How to start to travel independently

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Today, more and more travel companies in Russia goes into the shadow, "throwing" the tourists in a place without hotels, without a return plane ticket, or tourists just learn, upon arriving at the airport in anticipation of the start of the tour, that they are not in the list of passengers due to the fact that travel companies who sold them the tour no longer exists. In such circumstances becomes more urgent the organization of your holiday or travel independently. If you are among those who finally decided to learn to travel independently, we on our website and forum will help you with this.

Most often those who have never traveled on their own, saying: "I just don't know where to start?". In this article we will try to collect for you step by step instructions and as much information as possible so you can begin to travel.

On pages of our site has collected a huge amount of information on various topics of independent travel, and not to be repeated and all lumped on this page will create a frame "Instructions" with a few comments and links to relevant separate article, so you don't have to view everything, but to address only the topics you do not understand. Well, if some questions for you seem not fully open or you will not find the right answer, you can ask your question in the "how to learn to travel independently" on the forum.

And here is our first tip:

If you never never travelled and been abroad, not been on a plane, we would first of all recommend you to fly somewhere at least once on the voucher. This, of course, not necessarily, but you will have at least an idea of how to proceed passenger air travel, as is passport control, hotel check-in, etc. things that can first scare of ignorance. And if you've never been on a plane, read our article: First time flying in an airplane: practical information for those who have never been on a plane and going to your first flight.

And now step by step guide on how to start to travel independently:

Theoretical preparation and collection of information about the country (resort)

Planning and theoretical preparation for travel is very important and this training should not end even during travel. If you don't all have time to learn about the place where you go, you can print the necessary information or download it to the phone or laptop, and study it in the road, on location, etc. Believe me, to be prepared and theoretically savvy never hurt anyone, and I can give a thousand reasons and examples of why this is important. This is at least an elementary much to reduce the probability of being in an unpleasant or unexpected situation.

Did you know for example that in such a friendly and hospitable the Kingdom of Thailand for the fact that you have committed abusive acts against the image of the king (Yes, even if you draw the figure from the middle finger towards the photo of the king), you can permanently send him to prison. And you know how to call the police or to the Embassy if you get in trouble in Egypt?

But it's all written not to scare you and discourage independent travel. You just have to understand how important it is to prepare for the trip. After all, when you drive by the voucher, you will give the tour company a list of phones guides and they will take care of you in most situations. And when you're traveling alone, none of you will care.

Where to get information: ask friends who traveled on their own, preferably in the country where you want; read information on the Internet; in the end, carefully read and study this article and if something is not clear, ask questions on the forum.

Desirable details to plan your journey and all the possible options, starting from the visa regime and ending with the routes of movement of public transport. To make it easier, here are a few points you need to get answers during the training:

  1. Visa issue

    The visa issue (do I need a visa to enter the country, how it is made, is it possible to get visa on arrival or visa-free entry for how long the visa is issued and how it operates, etc.). Remember that some countries (e.g., Schengen), so set a strict visa regime that the visa should attend a few months before the trip, and to obtain a visa you will have to solve a number of compulsory for visa issues, tickets, hotel booking, insurance, etc. Well, and some countries can easily issue the visa upon arrival at the airport or even allow tourists without a visa.

    You should clearly understand that if you require a visa to enter the country, NO exceptions are POSSIBLE. Without a visa you will not admit or will not even be put on a plane at the airport of departure, skip "hare" or bribe does not succeed.

  2. The validity of the passport

    You should check the validity of your passport and to learn the necessary validity to enter the country. Many countries deny entry if the validity of your passport expires in 6 months, but some other set time.

  3. Customs regulations

    Not be amiss to learn that you cannot import/export in the visited country, and what can and in what quantities. For example, in Singapore it is forbidden to bring chewing gum. In some countries, restrictions of the imported/exported cash, traveler's checks, etc. a Little more about the customs control in airports can be found here.

