Travel affiliate program for the sale of tickets

Feature of the affiliate program:

Payment for sale50-70%
Referral payments 5%
The minimum amount for withdrawal500 RUB.
Payments viaWebmoney,, PayPal, e-map ePayents, R/account, Bank transfer
Mode of paymentsmonthly
Payment frequencyfrom the 10th to 20th of each month

How to make money online by selling tickets

Лого Aviasales

Website Our planet is a partner of one of the largest search engines of tickets to the world Fliers. Through this affiliate system you can earn a and yet you don't even need to have a website.

We are not going to convince you that you can earn on this affiliate system millions, and thus will not work. It's not true. To earn online by affiliate programs, big money, you need to work hard and be a professional in this field. But if you like to travel, actively communicating in social networks, keep a blog, or you just have a lot of friends who also love to travel, then at least some money, you can earn.

You do not need to sign any legal agreements (work to start can any person do not have to be a registered owner). Simply register in the system and you can immediately earn (how to start to earn, read below). First earnings you can receive by purchasing a ticket for themselves or their acquaintances. Yes, no restrictions in the affiliate system and you will get Commission even with tickets, they buy for themselves. Isn't it nice to find and to buy a ticket at a very low price (and Aviasales offers a very flexible search tickets at competitive prices), and then get paid for it. In fact, you'll would like to buy a ticket at a discount. That you can offer to make your acquaintance, and to continue to develop sales methods that are listed below.

Why Aviasales?

On the Internet you can find lots of affiliate systems for the sale of tickets. Why we chose this, and suggest it to You? Here are its pluses:

  • To work with Aviasales is not necessary to enter into any contract. You only need to register here and make an offer. To take care of the payment of taxes to individuals is also not necessary. You just earned money to the purse Webmoney or other method, and can spend it.
  • From Aviasales, you can find some of the lowest prices. Try a search for yourself.
  • This is a fully Russian-language system with English-speaking partners. We (the administration of the site "Our planet") also offer you support as counseling and technical as they are a full partner Aviasales.
  • There are no restrictions on working with other affiliate systems. Ie you can work together with Aviasales and other affiliate, including ticket sales, while expanding income opportunities.
  • In addition to tickets Aviasales you can earn by booking hotels and other travel servicessuch as booking of transfers, travel insurance and more. Quantities of such services in the system is constantly expanding.
  • The system has one of the highest percentages for payment of partner remuneration. It is 50-70% of the earnings of the most Aviasales or 1.2%- 2.2% of the cost of the ticket. For example, selling a ticket for 20 000 rubles you can get up to 440 rubles.
  • Your sales accounted for at least 30 days. Thanks to a system of accounting visits by using browser cookies, your sale will be considered a month after a potential buyer clicks your link or make a search via the search form. Of course, each time you click on your links or new search this period is extended for another 30 days.
  • Minimum payout is only 500 rubles. After 2-3 sales you will be able to withdraw the money first to your account and do not need to save worth several hundred dollars, to feel the first result.
  • Opportunities for withdrawal of money earned. Can be displayed on Webmoney,, PayPal, e-map ePayents, R/the account or receive money via Bank transfer.
  • You can earn, attracting new partners (referrals). If someone starts to sell tickets, by signing up through your link you will get 5% of his income for life.

Scheme of work how to start earning

  • Purchase tickets for yourself or friends. This is the simplest way, we suggest to start with him. Help your friends, who also love to travel, find cheap airline tickets and earn Commission. To further convince them to use your help, give them a discount, you will be able to return them as part of their fee. Let it would be a small amount, but still your family will be pleased to receive your tickets cheaper than they are sold on the Internet.
  • Posting to social networks, blogs, forums. If you are an active participant on the forums, you have your groups in social networks (if not, create them), then you can place bids to purchase tickets at your link there. Advertise there special offers and great prices. The more you will eat more sales. After all, the best deals will repost your link.
  • Selling through your own website or blog. This is the best option if you have your own website or blog, preferably on tourism. On the website you can place the search form of tickets, links, banners, widgets. You will just have to work on the site to attract visitors with interesting articles, photographs, video or advertising.
  • My own Agency. It is also very advantageous option of cooperation, but it requires working not online, but offline. If you have your own travel Agency, office selling tickets, you will be able to sell to customers without extra charge according to prices on the Internet, and to get profit in the form of Commission.
  • To attract referrals. About referrals mentioned. If you can attract someone into the system for sale of tickets, you will earn 5% of his income for life.

To sign up for the affiliate system and immediately start earning you can here.

If you have any questions regarding the affiliate system, you will be able to ask them. We provide full support to partners on all issues, because they are a full partner Aviasales.

To contact us you can:

Good luck in Your work!

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