First time flying in an airplane: practical information for those who have never been on a plane and going to your first flight

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В большинстве аэропортов все четко размечено и указано на нескольких языках At most airports, everything is clear
marked and provided in several languages

Recently, more and more of my friends begin to travel, and many do it for the first time. For many the first trip coincides with the first flight in my life on a plane. But civil aviation is the world; and modern airports is a whole city with its transport, traffic, shops, salons and hotels. It is not surprising that those who never flew, the questions arise: "how to buy a plane ticket?", "What is this check, why is it necessary?", "And why is it impossible to take in the beauty water bottle?" etc. For future travelers who are only going to fly for the first time and read this article.

Almost all airports and all carriers in order of carriage of passengers organised in a similar way, and, in General, this scheme can be described by the following steps:

ticket purchaseregistration and baggage check-insecurity controlwhile waiting to BoardBoardflightgo through security on arrivalLuggagecustoms control

At some airports, this scheme can be simplified or slightly change, but the General principle is everywhere the same. Each of these steps clearly organized and the flow of passengers at airports is strictly within the scheme, all the moves and directions are marked with signs and pointers. So do not be afraid that you will go somewhere. Well, a little more detail about each of these steps is described below.

Ticket purchase

In aviation acts not such a scheme of registration of tickets, like rail transport. Plane ticket you buy without specifying a specific location (specified only the type of salon if it is for economy class, business class). Your specific place where you will be sitting in the plane, it becomes known only upon check in for the flight. Now, some airlines began to offer an additional choice of seat when buying a ticket, but this is rare.

I buy almost all tickets are now electronic (e-ticket), and paper tickets are now rare. Don't worry if a travel Agency when buying a tour or after you purchase the ticket on your own website you have on hand was only printed on regular printer paper without any stamp. It will be a mere itinerary, the purpose of which just to remind you of your flight data and to facilitate the process of check-in at the airport, the very same e-ticket and all information about him stored in a database in electronic form. About how and where to buy the ticket, see our articles What is e-ticket? and How to buy cheap?.


Ряд стоек регистрации в аэропорту The number of check-in counters at the airport

When you arrived at the airport, you must register (Check-in, Registration) for the flight (except when you check in for the flight in advance about this below). Check-in takes place before boarding the flight and send the plane at the airport check-in (Check-in counter), which are located in departures (Departure Hall). There's the same baggage.

Don't forget to arrive for check-in at the airport early, because it (registration) is closed for some time (from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the flight and airport information can be found on the websites of the airports) before sending, and if you fail to register in time, you will be able to wave your plane off the ground.

At the airport, hanging scoreboard, which displays the information about the flights and the numbers of check-in counters for certain flights. When the scoreboard lights up "Check" or "check-in", you can safely go to the counter and hurry up, because there had all gathered.

Регистрируются все, независимо от пола, расы и вероисповедания Register all, regardless of gender,
race and religion

At registration you must present a passport, a printout of the itinerary receipt (e-ticket) or paper ticket. The girl behind the counter (well, sometimes a young man) assigns you a specific seat (unless you have registered through the Internet on their own and determined in advance) so you can ask to place you at the porthole (window) or in the aisle at the tail or at the beginning of the salon, together or separately (if multiple passengers), etc. And, if designated according to your wishes still, you will certainly be put wherever you want.

And one more thing: if you are following a transfer without a change of airport, usually you have the opportunity to take the Luggage and get it already at the destination, without getting it in at the connection airport. Tell the counter that would register the Luggage to the final destination.

After registration you will be given a boarding card (for boarding pass you start on the Board) and baggage check (in order for her to get the Luggage at the arrival airport). Then you can safely go to the passport control (for international flights), then pass through the security control (you will check the presence of prohibited in the cabin items and will confiscate them) and proceed to the waiting area to the landing.

