"Divorce" bangkock

Bangkok is a wonderful city. This is my favorite city. And for all its size and number of inhabitants, is quite a safe city, you can safely walk down the evening streets and nothing to fear. Dangers for tourists here, not many but they are there. Mostly tourists are victims of nonviolent crimes – fraud. Crooks, ready to heat hand on naive and gullible tourists abound everywhere, and Bangkok is no exception.

To avoid becoming a victim of fraud and not to spoil your vacation, refer to the following popular methods of fraud ("wiring") in Bangkok. However, keep in mind that this is only the most common "divorce" from the inexhaustible Arsenal of crooks, so be vigilant always and everywhere.

Fake jewelry

Ювелир в Бангкоке

This is probably the most common way to cheat tourists not only in Bangkok, but in Thailand in General (not counting buying excursions with Russian speaking guides at fantastic prices :-)). Almost no tourist or traveler does not leave Thailand without him trying to sell fake jewelry. If you are a professional in the jewelry business, I do not advise even to go to jewelry shops.

You can lure in jewelry stores all sorts of ways, even tour guides can suggest you to visit a shop selling "trinkets". Almost always, it is cheating under the guise of natural stones you sell, at best, artificial stones, and at worst the glass. And the one who brought you to the store to get their Commission from your purchase. Even "our" tour compatriots were repeatedly observed in such cases, therefore, do not trust anyone that recommends you to buy jewelry there is something there.

The only exception is when you can trust the seller is a large gallery and a jewelry factory. What you got in this place, you will understand immediately the scale of the institution. But there should be more caution, especially if delivery of the products takes place by courier (they simply can replace on the road).

In General, we would not advise you to purchase jewelry, if you do not understand them and can distinguish a fake.

A tour of the sights by tuk-tuk

Самое честное лицо Бангкокского тук-тукера

Sometimes you'll "attack" on the streets close to the tuk-tuk drivers or others "the spring and summer". They will tell you that today the temple is closed for sanitary day, repair or just a day off today in the temple, so you there is nothing to do. Of course, it will offer in return their services, for example, to ride in his tuk tuk for a very interesting tourist route for a ridiculous 50 baht. Or, actually, today is a special day and a holiday, and you ride free.

As a result, you will lose time, visiting souvenir and jewellery shop, where in your head the tuk tuk driver will get a Commission. In the best case you will lose only time, and that in fact you may be persuaded to buy any jewelry fake.

Prices for tuk-tuks

The tuk-tuk itself is the most expensive transport in Bangkok, but sometimes tuk-tuks at all, "pluck":

There were times when the end of the trip, the drivers demanded from passengers agreed amount per passenger, and not for all. Yet it happened that tuk-tuks were imported passengers in dark alleys and unexpectedly increased the previously agreed amount. Ideally, you should negotiate the fare on paper, to exclude all misunderstandings.

If you are sure they are right, you can scare him by the police. Usually it is sobering.

A taxi ride for a fixed price

Taxi drivers around the world is untrustworthy and always want to obtain from tourists more money. Bangkok is no exception. Avoid travelling by taxi at a bargain price and always insist on the trip meter as negotiated price with the driver often times more than the same trip on the meter.

Before boarding a taxi ask the driver to turn the meter on if he refuses under the pretext that the meter is not working, look for the next car.

Just in case, make a note of emergency numbers in Bangkok:

  • Police 191
  • Tourist police 1155 (English)

🕒 October 12, 2018

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