What to bring on tour/journey (collect a traveler's backpack)

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Gathering in a long and serious journey, it is best not to forget pekhotinskiy old saying: "One gram in the backpack is a whole kilogram in the campaign". And indeed it is. Collecting the suitcase for the trip it is best to throw out from it all unnecessary and heavy, leaving only the most necessary things, without which you can't really do. This is, by and large, applies to the tourism, since in addition, you will have the whole burden to carry, so also we should not forget about the restrictions on Luggage on the plane and other modes of transport. After all, for every kilogram in excess of you will need decent overpay. It is not necessary to carry with him a dozen suits, stilettos, some evening dresses, suits, Hairdryer, iron, etc. Think several times before putting any thing in a suitcase if you really can't do without it.

If you already have experience of tourist trips and travels, then you do not have to read our full list below, you can immediately take advantage of our reminder/checklista, in order not to forget something really important. If you don't have enough experience, you better read our list with the description below to decide for yourself what else it is possible to strike out, to "facilitate their fate".

With regard to the question of what should be a suitcase, a hard suitcase or a soft (bag or backpack), we have long preferred the mild form, and especially the backpack. The one you see in the picture - this is our backpack, which we are traveling. In some disadvantages soft shape has undeniable advantages, and chief among them, the variable form and size: required tightening the straps on the backpack to begin the journey with a small and light backpack, and the accumulation of it Souvenirs to increase. Regarding integrity during transport soft backpack or bag, it is easily solved with tape or wrap.

Of course, you should be aware that this set of items is to travel to the averaged civilized country where you can always buy what you need. If you decide to go Hiking, do adventure sports, to travel through the wild jungle, the above list cannot be considered exhaustive.

Documents, tickets, money

Документы и деньги
  • Passport and copy of passport.
  • A copy of the passport of the Russian Federation (you may need to restore the passport in case of loss).
  • Electronic copy of the foreign and the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation in your Inbox (even if you lose everything, go to your Inbox and print).
  • International driver's license and a copy to rent a car or motorcycle (if not international, at least for law of the Russian Federation, can sometimes amiss for motorcycle rental).
  • Insurance policy, if insured (if insured via the Internet, printed out insurance with phones, addresses, and instructions).
  • Tickets and other tickets (in case of e-tickets - printed out itinerary receipt).
  • Printed vouchers hotel booking.
  • Cash.
  • Plastic cards.
  • Recorded the pin codes, passwords, voice system, how to block cards with phone numbers of the Bank (of course, keeping them separate from the cards, for example, in Notepad).
  • Fake (gift) money, small Russian banknotes and the old invalid plastic card. We use them for safety so to close the eyes of potential thieves or robbers. Read more about this in the article "Issues of keeping money and documents during the journey". Keep in mind that some countries such as the UAE banned the import of souvenir money.
  • An instruction with addresses and phone numbers of embassies of the Russian Federation in the state in which you are going.
  • Памятки, карты, полезная информация
  • Printed useful tourist information about places to which you travel, maps and other information about the country (such information and maps about some countries you can find on our website). Alternatively, you can upload them to the smartphone.
  • Notepad and pencil for notes.
  • The dictionary of words in English or another language. Almost all over the world in the tourism sector (in hotels, transport, travel agencies) will understand you in English. If you speak English without a dictionary, you can have a phrase book of the country in which you are going.

Important! Even though we collect the suitcase for travel, in any case do not put documents, money and credit cards handed over by the plane, bus or train Luggage. Always keep them to yourself and no one to pass.