  4. Financial issues in the country of travel

    Should know in advance what there currency is in circulation, what to take with you if you can use a plastic card or traveler's checks. Oh, and do not be amiss to ask level prices, to plan a budget trip and then multiply it by two (to a contingency sum in case of an emergency) and that with this amount of money to go there. Of course, should follow the rule of "don't keep all your eggs in one basket" and to take money immediately in cash, on a plastic card, and possibly traveler's checks. Read more on financial matters can read here:

  5. Security issues

    Learn about the rules of conduct, traditions, the state of crime in the country. Read some helpful tips, including those relating to health issues. On our website under Safety you will find useful information on security in travel.

  6. How to get, transportation

    It is necessary to examine the issues of mobility. After all, when you get off the plane in a strange foreign airport, no you will not meet and will not hold a hand to your hotel (unless you are booked in the hotel meet and transfer to the airport). Will have to rely only on public transport or taxi. If you have enough funds, you can take taxis, which are in all the airports of the world. But you're going to save, so much cheaper and more interesting to use local public transport.

    Well, if you've planned a challenging route with a visit to several places, should be studied further transport system: the transport modes, timetables, etc.

Practical steps

  1. The issue of the passport.

    For all countries, with the exception of some CIS countries requires a passport. A passport is issued by the FMS departments sometimes mid. The easiest way to obtain passports in the FMS because the FMS units are available in every large settlement of Russia. You can access and apply in person and you can sign up for the prima and transmit documents via the Internet on the website of public services.Russia (do not forget that online public services.Russia need to pre-register, which may take a month due to the need of receipt of the letter code). Passport issued on average during the month, but better still to attend to this matter much in advance, because due to the large queue, this time may increase. The best time for registration of the passport (when fewer queues) and winter months. With the arrival of spring and in summer the queues are significantly increased.

    Read this information What to do if lost/stolen passport abroad.

  2. To purchase tickets

    This is one of the most expensive stages of a journey, because you can really save if you approach this matter wisely. If you are flying, you can try to save a considerable amount, if you use the advice given in one of our articles about buying tickets:

    Find and buy a ticket you can on the website in Search of tickets

  3. Visa

    If to visit the country require a visa issued in advance, it is obvious that its design is necessary to plan in advance. Usually visas are issued at consular sections of embassies of the countries which are located in Moscow. For visas to some countries must be present at the interview at the Consulate, sometimes it is enough just to send mail you need a set of documents and statements, in some cases, you can resort to the help of travel companies that will do all the work visa for you.

    Recently get an electronic visa. This visa is issued through the website of the Embassy or sites of special accredited firms, and there is paid. In the end, you receive an e-mail visa, which prints and she boldly hit the road.

  4. Insurance

    To apply for a travel insurance (a travel insurance) can be addressed in the office of the insurance company or insurance agent and do it through the Internet. The most convenient and inexpensive way is to take out insurance via the Internet, without leaving your computer. This service is offered by many insurance companies. You will need to enter all the necessary data for insurance and then pay by plastic card via the Internet. Insurance policy is ready immediately after payment and you will be able to print it out or to the office of the company.

    To compare the cost of travel insurance options from different insurance companies and place it online are these trusted sites:

  5. Financial training

    Change the currency or purchase traveler's checks, get credit card. This will help you tips in our articles:

  6. Hotel booking

    To book in advance or look on the place you decide. Some thoughts on this in the article: That it is better to book in advance or look on the place? Also don't forget that in some countries when entering (even if the visa on arrival or visa free entry) you may require a hotel reservation, and in its absence will not be allowed into the country with tourism purposes. Moreover, it must be a fully paid booking.

    To read descriptions and reviews of hotels worldwide, book hotel, you can on our website in the section hotels

  7. Collect the suitcase

    Well, when you already have tickets, visa, insurance, booked a hotel, can go to the most pleasant stage in preparation for independent travel – the collection of suitcases. About this can be found in our article: Collect the suitcase on a journey.

If you have done all that is written above, you are ready to journey. Well, if you have any questions, you can ask them on the forum topic "How to travel alone".

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And about the weather, last year, in mid-July, on Nordcape was 20 degrees Celsius. The night temperature does not fall below +5. So it was possible to sleep in summer sleeping bag. But I still prefer after radial track (hike in the hills) to be able to shower and cook in normal conditions, of course if possible.
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