A modern fairy tale of the Balkans - Serbia

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The tale, which will be called Serbia. Is an amazingly beautiful country with an ancient history and modern cities.

Serbia is bordered by Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Macedonia. In this country, covering an area of 88 361 sq km, harmoniously intertwined mountains and plains, rivers and cliffs, snowy peaks and sultry valley. You need to add to this ancient rock monasteries, old towns with amazing architecture, friendly locals, moreover, most Russian-speaking, and gorgeous natural scenery.

Worth a visit the city of Novi Sad, Subotica, inđija, which is famous for its historical monuments, ancient monasteries, large libraries, museums and theatres. Lovers of cultural tours will be delighted with the abundance of all kinds of travelers. And in the capital of Serbia - Belgrade you will see beautiful palaces, the Kalemegdan fortress, which houses Turkish baths, a large military Museum and Orthodox churches. And for fans of national dishes, many restaurants and cafes.

In Serbia widespread and Wellness tours. Currently there are 20 health centers with highly qualified personnel generalist. For those wishing to spend their holidays in resorts such as Niska Banja, Vrnjacka Banja, Banja Koviljaca, Soko Banja, Zlatibor Institute, specializing in the treatment of many diseases. These Wellness centers have established themselves as professional companies working successfully for decades.

Serbia is an amazing country, combining pristine beauty of nature with industrial production, ancient cities and fortresses with modern buildings, hunting tours with protected nature reserves and national parks. Country with many attractions that will attract you again and again. Do not tighten with a visit to this beautiful country. Serbia is waiting for You!

Among the main attractions of Serbia, which is a must-visit note monasteries (Monastery Sopocani, the Monastery of Studenica, the Milkov monastery, Zica Monastery), nature reserves (Golija, Jawala-varoš (Damn city), Ludasko lake Vlasinsko the lake, the Marshes of the Elite Bar, the Gorge of the river uvac River, Karadjordjevo, Sands Deliblatska-Pescara, Source Mlavi), fortress (Kalemegdan, Golubac fortress, Petrovaradin fortress, fortress move Smederevo, Kladovo), national parks (Djerdap, Tara, Fruska Gora, Kopaonik).

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