Electronics and other devices

Телефон, фотоаппарат
  • Camera.
  • Video camera (only if you are serious about doing video or not the video function in the camera). To bring the video camera for a two-minute video of the takeoff and landing of the aircraft cabin is not worth it.
  • Charger, spare battery or batteries for the camera (of course, all depends on the type of batteries your camera).
  • Cables to connect the camera to the computer and the TV. The first cable will allow you to reset photos on disc, flash drive or in online storage, the second cable will allow you to watch pictures and videos on the big screen and if that to redo unfortunate shots.
  • A spare memory card for the camera or even the flash drive, where you can upload photos from the camera to the Internet cafe on site.
  • Мини-штатив
  • Tripod for the camera. It can be great, if you are seriously doing photography or small table. I highly recommend to get a mini-tripod, such as in the photo, all tourists. It will be simply irreplaceable if you want to take pictures of myself and there will not be anyone to take your picture. In some cases, with a tripod you can take great night shots. By the way, this tripod weighs only 50 grams and costs a few hundred rubles.
  • Phone and charger for it. In the SIM card, the phone should have enough money to worked roaming in the host country and was able to make an emergency call. Already in place is to buy a SIM card from local operators and to call home is much cheaper than using roaming.
  • Calculator. Useful for quick conversions of currency, not just the exchange, but also to assess the value of the goods or services in our currency. You can also use instead of paper when bargaining in the case of the language barrier. It is also desirable along with a calculator to put this little reminder about the currency conversion, instead of remembering what is now the course and how to multiply and divide. Of course, it is easy to replace the calculator on your smartphone.
  • Переходник для розетки
  • Plug adapter (including power supply in the country to which you are traveling).
  • The scauldron. Will not starve even the most budget traveler in any city. Boil water and cook instant noodles, make tea or to make instant coffee is possible even in a plastic jar or carton of juice. Can also take a plastic or metal Cup.
  • Compass. Blowing it seems anachronistic, but even in the city can help, but, of course, if you have a card.

First aid kit

How to assemble a first aid kit and what to include in the detail, read the article "Medical safety during the journey, part 1. First aid kit tourist and vaccinations".

Clothing and other items

    Идеальная обувь для путешествия в теплые края
  • Footwear and garments. Here should be approached very critically and not take anything extra. Tell me, why do you need three shorts, formal trousers, jacket, ten pairs of socks, half a dozen t-shirts. Or three skirts of different lengths, a pair of pants, again, a few shorts, evening dress, and several pairs of shoes with heels of different lengths. It suffices to use a t-shirt, shorts, light pants, socks, underwear and a bathing suit (swimming trunks). You're still going to shop to buy t-shirts of the resort. So why all this lugging around, and take back twice as much?
    Shoes overdo it also is not: it is enough that you will be on the road (the preferred sneakers, and if weather permits, do light shoes) and beach sneakers. If you are traveling with a companion (companion), then I will critically review the wardrobe in the journey, each other.
  • Самый современный нано-дождевик
  • The rain cover. Why drag an umbrella with you on a journey that not only has a uncomfortable long dimensions may not be permitted to be carried as hand Luggage on the plane, and does not weigh enough, if it is possible to replace a small folded raincoat which takes up little space and weighs almost nothing. Preference is given to easy and cheap raincoat (can be found for 30 rubles), which is not a pity to throw out at the end of a trip after use.
  • Sunglasses. Don't be surprised, but sunglasses very often forget, so we include them in the list just to remember.
  • Toiletries: disposable razor (no need to drag a razor); a small piece of soap (not all Soaps lay out of the hotel); a small skein of toilet paper (can be useful in a road); wipes (to wipe hands before or after eating); toothbrush and small tube of toothpaste.
  • Супер-модная сумка
  • Bag. Surprisingly, but the inside of the backpack we put in the collapsed form another bag. When the time comes to go back Souvenirs and purchases are no longer enough, we just pull out and unfold one bag and go home tightly Packed with gifts and Souvenirs for family and friends. Ideal for such bags, the so-called "bag Shuttle" medium size. It weighs almost nothing and does not occupy space, but rather dense and wrapped with tape ready to take on the difficult flights. By the way, can this bag be bought on the spot your vacation, not to carry with them.


And finally, what we've got. In the photo the Luggage for two for a trip to Malaysia for a rather complicated route. The total weight collected our Luggage is 3.5 kg. We went to Malaysia is excellent and brought back 25 pounds :-).

If you want to criticize or Supplement our list, leave a message on the forum using the form at the bottom of the page.

Good luck folding Luggage and travel!

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