Pre and self check

Стойка самостоятельной регистрации в аэропорту Self-service
at the airport

In recent years it has become a very popular independent pre-flight check. You can check in for your flight home via the Internet or in special terminals that may be outside of the airport, for example, even at the railway station. You can choose from and the seat. After registering online you will receive via email or print directly from the screen of your boarding pass, which can then safely go to the Desk at the airport to take the Luggage.

Web check-in offer, not all airlines and not all airports, but they are becoming more and more. To learn about availability of online check-in and it can be done on the websites of the airlines or airports.

Delivery of baggage and hand Luggage

Упаковка багажа в аэропорту Packing Luggage in the airport

Baggage at the front Desk at the airport. Here your Luggage is weighed (this happens automatically when you put the Luggage on the conveyer belt), attached to it a tag number and a tag with the same number issued to you, and your Luggage on leaving himself. Save tag: on it you will get the Luggage at the airport of arrival or to receive compensation for lost baggage if such a misfortune happens. If you are following a transfer without a change of airport, you should ask to check your Luggage to final destination, in this case, you don't have to and again the Luggage in the intermediate airport.

If the weight or size of baggage exceeds the permitted free for carriage (set by the airline and usually it is 15-25 kgs for economy class, a little more for business class), you will have to pay. Payment for excess baggage is very expensive, so it's best to avoid it.

Should be very well to pack and stack bags of your Luggage, and even better to use the baggage wrapping service available at the airport before you come to the front Desk. To do this is because when packing Luggage your bag at a special Assembly wrapped in tape so it (the bag) is not broken and is not soiled during transportation, which is quite possible. But this procedure is not free and costs 100-200 rubles. You can do this procedure at home, using cling film and duct tape, for example. Fragile items better to take in hand Luggage, and glass containers to pack soft things or to pour its contents into the plastic bottle.

But not necessarily all their belongings to be checked. In the cabin is allowed to bring carry-on Luggage. Usually it is a small bag with documents and money, expensive equipment, etc. that in any case can not lose. Unfortunately, the baggage in air transport is sometimes lost, so everything is valuable only to take with you to the salon. For hand Luggage is also set weight limits (averaging about 7 pounds, is determined by the carrier), size, and content. The fact is that according to safety standards on Board in hand Luggage in any case you can't take sharp objects, weapons, liquid, aerosol spray cans etc. we emphasize again that these items are forbidden to take on Board in the cabin, in Luggage to put anything, of course, if it's not against the law. Even a small nail clippers or a lighter from your hand Luggage you have will remove when you throw. Also any liquids, even water, in containers over 100 ml are prohibited. The exception is made for medications, baby food and dietary. See the full list of what is forbidden to take on Board.

Pre-flight control

Что нельзя провозить в ручной клади и багаже самолета Prohibited hand baggage items

After you pass the Luggage at the front Desk, and you will only have hand Luggage, you must proceed to the waiting area before departure. But to get there, you will have to pass security control (inspection) of bezopasnosti, during which carefully check all things that you have yourself. Your carry-on baggage, personal equipment, in most cases even your shoes passed through the scanner. You yourself will have to pass through a metal detector and a special scanner, which "undress" you on the operator's screen for verification. In General, we should do all what you say, officers of inspection, as is done for the safety of all passengers.

If you fly international airlines, here is (before or after security) you will pass immigration and passport control, where you will check the passport and prokontroliroval, not whether you violated the conditions of stay (length of stay on a visa or without a visa, if not listed as wanted, whether not the debtor, etc.), and if everything is in order, put in the passport a mark about departure and miss.

