Review: My first Thai BKK-Chiang Rai-Chiang Mai-Phuket-Phi Phi-Krabi. Day 13th.

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13-th day.

At 8 a.m. took the boat for 6 hours. Dachshund standard – 2500 baht. Arrived on Phi Phi Ley.

The entrance to Maya Bay we were ripped off for 200 baht. The beach itself was not impressed. Maybe because the sun was behind the clouds. IMHO, the Islands near Krabi beaches are prettier. From a tsunami to run there!

Camp on the island

Harem is whether to swim brought?

Our boatman

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Then swam around the island, posnormal. Then Monkey beach. The monkeys weren't there. Loved the snorkeling near mosquito island, fish a little together with bread is not eaten. Blue corals can be seen. Then the bamboo, where our boatman, pointing to the clouds said we need to go.

Returning to Phi Phi don was caught in a shower, the boat sausage is not childish. But nothing happened, though at night it seemed to us that we are not in bed, and floating on the waves. Despite the fact that the boat sat under the awning, were badly burned. Cream SPF 24 did not help, we had fifty dollars to take. Saved us a massage with aloe Vera and panthenol. By the way, near our hotel classy massage parlour directly on the beach. To me there is an elderly lady of very good Thai massage done. It is written that all their massage therapists were trained in Wat Po in Bangkok.

In the evening again peshochkom to civilization. Some old ladies bought tickets for the day after tomorrow for the ferry to 10 30 to get to Krabi town with Shuttle service to AO Nang for 250 baht. On the tickets it asked me to write with a pen Ao Nang. As it later turned out, Shuttle service cheated us. After returning home, was glad of the silence and tranquility reigning in long beach.

14-th day.

Again no luck with the weather. In the morning it began to rain. Well, what to do, went for a massage. In 12 hours the clouds cleared and we took 500 baht for an hour the boat, swam to the Shark Point. Even then the reef was very close, but so far the fins swim – tired. There I was lucky. Saw a small reef shark. As we said, sharks come to the reef to watch Breakfast at seven in the morning, but this time the tide and the boat can not swim.

In the evening went to the ViewPoint. Along the way we met these impudent creatures.

Plenty of film and a shared meal at our favorite restaurant, walked back to the hotel.

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nasamomdele April 5, 2019
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nasamomdele 22 April, 2019
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May 6, 2019
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Hello! You mean Amari Don Muang Airport Bangkok Hotel? It's right across the street from the airport terminal is located, so follow our instructions and when you get to don Muang, there on foot. Public buses stop just on the other side of the road where this hotel is. ...

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