important to do this before it expired) for another 60+30 days.

At the end of the period of stay on a tourist visa (60 days) it can be extended for another month at the immigration office for 1900 baht (such offices exist in almost every tourist town). Thus, on a tourist visa you can stay in Thailand for three months and then to go to a neighboring state for the "vitarana" where to get a new visa for another 60 days. However, there is supposedly a limit at which more than four consecutive tourist visas you will not.

About tourist visa to Thailand in Russia and other countries info here.

Mixed method: visa-free entry+tourist visa

This, in our opinion, the best and the most inexpensive way.

For example, you enter the country for 30 days visa-free. At the end of the validity period to travel to the neighboring country where the Embassy issue a tourist visa (ideally multiple) for 60 days. At the end of the extended period, and then again in a neighboring state. If next time in issuing a tourist visa refused, to enter visa-free for 30 days. And so you can do indefinitely. However, it is necessary to consider all the conditions for visa-free entry and visa requirements. This, for example, a ticket out of Thailand (when visa-free travel), hotel reservation (with a visa), etc.

Student visa in Thailand (for visa type ED)

Attention! In connection with toughening of visa regime in the country in 2014 there is information about cases of cancellation of student visa, when it was found that its owners in practice do not attend classes in school, and used it only to prolong your stay.

This is one of the most comfortable long-stay visa types, at a relatively inexpensive cost. However, in addition to the cost of visa you will have to pay for the training.

This visa is issued for a period of 1 year students of the state and commercial accredited educational institutions. Many educational institutions spetsializiruyutsya only to grant foreigners the opportunity, so training in them is formally and attending classes is not mandatory. You can learn almost anything, but most often it is language schools and schools of massage. Some institutions also offer distance learning via the Internet. Such visa is issued and teachers.

The visa fee for student visa is 2000 baht (currency of Thailand). Moreover, obtaining such a visa in Thailand it is impossible for her to have to travel to a neighbouring state, or place it more at home. After entry on the visa it will be possible to stay for 90 days, then it will need to be extended for another 90 days for 1900 baht at the immigration office, and then two more times. At the end of the year you need to go to a neighbouring country and again to get such a visa for a year. Naturally, every extension and new visa should take relevant documents from the educational institution.

Here is a useful link to the school on this topic the FACTS about student visa

The retirement visa (visa type O-A)

This visa is issued only to those who are over 50 years old. Visa costs 5,000 baht, or the equivalent, and entitles you to stay for 1 year. At the end of the period you need to obtain a new visa.

To allow for a retirement visa can afford not everyone, who are over fifty. First, you have to make a Deposit in a Thai Bank not less than 800,000 baht or an income certificate not less than 65,000 baht per month. Secondly does not appear in the black list for entry into Thailand. If all these conditions you can perform, then this is the perfect solution for you.

Be issued this visa, unlike other visas, may and in Thailand. Many companies offer services for registration of this type of visa (you can find them near immigration Bureau in tourist cities), but their assistance is mainly in the filling and verification of documents, because to make it is not too difficult.

Business visa (visa type B)

A business visa is issued to those who have their own business (registered company) in Thailand or official work. Only make no mistake: this visa does not give you the right to work or conduct business in Thailand. On the contrary, this visa is issued on the basis of the documents that you have registered company or you hired. Besides, if you take on the job, you also must be work permit "Work Permit", which usually draws the employer. Only in this case you will be given a business visa.

Visa is issued at the Consulate outside of Thailand and entitles you to a 90-day stay extension for another 90 days at the immigration office, a total of up to 1 year.

To prepare all the documents for this visa yourself is almost impossible, so all the information can be obtained from specialised firms. It offers many options of ready business in Thailand for sale for this purpose.

Marriage to a citizen of Thailand

If you go to the marriage with a citizen of Thailand, you will not automatically get citizenship. You will still have to go to this goal. However, in this case, you will be able to quietly get a visa type "O-marriage", however, again, only outside of Thailand. Moreover, the visa is valid from three months to a year, and it will always have to renew.

At the end of the article, it is worth to add that this is not a complete list of options a long stay. There are still investment a business visa, diplomatic visa, etc. But all these methods are associated with serious financial issues or specific conditions that just can't budget travelers, which is our website.

Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
Ирина12241 20 may 2017, 21:26
Hello. Tell me,and if the tickets to Thai for 2 months,and during that time you plan to travel to Cambodia for 3-5 days, and then to Malaysia also for 3-5 days, there will be no problems with the entry in Thai? Ie get the entry from Russia, then the entry from Cambodia,then check out of Malaysia. ...
admin 21 Aug 2017, 09:00
Hello Irina! Questions on entry may occur or may not. You have quite a traditional tourist route, many go without problems, you just need to be ready at the entrance to "prove" your route, for which it is best to have tickets to Cambodia and Malaysia, can be reservation hotels. A lot depends on what the officer of the border service will run: you may not even pay attention to your return ticket when you first check-in; can pay attention and limit your explanations; and may require evidence of your planned route. But even if the first entry issues do not arise, they are likely with repeated entries, and then will explain and show the main thing here is to have a return ticket from Thailand to Russia. Oh and of course looking at your previous note in the passport at the entrances to the exits in a tie, i.e. if you have a lot of them, may be suspected of illegal work.
And by the way don't forget that the questions about the entrance of the tai can occur even when landing on the aircraft of the Russian Federation of employees of the airline. ...
Elina And 2017 Oct 08, 08:20
Good afternoon.
For "Visa-run" you want to fly to Phu Quoc for a week, and then return. But on the island a special visa regime. Will the visa obtained at the airport in Fukuoka a full visa to enter back into Thailand? Thank you. ...
admin 09 Oct 2017, 07:08
Fukuoka has a special visa regime visa-free. Ie visa at the airport do not put. Anyway, Thai border guards to the bulb visas of other countries, in Thailand they do not work, where their visa rules. If you are citizens of Russia, in order to enter Thailand you need a visa for up to 30 days is not required, i.e. you can travel from Thailand to Vietnam or any other country, and back. In this case, when the opposite entry you will put in the passport stamp on a 30-day visa-free stay in Thailand, and no visas of foreign countries ask and are. Another thing is that there's a chance that you may not put the stamp and not let back into the country if the border guard suspects that in this way you will prolong your stay in Thailand to illegally work there. Such decisions they take based on how much you had before of entries and departures from Thailand, do you have a return ticket from Thailand back home, and yet, for some unknown reason. ...
, Senate 18 Dec 2017, 10:16
We arrive in Thailand on March 18, selling tickets on April 18, I'm worried about the period? Fly to Thailand 2 times a year, on vacation, just divide his vacation into two parts, whether we like Thailand very much, will there be problems? And how to solve now this problem and not on arrival in Thailand? Thank you ...
admin 21 Dec 2017, 06:40
If you want to decide in advance, that is guaranteed to resolve only a visa home Embassy or through the company. ...
Persona 25 Dec 2017, 07:15
We fly to Thailand on 18 April, returning may 15, that is, the period of stay in the country does not exceed 30 days and I will put a stamp on a 30-day visa-free stay in the country. During the stay in Thailand (30 day stamp) you want to go for tourism to neighboring countries (Malaysia, Indonesia). If I had problems at the entrance to return to Thailand, such as Malaysia, if I have a passport valid even stamp a 30-day visa-free stay in Thailand and have tickets on hand for the return flight from Thailand to Russia (within 30 days). Not "zeroed" I have this stamp/visa at the entrance of Thailand (planning to move a low-cost carrier AirAsia and NokAir? ...
admin 25 Dec 2017 11:35 am
Problems with the highest probability, I would say 99.999% of will not arise, if your passport is not full of Thai stamps. You have, as I understand it, is not full, so you can not suspect illegal work in Thailand. With regard to the actions of visa stamp, then don't worry about it. When you leave from Thailand to a neighboring country or any other, you put a stamp on exit and entry stamp will be cancelled automatically. But when you go back, you will put back on 30 days. ...
Sergey A. 18 Jan 2018, 09:52
One of the sites I read that on 29 August, there are new visa rules by which it is possible to extend visa-free stay in Thailand for 7 days as before, and at 30 days.How truthful is this information? ...
admin 19 Jan 2018, 06:02
Like as not confirmed information. With this extension, this situation, as I understand it:
The extension provided for by the rules for 30 days, but when you call the extension you are denied for lack of grounds , and give 7 days to "clean" out of the country, and that makes for 7 days. If you are ill or have other good reason for the extension, only then can renew up to 30 days. ...