Check the ban:

While waiting to Board

Для многих лучшее ожидание посадки - в магазинах дюти-фри For many, the best expectation of fit
in the duty-free shops

After passing security control and the passport control for immigration you don't just get on the plane. For a start you will find yourself in the departure waiting area (Waiting area), and if the flight is international, and at the same time the international zone, home to the famous duty-free shops duty-free (Duty-free). In the waiting area you will have to wait until boarding for your flight. Usually landing is declared 30-15 minutes before departure, so you can spend time in the duty free shops, or just relax. In good airports waiting areas are created all conditions in order that passengers do not get bored waiting for the flight: there are TVs, there may be terminals with Internet access, cafés and restaurants, telephones and much more. But don't get too comfortable, otherwise you'll miss your flight. After all, once declared fit, you still need to get to the right gate, and in large airports, they can be far from duty-free shops.


When they announce boarding for your flight, you should go to the right boarding gate, present your boarding pass that you received at the front Desk, and proceed on Board. The part of the boarding pass that you will return after the pre-plant control should be maintained until, until you leave the departure airport. Depending on airport and aircraft on Board the aircraft you will arrive at the dock at a gate will take you on the bus or you will go on the tarmac to the plane on foot.


Питание на борту самолета Food on Board

What to do on the Board? Search for your place (indicated by the row number and letter), put your hand Luggage in the compartment to store it and sit down. Then do whatever you say flight attendants and pilot and enjoy the flight.

On all flights, with the exception of low-cost carriers, in flight you will be served drinks (sodas, juices, tea, coffee, sometimes even alcoholic beverages) and very tasty food. And all for free!

Go through security on arrival

Очередь на паспортный контроль The queue at passport control

After landing and disembarkation, if you arrive on an international flight, you need to obtain a visa on arrival (if necessary and possible); to fill out an immigration card; go through inbound passport control and only then can you go to get the Luggage. If you arrive on a domestic flight, then after landing you can immediately go to the Luggage.

A visa on arrival. If you arrive in the country, to visit which a visa is required and can be obtained on arrival, it is done immediately after disembarking from the aircraft to passport control. Usually the places visa on arrival marked "Visa on arrival".

Filling immigration card. Before you pass the passport control, you must fill out an immigration card (Immigration form), which specifies the purpose and duration of your visit, place of stay, number of flight arrival and departure, etc. Forms of cards usually are issued in-flight by the flight attendants, but if you forgot to get them on Board, you can obtain and fill already on the ground before passport control.

The passport control. When you have completed the immigration card, you can proceed to passport control where you will need to present a passport, an immigration card, a boarding pass from the flight that you arrived and visa (if required). According to the rules of entry into some countries may require additional documents, eg return ticket, certificate of health, etc. necessary to inquire individually for each country.

Passport control is indicated by the inscriptions Immigration control / Passport control and often divided into National Pasports (national passport) and Foreign Passports (foreign passports). Of course, you need to go to the counter for Foreign Passports, and hurry up, because there had all gathered.

Baggage claim

Зона получения багажа The baggage claim area

After passport control you will enter the baggage claim area. Keep in mind that the baggage claim area may be referred to as Baggage (the American version of the word) and Luggage (the English version of the word). There shown on the scoreboard the Luggage carousel, get your Luggage. Here you may need the baggage receipt you were given at registration. After collecting your Luggage go to customs control.

Customs control

Customs control is practically everywhere the same structure and consists of "green" and "red" corridors. These colors and they are marked on the signs. Green corridor implies that you have nothing to declare and red, respectively, that is. If you do not carry anything prohibited and subject Declaration form upon arrival in a particular country, then just pass the token through a green corridor, and will be in the arrival hall (Arrival Hall), where you can go anywhere you want. Usually representatives of tour operators expect tourist arrivals here. Here you will find all kinds of transport for travel to and from the airport are represented at the airport.

Change in the transit airport

If you were transited without changing the airport into a transit airport, you in most cases do not have to pass the passport and customs control and other formalities. Usually a transplant from one flight to another flight is organized by the employees of the airport in a special transit zone (Transit) upon presentation of your passport and airline ticket. So do not rush to go with all the passengers at passport control and understand where you need to follow the transit passengers.

On this your first flight is finished. If you still have questions, ask them on the forum or in the form at the bottom of this page.

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