The idea for gift of travel: a postcard home

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No matter how many times you visited the same place when all the possible Souvenirs from there purchased and brought home, given to friends and family, anyway, during another trip while walking past the souvenir collapse it's tempting to buy another trinket.

If you choose to do nothing more, you can give yourself or your loved-ones a special souvenir to send home a postcard from the place your vacation. It will be very nice and interesting when I returned home to find in your mailbox (real, not electronic), a colorful postcard of a distant country and wishes from himself. And imagine the faces of your friends, who will receive a postcard from another end of the world with your wishes.

If you think it's too difficult, and with your knowledge of a foreign language, consisting of phrases "Hellow!" and "How much?" you have nothing, then you are wrong. Send a postcard from any civilized country will not be easy even for those who doesn't understand a word in a foreign language. You can always explain in sign language.

Well, you can say: "I guess it's very expensive to mail a postcard from another country?". Nothing of the sort. To send Russian postcard from any country, with rare exceptions, is not more than a dollar. More expensive you have to pay only in special tourist places that offer this service at speculative prices in 2-3 times above, than it does in regular mail, but even in this case it will be not a big fee for an original souvenir.

So, now to business. How to send home a postcard?

Почтовый ящик на острове Донсао (Лаос) Inbox on the island of Donso (Laos)

To make it cheaper you can email the office (normal office as we do), a few more in special tourist areas or at the hotel reception. Of course, the easiest way to do it at the reception of the hotel where you are staying. Some hotels even will not take for you no extra cost. All you need to buy somewhere card

Also walking to popular tourist sites, you can stumble upon special mailboxes for tourists, and next to them the shop or shops where you can buy beautiful postcards with pasted stamps on them at inflated prices. For example, in the Lao island of Donso (also Doncio), who is very fond of visiting tourists during the tours in the "Golden triangle" of Thailand, everywhere you can find these mailboxes, and next take plenty of shops with postcards that sell with postage stamps attached for 60 rubles (well, of course, to pay you will not rubles, while the local currency). It remains only to choose from a large variety of greeting card, write on it the address and drop in the mailbox.

Почтовый офис в Чиангмае (Тайланд) Post office in Chiang Mai (Thailand)

A little harder to find the local office of the postal service (Post Office), although in large cities it will not be easy. But there you are guaranteed to send a postcard at a fair price and be sure that it will not get lost in the "special tourist" mailbox. Sometimes it is also possible to buy postcards, and sometimes have to run to the nearest gift shop for them. For example, that with the post office (see photo) in the city of Chiang Mai (Thailand) you can send a postcard for 20 baht (currency of Thailand) (postcard 5 baht + 15 baht brand to Russia). It is approximately equal to 20 rubles.

How to write a address on a postcard?

Now you only have to figure out how to write postal address in the Russian Federation on the postcard that it came. You need to write in the Latin alphabet, i.e., as many say, English letters. To write the address should be in reverse order, ie:

  • Who
  • Street, house and apartment
  • The city
  • District, oblast or Republic
  • Country
  • Postcode

Here, for example:

  • Ivanov Ivan
  • Moskovskoe shosse 111-555
  • Samara
  • Samarskaya oblast
  • Russian fed.
  • 443000

Basically, if you write address in a direct manner, this card in most cases will still reach the recipient (tested on practice from Thailand), but the chances that she will get lost, there will be more.

Keep in mind that to read on your postcard your full address in the Russian Federation abroad, no one will. To mail to another state just enough clear to know that the card needs to be set to Russia (Russian fed.), so to translate the word street in street and the like is not necessary. It is important that your address within the Russian Federation was clear to our local postmen who hardly know English. You can even write the address in Russian in Russian, it is tested by us.

If the postcard has no fields or lines for writing the address, write the shipping address in the lower right corner on the reverse side of the postcard, it is also the standard. Well, it is better to write the address in block letters.

And most importantly, don't forget to sign the card and wish something for yourself or loved ones whom you send a postcard. All done? Then immerse the card in a drawer for mail, and go on walking. Just avoid the souvenir stalls, but then again, buy something useless :-)

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