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Holidays in Thailand a huge amount. Moreover, in addition to national holidays in every province of Thailand has many of its own holidays which are celebrated equally well as nationwide. Among the entire mass of the holidays a large share of religious holidays and festivals associated with the Royal family. But the traditional European events, such as New year, Christmas, Thai people do not miss.

The General attitude of the Thai people for the holidays is quite different than ours. Even if the holiday falls not on a day off, he still can't is ignored and even celebrated in the workplace. And even more interesting will be for tourists and travelers to be at this moment in Thailand.

Calendar of holidays in Thailand in 2016

1 January New year
9 Jan Children's day (National Children's Day). This celebration is quite actively pursued gosudarstvennymi institutions
8-9 Feb Chinese new year according to the lunar calendar
22 Feb Makha Puja (Makha Puja, also Magha Puja or Wan Makha Bucha) - full moon day. Is celebrated on the day of the third full moon of the year (may be postponed to March 27, 2013). This holiday is associated with one of the Central events in the history of Buddhism, when 1250 of the Buddha's followers gathered to hear him preach. During this day of prayer interspersed with treats, fish and birds are released from cages and aquariums. After sunset throughout the Kingdom, Buddhist monks lead the faithful around the temples, illuminating the path of triple candles. Each person silently carries flowers, glowing incense and lighted candles in honor of Buddha, his teachings and followers
6 APR The day of the founding of the Chakri dynasty i.e. the dynasty of the present king (Sukh Memorial Day). The actual date of the holiday falls on April 6 on Saturday, but the day off is postponed to Friday 5 April
April 13-15 Thai new year Songkran (Songkran). Celebrated from April 13 to 15 and back on April 16 and 17. This is one of the most important festivals of the Thai people. At this time, the Festival of Songkran (Songkran Festival) the water festival, during which you're supposed to do good works, pilgrimages to shrines, to hold festive parades and performances, as well as to douse each other with water
May 1-2 Labour day (Labor Day). Like our 1st of may, this holiday is timed to the first-ever announcement of an 8-hour working day in 1886
May 5-6 Coronation day (Coronation Day)
May 20 Visakha Puja (Visakha Bucha Day, also Buddha Purnima). Celebrated on the full moon day in the fifth lunar month of the year. This is one of the most sacred days in Buddhism: the Birthday, Enlightenment and death of Buddha. This is the most important religious festival of Buddhists and is celebrated in a big way
July 18-19 Asahna Puja (Asahna Bucha). Celebrated on the full moon day in the eighth lunar month of the year. Another religious holiday associated with the first sermon of the Buddha. Is celebrated on a large scale
12 Aug The Queen's birthday Sikiric (The Queen's Birthday). Festive events are held in Bangkok. Public buildings on this day are decorated with colorful illuminations
12 Aug Mother's day (Mother's Day)
23-24 October The day of king Chulalongkorn (Chulalongkorn Day). On this day in 1910, died the fifth king of the dynasty (Rama V), and now this day is dedicated to him. King Rama V loved and respected because he was the greatest reformer in the history of Thailand. He banned slavery, created a Ministerial system, he founded the post and Telegraph
5 Dec The birthday of a king (The King's Birthday). On this day whole nation celebrates the birthday of the present king Rama IX. Most magnificent festival is celebrated in Bangkok
5 Dec Father's day (Father's Day)
10, 12 Dec Constitution Day (Constitution Day)
On 24 and 25 December Christmas Day (Christmas Day)
31 Dec New year's eve (New Year's Eve)

Some interesting holidays in Thailand

Songkran - Thai New year

Of course Songkran is the biggest festival in Thailand. The celebration begins on 13 April and lasts for three days, but if these days fall on a weekend, the celebration continues even longer. A lot of tourists and travelers eager to visit Thailand at this time. Hotels and plane tickets for this period are booked for several months ahead, and prices rise.

In the days of this festival, 13-15 April is Songkran Festival (Songkran Festival) – the festival of water. Especially rapidly it takes place in the province of Chiang Mai. Thanks to several weekends, the fun lasts 3-4 days. At this time, supposed to do good works, pilgrimages to shrines, to hold festive parades and performances, as well as... to wash each other with water.

It should be noted that in some provinces the day of the festival may be slightly different. For example, in Chiang Mai it starts to be celebrated on 11th April.

The celebration of the birthday of King of Thailand

December 5 - the most important date for Thai people. It is not only the birthday of His Majesty the king, the father of the nation. Officially this day is a weekend, even if it falls on the middle of the week. Across the country hang portraits of the king and national flags. But most of razmahom otmazatsya holiday in Bangkok. Here streets are decorated with garlands along the road Ratchadamnoen and Grand Palace of Bangkok. At the end of the morning ceremony alms start the festival music and cultural activities on the area of Sanam Luang. In the evening all the people joined the ceremony lit candles and witnessing the spectacular fireworks.

Key point: December 5, Ratchadamnoen road closed to traffic. So people will be able to move freely through it and admire the portraits of His Majesty the King and the colorful lights of the city. In addition, this holiday gives us another opportunity to see how Thai people love and respect their king.

Fair a world heritage and red cross in Ayutthaya: 10-19 Dec

It is a holiday of local importance. Phra Nakhon si Ayutthaya (Ayutthaya) was the capital of Thailand for 417 years. It was distinguished by a long period of prosperity, judging by the magnificent ruins historical Park, Phra Nakhon si Ayutthaya. Extensive collection of ruins and records indicating the historical and cultural wealth of Ayutthaya, found during excavations of the Park, recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. In honor of the status, an annual fair with a sound and light show representing the glorious events of those years, numerous exhibitions, cultural events and beauty pageants.

Key point: in addition to the magnificent light and sound extravaganza, you can enjoy a variety of sweet and savoury food at the traditional Thai floating market and a fascinating shopping various products from the OTOP network.

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