Review: My first Thai BKK-Chiang Rai-Chiang Mai-Phuket-Phi Phi-Krabi. Day 11th.

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11th day.

Spent the whole day on the beach. In the nearest travel Agency and bought tickets to Fantasy show: 1900 ticket with food, 250 gold fee for the seat and 150 for the transfer. The show itself was like. Elephants, acrobats, beautiful light made. Park –garbage. The buffet is no frills, so to fill the stomach.

Fish pond

Late in the evening returned to our guest and met Rachel, who inquired about the time of the departure of our ferry. Hearing that in 13 of 30 said that a taxi will be waiting for us 10 00. My question is: How much time to go to the Marina? Answered: 3 hours and seeing in my eyes, the distrust, he added: tube! This we are somewhat disappointed. We expected the morning to splash in the sea and depart in 12 hours. Rachel had a nice goodbye to us, saying that tomorrow morning it will not. Not the sincere smile never left her face.

12 days

In the morning just in case Packed and be ready by 10 o'clock and I pochapali to tacomepai to clarify how much time the road to the Marina. 40 minutes and 800 baht sir. I had the answer. Returning to the guest-house, saw assistant Rachel. Please say I change a taxi for 12 hours. Her answer brought me into a stupor: that's impossible, our driver need to take you back to the hour of the day to take people to the airport. Listen darling, I answer, and I have 3 hours on the pier to do? Then she realized that breccia unnecessary and embarrassed. An older German man from our guest, hearing the conversation and seeing that my English is really bad, I started to find out, why so early we want to send. After talking with the assistant, he just shrugged and said that the forward did not have money to give. Now, his mistress. I used 12 not going. And we went to drink draught Chang.

After 10 minutes uses happy: I agreed with the Queen, you'll go to 12. About 12 showed up with a sleepy face Rachel, it seems she never left and was still sleeping. Where did her smile? It's time for you! Seriously she said. Yes, we are not in a hurry, to go 40 minutes. Sitting on drink. When she came the third time, we decided that we really should. 2 the day before yesterday, mango and 3 small chocolate that goat charged us 300 baht. Rachel coldly shook my wife's hand and never smiled, even though previous days, the smile never left her face. Radish it is in General. The guest recommend. Clean, inexpensive for Knighton. But with cutie Rachel take care, business woman fucking.

Ferry to Phi Phi

PI with don, Marina

The entrance to the island of 20 baht. From the hotel we were met by boat and 10 minutes later we were unloaded near the Paradise Resort on Long beach. The hotel was paid for in advance through their website. On the booking sites I found. Originally paid for bungalows for 2500 baht per night, but then, after reading on the current tripadvisor about the old toilets, wrote to the hotel and I was advised to pay for the new bungalows. Even photos of a toilet with a shower sent. Total came to us 9000 for 3 nights for 3000 baht.

The Bungalow was really new.

Long beach

The shower water is brackish, but it is probably everywhere on Phi Phi. Joy ran to the beach to swim and then cut both legs on the rocks with shells. It was found in the water to go not so easy. In the evening went to Ton SAI. The track is cool. Well, he took a flashlight, the light is not everywhere and you can covernosa. To go 30-40 minutes.

Found a delicious and cheap restaurant "seafood". In it three days and went to dinner. Always there was a lot of people.

Where PI PI is the salmon?

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