Review: My first Thai BKK-Chiang Rai-Chiang Mai-Phuket-Phi Phi-Krabi. Day 7-Oh.

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7-th day.

In the morning you went and very soon we climbed the serpentine road on the highest point of Thailand Doi Inthanon. Until the basement of the crowds of Thai tourists, we stopped to look at the Royal pagoda, the entrance is 40 baht. Beautiful garden to the pagoda, reached by escalator.

I think Thais need to all your temples escalators to make. Then drove to DOI Inthanon, drank some coffee. That is, probably in vain, because from the fast rise in the car his wife got sick and has bad headache. But, thank God, quickly departed. Walked, looked at the forest that was covered in the moss. In nature. Froze slightly as the temperature does not rise above 18 degrees, and some sort of dampness. Probably because of the clouds that constantly hang, clinging to the mountain. On top of the saw radar or telescope?

Then there was the road to Chiang Mai. After passing through the town, drove straight to the zoo entrance 100 baht, Panda another 100 baht. Zoo very much, but it is huge and of course he had to leave a little more time.

On DOI Suthep, entrance 30 baht plus the cable car to the top for 20 baht. Was very beautiful at sunset.

It was already dark, returned to Chiang Mai. To be honest, the city itself is not much. After small towns of the North seemed very noisy and fussy. Found advertised gest CM Blue House. In it we have the mail was booked a room with a condo for 600 baht. I went to see it. To go to him had by the market, which gave off unpleasant odors. Already did not like. In the yard sat and what they drank seven or farang. When I fell silent and looked with displeasure at the stranger. At the reception, secretly looked for my name in the magazine are not found and said that there is no space. Well, not very much and wanted.

The NOC has advised us LaiTai Guest Houseis located just a 5-minute walk from the Saturday and 15 to the Sunday markets. Since it was Saturday, and we planned to leave on Monday, it was very important. I went and looked. Wow Guesthouse with 110 rooms! There is a restaurant, your travel Agency, safe Deposit boxes at the reception. Room condo cost us 690 baht. Recommend.

In the evening went to the Saturday market and regretted not taking the camera with camera. Very colorful market was. Lots of street musicians, interesting crafts sell. Almost without hind legs went back to the hotel and as on previous days, as soon as the head touched the pillow, fell asleep.

8-th day.

This day we had originally planned to spend in Chiang Mai themselves, but because they do not have time to visit the elephant camp in Chiang Dao, asked the NOC to take us to the camp near Chiang Mai. She advised us center for the preservation of elephants. An hour and a half the road and we arrived at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center. Ticket for the elephant show 60 baht Shuttle bass to move around the camp 20 baht. Saw the show, then the hospital, where elephants are treated. It turns out that most of all they suffer from stomach and skin diseases. I met two Europeans volunteers who take care of animals. Tourists, only Thais, and many of them.


Back in Chiang Mai, visited the two most famous wool: Wat Chedi Luang and Wat Phra Singh. However, I've still to get around by car, the hellish heat and we stopped in the territory of the temples, paying some small money for Parking. The only thing that sucks is that beer near the temples did not sell.

Who's to say that this is just a copy?

Night said goodbye to our NOC, which have grown accustomed. She was not just a driver, and our guide and friend. Together, we traveled 1,200 kilometers, most of the way on streamers. The money is received the car 6 days at 1800 - 10800 and gasoline 3500, naturally could not leave a tip. And the Knock went home to Chiang Rai.

In the evening went to the Sunday market.

A long walk and, eventually, settled in a very nice restaurant. Then happened a little accident. Until I went on the market cleave the camera to your eye and took everything out of my pocket, took out 3000 baht (currency of Thailand). This I discovered when I stopped to buy something. In the market crowd, all go in the tracks, the money was lying in a patch pocket of the shorts that never closes. Looks like the waiter in the restaurant brought (he saw where I put money, when paid). Oh well, blame myself, relaxed.

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