How to behave in the hostel: rules of conduct for joint hostel

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Accommodation in hostels Russian-speaking tourists and travelers unfamiliar. Many of our countrymen don't even know what is a hostel, and if they do, they belong to the hostels are very squeamish, apparently mindful of the Soviet communal apartments and dormitories. In fact, modern foreign hostels in most cases have few similarities with the Soviet hostels and even modern Russian hotels with a room share. Modern hostels are very closely monitoring the cleanliness, hygiene and order, so they often can even give odds to much more expensive hotels with single occupancy. Besides, this is a great opportunity to make new friends or to chat in a foreign language.

Particularly relevant accommodation in hostels is now, when the ruble falls dramatically. We just need to reconfigure itself internally, and to remember a few important rules of cultural behavior in hostels. Here they are:

  • Do not use the bathroom as their own


    Some hostels (rare) have a private bathroom in the room, but most often there is one combined bathroom with toilet on the floor. Under either option, not for a long time to lock myself in the bathroom to have Spa treatments. Your roommates and floor should not be waiting 20 minutes to get to the toilet. Even if none of the neighbors do not customize, this does not mean that no one is waiting. Just other travelers may be overly polite and will not disturb you, but the sediment, as they say, will happen. And maybe the next morning you will be waiting at the door.

  • Do not make noise at night

    Everything here is pretty obvious. We only recall that even the quiet rustle of turning book pages may interfere with the sleep of your roommates, because everyone is different. In such situations, irritability strange people you can go off-scale, and maybe you Wake up after a night like that in toothpaste, who knows.

    Well, simple advice, if you are very sensitive to noise – earplugs.

  • Don't turn the light on at night if in the other room sleeping

    This is another fairly simple and obvious advice. Just check if there is someone in the room besides you, before you switched on all the lamps in the room at all. How to check it in the dark? Yes, just use the light from a mobile phone or the light from the hallway through the open door.

  • Leave romance at the door

    Room in the hostel with sleeping unfamiliar or even unknown to you people are not the best place for night Ohoven, sighs and pricmokivanie. Leave romance at the door or click yourself isolated room for two. Although, if you're a couple of Swingers in Swingers hostel, then another thing.

  • Do not go naked through the room

    Perhaps you are deeply in the soul of an exhibitionist and you like the code and looking at your naked, hairy torso, however, this does not mean that other people pleasure to see you like this. If you really want to walk around naked but number, choose unique number or hostels for nudists.

  • Do not eat legumes

    Healthy foods, especially legumes with lots of vegetable protein – it's great. But maybe not every unfamiliar person you will enjoy the smells and sounds that you will make during sleep after a hearty dish of baked beans. So try to eliminate such foods from your diet.

  • Turn down the phone volume

    Loud phone calls in the middle of the night or the alarm clock at 6am is not the best way affect the relationship with your roommates. And loud phone conversations will also not contribute to strengthening mutual understanding. So put the phone on vibrate, and conversations better leave the room.

  • Keep

    Most people love cleanliness and order, and budget-conscious travellers in hostels too. It is not necessary to dissolve the dirt and mess in the room. Try to control yourself and clean up after yourself.

  • Not morozte room with air conditioning

    Not every hostel has air conditioning, but if it's there, don't think everyone will be pleased when you lower the temperature at night to 18 degrees. Some people get very cold even at slightly lower temperature than usual, so negotiate with neighbors in the room temperature, before grabbing the remote of the air conditioner and adjust it to fit your needs.

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