Review: My first Thai BKK-Chiang Rai-Chiang Mai-Phuket-Phi Phi-Krabi


This is my first trip to Thailand and the first report. I hope that someone will find it useful, as I have reports from the forum. Without them, I probably wouldn't go. For the quality of photos is not much to criticize. Filmed with a digital camera and photoshop were not treated. We traveled together with his wife. Wife does not know English, I studied independently, vocabulary, probably at the level of primary school, not to mention the pronunciation. It is somewhat frightened, though, was last year's experience trip to Vietnam and Laos. As it turned out nothing was afraid.

Originally I had planned to ride the route Lipe-Lanta-Krabi-Phi Phi-Phuket. But my other half was indignant and said not to fuck you Islands and the sea. So I decided to first move North, then Phuket-Phi Phi-Krabi. The flight on 26 February, arriving March 18. 19 days for everything.

What was done before the trip. Tickets purchased through on Cathar Moscow-Bangkok-Moscow at $ 800 with short connections, AirAsia (price for two people with Luggage,2 bags at 15kg): Bangkok-Chiang Rai 2515 baht (currency of Thailand), Chiang Mai-Phuket 3115 baht, Krabi-Bangkok 3408 baht. Paid hotel Paradise Resort in Phi Phi for 3 nights 9000 baht and Li Lu hotel in Pai 800 baht. Booked through the Astera Sathorn in Bangkok, the cash card is not removed and is not blocked. All the other hotels bucal e-mail without prepayment, the same as a car with driver in Chiang Rai. First I contacted recommended on the forum by the firm North Wheels, but they asked for an additional 1,000 baht if you leave the car in Chiang Mai. Then I wrote to the hostess zabugornogo of a Guesthouse in Chiang Rai, and she advised a local firm Ninetravel. They also wanted 800 baht, but in the end I agreed to do without payment.

A few words about the Cathars. Bug-eyed Arab stewardesses bitches still the same. That there was flying, back: coarse and slow. Stewards - men Executive. The Thais on the shoulder Doha-Bangkok super time the button is pressed, as they appeared. On the way back to Doha-Moscow was a Russian flight attendant. Very friendly and Executive. Well, the flight much. Pour, without limitation, the screen is working, the food is good, goggle-eyed and tried not to go. Before landing in Doha, I put the little table on which stood a glass of Baileys, who was sipping wife. He flew up and poured the contents me jeans. Because all things were in the Luggage, had a tarnished reputation to spend an hour and a half in Doha and to get out at 7am in Bangkok.

1st day.

It is not the airport, is a city.

В аэропорту Бангкока
В аэропорту Бангкока

Long way reading on the plates, how many meters left to the exit. 40 minutes passport control, taxi and 450 - count+45+25 highway and 9 we near our hotel Astera Sathorn. As already wrote a lot on the forum, this hotel was chosen because of its location. A 3-minute walk from the BTS station and 5 from the Marina. It cost us 1200 baht. Here we were waited by an ambush. The hotel was full and we were able to settle in only 12 hours. And before that we were invited to spend time in the pool. Respectively covered with a copper basin our planned trip to the Royal Palace, and Wat Arun, as I would like after a sleepless night a couple of hours to relax.

Well, okay. Took a walk to Robinson, since it is near, bite and finally made it to our room. Rested for a while on BTS and went to Siam Paragon to see the aquarium (the Tickets for 900 baht).


Before entering we found a crowd Ruso turisto, which guide Thai horribly mispronouncing words said, Now you can go pee while I'll buy the tickets, meet back here in 10 minutes and I will lead you to watch the fish, not move away.

In the aquarium most of all liked the penguins and beavers. Then for 10 minutes and 50 baht rode a taxi to Somboon Seafood restaurant , which was advised on the forum. Fried curry crab was great, as well as shrimp. All these restaurants are 5 pieces in Bangkok, I recommend. Then rushed to Khao San road. Walked around, bought something. The street liked it, but to live in it I would not. Too noisy. Happy to come back to our quiet hotel.

2nd day.

On this day we had a flight to Chiang Rai. Arrived at the airport an hour and a half to the plane, glad, looking at the queue to the counter AirAsia that EV for a flight to Moscow and went to drink beer, completely forgetting about the fact that prior to the gate going and going. Came as a result of control by the time of the landing and then I've run 500 meters to our gate.


In Chiang Rai we were met for 200 baht and was taken to Baanbua Guest House (500бат). Cozy Guesthouse in the center of the city. Clean, the greenery, the birds are singing.


After Bangkok it seemed a Paradise.

The city itself very much.


Walked, then took a tuk tuk for 300 baht and went to see the white temple. Unfortunately, I arrived about 5 PM when it was closing. But have seen enough and nafotkal enough.


Tried a little crispy pineapples. More such in Thailand never met. Then bars and classy Thai massage for 200 baht. I feared for his neck, for on the advice of the forum asked: "mo back and snack."

Evening came our driver, which we rented for 5 days. At home I was texting a girl named NOK, I thought she would send the driver. It turned out that to carry us to itself. Speaks very good English, but for me not very important because my English is poor. It cost us 1800 per day plus gasoline. She works as a tour guide leads tourists on trekking in the mountains. Firm they have a small: she, her husband, brother and a few friends. Works for 12 years. Car-an old Honda civic. Was very friendly and considerate woman. If you have seen that need her help immediately approached, if they could do without it, we have not seen her. A good driver very carefully drove the car through the serpentines.

This report courtesy of the author Slonihome

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All right, prohibited, and a violation is punishable by a fine. ...
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Beautiful pictures ...
T-Sell 23 Oct 2017, 12:34
I was not there, but I have a blue dream - to go to tai. Vacationing this summer in Turkey, I met with a family that was in Patea. Told me about a beautiful garden, about a snake farm, about the "Cock king". Look not to look, it is only necessary to stock up on, well and on a budget) ...
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for me the discovery ,it turns out that what some just a maid ,just like that comes out and does massage to a tourist? ...
31 Oct 2017, 03:56
You really are all the same where to stop because anyway during the tour, the bus will collect tourists from all over the island and faster does not work. Only in the South does not recommend (Nai Harn), from there you will be picked up early and come home to you after all. Patonga Yes, from the point of view of logistics, not quite bad. ...
admin 2017 Nov 14, 18:43
Then make it simple and not torture yourself. In the Golden triangle ride with the tour for the day, I think you will find that along the way and other interesting places. Discover fully sold on the streets in turagentsva and hotels. And in a single day ride to Mae SAI. Arrive in the city, walk there, see the cave temple, dinner and back. ...
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Please! Check back often ...
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I read a lot about Thailand, and familiar rested there, but the desire to go there. The climate is not suitable for me. ...
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Problems with the highest probability, I would say 99.999% of will not arise, if your passport is not full of Thai stamps. You have, as I understand it, is not full, so you can not suspect illegal work in Thailand. With regard to the actions of visa stamp, then don't worry about it. When you leave from Thailand to a neighboring country or any other, you put a stamp on exit and entry stamp will be cancelled automatically. But when you go back, you will put back on 30 days. ...
admin 26 Dec 2017, 18:09
Well, all right, available to visitors of the temples and pagodas. Part of the Palace is closed to tourists, there's also the king family is, it's sacred for Thais. ...