Edible insects are and what you need to know about them

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The use of insects as food is exotic and at the same time, a real "nightmare" for tourists from European countries who have decided to visit some exotic countries of Asia, Africa, and South America. Tourists with laughter, surprise and sometimes disgust see how the locals eat the various "snakes", and rarely decide to try them. Meanwhile, for some cultures, insects are part of the daily diet and even delicacy.

Азиатский рацион с насекомыми Asian diet with insects

But do not be fooled and think that all creeping and flying reptiles are eaten in all exotic countries, always and everywhere. Contrary to erroneous opinion, in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, the livestock is also exotic food, is extremely rare. The easiest way to find them in Thailand, Cambodia, China, Laos, the countries of Central Africa. But even in these countries, not all local residents are ready to eat them, and also sometimes are treated with great disgust.

Экзотическая еда Тайланда The range is quite large insects

Today insects are gradually moving away from the diet and become rare even for locals, and sometimes you can find them only in the tourist areas, where they are sold specially for the amusement of tourists. Moreover, the sellers not only sell, but also manage to earn their photography. For example, in Thailand, one photo of the counter with insects in a tourist area, you can ask for 20 baht (about 41 RUB, see the currency of Thailand and the exchange rate).

Азиатский рацион с насекомыми Still "fresh"

However, it should not be limited only to photographs and to get up the nerve to try the real exotic taste. Whatever they're scary and unpleasant they are perfectly safe.

Usually insects fry in hot oil (deep-fried), while drying to such an extent that they become crispy like chips. Ready serving add some salt, add pepper and spices, you can season with soy or fish sauce. They're very good along with beer or other drinks, although you can eat with pleasure separately or in the form of snacks to main dishes.

Of course, let's be honest, we're not here to convince you that insects are delicious chips, yet they have a different taste and specific. And texture they have a completely different, well, like insects and there... And when chewed felt the sharp edges and extremities. But if you are busting disgust the first time, then it will be fun to eat different insects the envy of all the confused tourists.

Насекомые с пивом - лучше не придумаешь Insects with beer - what could be better

A portion of the insects you can buy from the same species, and may be asked to make a mix of several types that much more interesting. For "beginners" it is better to try small larvae of the silkworm, crickets, locusts.

Начинать лучше с простых сверчков Better to start with simple crickets

If you have a taste for, you can try and "large caliber": Scorpions, beetles, predaceous diving beetles, tarantulas, giant millipedes. But they should be careful, because they are not to everyone's taste. The fact is that while bad cooking inside can stay inside, which just fired from insects if eating, what a pleasant very little.

Крупные гады не каждому придутся по вкусу Major "the bastards" not for everyone's taste

By the way, is to say, what is this exotic food is not so cheap. For example, just a tiny portion of insects in Thailand costs 40 baht (approximately 81.99 USD), and enough of it does not work. Will have to buy five portions to slightly satisfy hunger. Thus, despite the misconception that cheap food of the future, in fact, eating insects will be much more expensive than the usual food.

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