Collect the bag of the photographer on a journey


Take photos while traveling even on a phone or tablet, but the quality of these images will allow you to brag about them only on the screen of these devices. Unfortunately, while that is still the technology of phone cameras and tablets does not allow you to do from their help pictures that will look good on the big screen or when printed on paper. So going on a serious trip you wish to capture in all colors, then to not be ashamed to post pictures on social networks, blog, traveler, to print or to store in the album, should be taken with a serious camera. At least, it should be a compact mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses and a large sensor, and ideally it should be a DSLR camera with a full matrix. But even if you cannot afford or do not wish to purchase an expensive camera and plan to travel with an advanced "point and shoot" or "superzoom", it is not superfluous to collect the appropriate swimwear that will enhance and preserve your pictures. This is our selection of what should be collected in the bag of the photographer for travel:

  • Case, carrying case


    We must start with the bag (bag or case) in order to move the camera. And don't miss the point. To carry on doing cities and countries expensive photo equipment on a simple neck strap, without proper protection, just blasphemy. We would advise, in General, always and everywhere to carry the camera in the bag, and take it out only for shooting. After all, accidental impacts, dust, dirt, water splashes, especially salt, if not will withdraw from the system, the camera instantly, it almost certainly will significantly reduce its life.

    Prices of bags for cameras starts at 150 rubles for a simple case for soap; from 500 rubles for a simple bag for SLR camera; from 2000 rubles for the backpack of the photographer. But Oh, what's what, but the protection is not worth saving. It is better to pick up a bag more expensive, but more reliable. To pick up the bag, of course, you need the dimensions of your camera and for cameras with interchangeable lenses and still the size of a possible interchangeable lens. Pay attention to the material, interior decoration, the availability of the necessary pockets and compartments for storage of additional photo accessories. Cheap and fine to look at and touch the material will RUB or will lose the beautiful appearance and fine fabric inside the bag is also quickly cleaned. Also pay attention to the presence of the protective porous material in the walls of the bag than it is thicker, the more reliable the camera will be protected from accidental bumps or even drops. Well, ideally, with a bag in the kit should go in a waterproof case, because it will protect itself and the bag will save the camera during the heavy tropical rains.

  • Spare battery and charger

    Not always in the long journey we've been able to recharge the battery, so we always take a trip charged spare battery. Of course, don't forget to take the charger to charge the batteries at the first opportunity.

  • Tripod


    The tripod we put on the third place in importance, though not imposed to bring it to every tourist and traveler. The tripod is just essential for certain shooting conditions, but if you don't want to do, take it with you is not necessary. So the tripod will need it if you want:

    • To take beautiful photos of waterfalls, streams, fountains and other running water with long exposure. However, this need blackout (gray) filter that typically is ND8 or ND16
    • For shooting at dusk, night
    • To obtain a crystal clear photo of landscapes at sunset or sunrise
    • To create special effects with moving and static objects

    The price of the tripods starts from 150 rubles for desktop plastic tripod, and 700 rubles per lightweight from aluminum alloy.

    Tripod need to choose depending on the size and weight of your camera. For a simple soap dish will fit a small table tripod. Even for shooting at eye level can be set to any suitable subject and take photos.

    For heavier cameras you should pick up a full telescopic tripod height of not less than 120 cm in the unfolded form. Of course, I want to buy a tripod is cheaper and easier, because the excess weight for a couple of pictures to carry with you during the journey no one wants. But it is important to strike a balance between ease of tripod and its stability: lightweight tripod on thin legs that will swing the slightest breeze, will be useless. So when choosing, pay attention to the weight for which a tripod (it is reproduced in its characteristics), and do not buy a tripod close to the limit the weight of the camera, i.e. if your camera is complete with lens weighs 1500 grams, and the tripod can accommodate a maximum of 1,600 gram, the purchase is better to abstain.

  • Cleaning products

    Чистящий комплект

    If without a tripod during the journey, and you can do without an Arsenal of cleaning products in any way. Even if you have a simple dish soap, do not wipe the lens with t-shirt, and thin optics SLR cameras even to say no.

    Cleaning can be divided into several categories:

    • Means for cleaning the housing. Required for all types of cameras. This is usually a brush (brush), cotton swabs, paper or microfiber cloth. They need to periodically clean dust, dirt and sand from the surface of the camera, the LCD screen of the camera. Most importantly, do not try after cleaning the surface to be cleaned with the same wipes optics, can it hurt.
    • Cleaning lenses. The camera lens also needs regular cleaning. Usually only clean the front lens, although for removable lenses need sometimes (very rarely) and cleaned the rear lens, but it is not for Hiking conditions. For lens cleaning you can use microfiber cloth, paper napkins or special cleaning pen by Lenspen. Personally our choice – paper cleaning wipes for large lenses, and a cleaning pen Lenspen-mini lens for small cameras.
    • Means for cleaning matrices. The matrix or the sensor is the thinnest optical part of the camera, and is accessible for cleaning only on cameras with interchangeable lenses. In fact, only on such cameras and it is contaminated during the shift of the lens which manifests itself in the form of very unpleasant spots and dots on the images. Image sensor cleaning SLR camera – it is very dangerous and requires experience and attention. Usually this procedure is done in specialized workshops and in field conditions it is recommended to do it only in extreme cases. However, our experience has shown that during the journey the need for cleaning arises almost always, therefore, in our Arsenal there is always cleaning matrix: purge pear and labrocca for cleaning. Read more about sensor cleaning with your hands, you can read this article, and therefore decide whether to mess with this.

    To buy cleaning can be individually or in the form of kits for cleaning. Price sets, including the purge a pear, a brush, wipes, swaroski matrix and a cleaning pen start from 600 RUB.

  • Spare memory card

    In addition to the main memory card should have a spare, especially if you shoot in RAW format. RAW image occupy a large amount, so the cards fill up very quickly.

  • Protective rain cover

    For shooting in extreme conditions (rain, snow, sandstorms) would be useful to have in the Arsenal protective rain cover. If you are not planning to shoot in such conditions, it is possible this accessory and miss.

  • A cable release or remote control

    Cable release (wired remote controller) wired or wireless remote control is only needed for shooting with a tripod, in the other case it is not required. It allows you to take pictures without touching the camera mounted on a tripod, thereby eliminating blur from shake when you press the button.

    The prices for this accessory starts from 200 rubles. How to choose, wired or wireless, depends on what type of console supports your camera.

  • More trivia

    You may also need other useful stuff:

    • Protective cover for camera housing with interchangeable lenses. She might need when changing lenses or when cleaning.
    • Holder for lens cap shoulder strap. This is a very convenient accessory which helps not to lose the lens cover. During shooting, simply remove the lens cap and fix it on the holder, which is fixed on the shoulder strap.
    • Protective cover for the lens. If transporting several interchangeable lenses, better put each in a separate case.
    • Case for underwater photography. If you plan to shoot underwater.
    • Lens hood for the lens. Eliminates glare from the front lens element.
    • Filters. You can do without them, but if you master their use, can improve the quality of the pictures and make wonderful effects.

That's about it. A successful filming trip!

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