Review: My first Thai BKK-Chiang Rai-Chiang Mai-Phuket-Phi Phi-Krabi. Day 17th.

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15-th day.

Bought the tickets at 80 baht and sailed to West Railay. Beach liked.

The prices there in the shops and restaurants did not like. The water between the stones, earning on the way a couple of bruises, he moved on to Tonsai beach. Dirty and uncomfortable in the water to go, stones.

From AO Nang boaters we were charged 100 baht. To the question why is more expensive than Mananga, because Tonsai closer, replied that the people in the boat less. After dinner, Jules took us to the temple.

Again, these brazen creatures.

Not every tourist is able to the top to get to. Saw people returning from the halfway point.

The ascent took us 40 minutes on the mountain and we were completely alone.

Back, went for a swim and watch the sunset on AO Nang beach.

18-th day.

Morning Jules for 500 baht took us to the airport. I tried to pay him the gasoline for our trip to the temple, but he flatly refused. He's a good guy. Though I, with my knowledge of English, it was difficult to understand him. Like all the French he chatters very quickly, periodically inserting French and Russian words. Russian, he taught himself, but because now teaches Thai, the forgotten.

Flight Krabi-Bangkok AirAsia was delayed for 40 minutes. I just can't understand why flight delays know when already wait for landing near the gate. The boarding pass departure time indicated on the schedule. Well, okay, it is not critical.

Was a Wednesday. And, remembering about the Bangkok traffic jams, and just out of curiosity decided from the airport to our Astery be reached via the Skytrain and BTS. Two transfers are 1:15 time and we are in a hotel.

Then the BTS went to the Baiyoke. On the street near Baiyoke, looking at the tube, I realized that I was not mistaken with a way to get around the city. The Baiyoke asked for tickets to the restaurant on the 76 floor, but said that there is no space and offered the rest to 81-m (690 baht per person). Great buffet turned out. Seafood, sushi, thaifood, European kitchen. In General, from the table barely squeaked by. Yes action: take two mugs of beer -the third one free. Went to the observation deck and a taxi drove to MBK.

The Mall was closing, so the metro got to Patpong to take a walk at the night market. There, as on Phuket in Patong, we are constantly offered, pwziso. Why not take a look at the local exotics, we decided. Entrance were promised free drinks for 100 baht. Remember, the forum wrote that fuckin show you can go if there is people. People were three children of Europeans, Indian wife and 5 white women. So quietly walked, noting: beer 100 baht? Yes! Took 2 Beers and another aunt, who met us asked for a juice for yourself. Terrible, not the first freshness of Taiko on stage was Smoking (of course not with your mouth), stuffed it with different items. Then he played ping pong with our neighbors. It was not impressed. But then the fun began. The guys started to leave. See what is dismantling them at the exit, pull out periodically from the pockets and give money. Then some guy runs up to us (well done!) and says that instead of three hundred of them stripped 3 thousand. Then I realize that we were on the same fuckin show undercover mafia. Grab the hand wife and we go to the exit. We show the score: 2900, then laminated price: 800 entrance, the first drink is 300, the next 500. The crowd of women around us, the output of the strong Harris. Thousand, I say. A little povoznikov agree. Give a thousand, go to the exit. At a meeting with topbottom girls naked Taiko. Any damn tips! One must have a conscience! Seeing our disassembly, the output is a Hindu with his wife. Didn't you see what they all ended. Tell the wife, That's what is needed in Thailand guides who led tourists on the right, pwziso. Thus ended our quest for the exotic.

19-th day

Initially on this day we planned to go to'ancienne city. But since our first day in Bangkok we didn't have time to watch, it was decided to go to the Royal Palace. Well, there's a reason to come back.

Planned to leave at 8 am but it was raining and on the pier we were only 9. Boat 14 baht to the Palace, tickets for a 350. Crowds of people, loud screaming Chinese guides. The Chinese deaf are all that?

Then Wat Po, occasionally some well-dressed Thais came and reported that everything was closed. Reached the jetty, crossed the river, saw Wat Arun.

Stiffening up, did not expect such cold in Bangkok. Very beautiful temple. Crossed back, saw the queue for the boat. Stand waiting for. In the queue some Russian. Suitable boat. Ask Russian: And which side you are on this boat will float? We to Peregrine Thaksin is necessary. How do I know what was the answer. Then I notice a banner of Natalie tours on the boat and it becomes all clear. Thai lady selling beverages said: my dear sit down on the stool, you with them along the way, I'll show you your boat. Thank you kind woman.

The boat turned out to be more first. Tickets for 25 baht. In the hotel, warmed up, ate, took the whiskey and went to MBK. Sure someone on the forum wrote: Cherkizon in the Mall. Then motorcycle taxi to Somboon Seafood restaurant, then to the underground metro and the BTS in Robinson. More liked than MBK.

Well, that's all. Flights to Doha. Late docking of 50 minutes turned into 10. But managed to run to the shop and smoke. The plane to Moscow was waiting for us. Took off 10 minutes later than schedule.

A small conclusion. Thailand is a very hospitable country. From what we saw, liked the North. Especially the men. For a beach holiday a good Naithon beach in Phuket. Krabi province – nature super. Phi Phi – has its own atmosphere. Generally, it is not expected that tai is so different. Even in the North, like near towns, and are completely different. Bangkok – not enough time, however, as to the North. Of day three to add another. I think back, the more so much not yet seen.

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