Cuban missile crisis: a review of the cruise to the Caribbean from Miami

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Aeroflot launched new flights from Moscow to Miami on 1 St November 2012. Well I got the tickets at a relatively cheap price 21000 Tr. Outside it was summer, but his thoughts were far away in autumn. Where to go? What is the sea to choose? And what interesting is waiting in one or the other side? With the word Miami, in the brain immediately drawn Islands in the Caribbean sea and the white ship. Just remember, some cruise and how long ago it was. Why not make a fourth cruise? The more I begged with us. And if you combine our desires and wishes an honest company, then why not?

The problem is that not everyone has American visa. But since the tickets were refundable with a penalty of$ 25, then all quickly agreed and the result was a company of eight people. Visa was not five. The tickets were purchased and remained a mere trifle to get a visa. What in General do. Why the confidence in obtaining a visa was almost one hundred percent. And so it happened, got everything. It remains to sketch out a route to buy a cruise and wait for November.

Wait. Long time since I flew out "Ball", and was glad of it. Because you can reach it from the other end of Moscow, it is easier to fly out of "Grandfather" in Europe, and from there to arrive at a "Ball". The total stretch of road is 70 km, presented a black hole with unpredictable consequences. Moreover, the departure was at 11.50 a day. It would be better in three nights. Began to think about how to get to the port. There were two options. By car (which is preferable, you can warm things leave) and train ( less convenient, with suitcases on the subway, but full of confidence that we get). Defeated laziness. Decided on the machine and everything just worked out.

So we are in the Duty Free area. All gathered and of course decided to celebrate. Was drunk bottle Henesi and it really helped to pass the time before landing.

Almost last, went aboard and wandered around the cabin in search of places where you can go, the road is not close (13 hours). The plane was half-empty, with cabin layout is 2-4-2, to be able to sleep on four seats, not all of course, but possible. Aeroflot proved to be quite a decent serednjachki and the maintenance and feeding. Very decent entertainment system. A lot of movies in Russian and other languages, as well as audio and games. All would have made, if not a joint on the way back.

When landing in Moscow, all planted in the open field. According to the captain, the terminal D where we had to go to the airport was very busy and could not accept. Drove the bus and drove to the terminal. This despite the fact that the plane had three babies (1 month) where warm clothes were in the Luggage. People did not even know that they have to go down an icy iron ladder into the open field, but we are at Home. And in front of us was terminal D, where there was a bunch of empty sleeves. The problem was in the fact that just nobody clean and on the tarmac was solid ice.

And then another hour waiting for the baggage ( the explanation was that the Luggage may not get to the terminal! Apparently he's from the Miami coming, and we are naive to think that the Luggage arrived with us) And many of the Luggage were revealed. Ripped off locks and twisted plastic rope. After the presentation of claims, the answer was simple: It's in Miami-the goats are all torn. Of our company was opened just one bag and at first glance nothing is missing. On the lost Luggage rack is required to write a claim immediately, but who remembers what was in that suitcase. Accordingly, after they claim was not accepted. And one man from the flight suit was gone. Next was getting the Luggage from Havana, they waited half an hour with the same consequences. Apparently in the Caribbean what is the craze with their Luggage.

And so we are on the final approach of Miami international. The sun outside the window, and +26. The fit followed by the camera which is somewhere on the nose of the aircraft and displayed on the screens located in front of the chairs. Safely passed border and customs house. Unlike the airport, our Luggage had already rolled on the conveyor, it only remains to remove and go to the taxi rank.

Any difficulties have not caused, and the road to the hotel, it was booked all the way from Moscow. There we were supposed to spend the night. This hotel was chosen for its location ( downtown, almost in the port) and free Shuttle to the ship. But our cruise started tomorrow in the four days on Board had to be before. We have successfully settled and decided to go through downtown, along with dinner. The night, long flights, time difference, not really wellbeing. First caught McDonald's, there and gone. Then just a little walk and sleep.

Open your eyes, and around all too dark. Surprising, the first rise in the Western hemisphere, always early. At 4 in the morning and you're up, continue to lie makes no sense, if you can't sleep. While his wife makes no successful attempts to Dospat, tripod under one arm and with the camera to see the sunrise. Warm, quiet and deserted. It is a pleasure to walk along the promenade. The homeless sleep on the benches, covered themselves and covering their junk with a film in case of rain. Beauty! Walked around for a couple of hours and went to the side of the hotel, it would be necessary to have Breakfast.

Rising to his floor ( the Elevator is old with iron-barred door and inside the Elevator, which opened and closed the door. They did not open and he worked from 8 am to 23), I found in the corridor all its own. People were discussing first impressions, as well as what to do next. This hotel was the included Breakfast, but it began at 8 o'clock, and the yard is only 6. Decided to go out and find your own Breakfast. Transfer to the port went 12 hours and had to this time to come back. That settled the matter. Half of our company it was the first morning on American soil.

Little worked this early. But we were lucky. When you exit the hotel, on a street corner was some kind of cafe, 5 seats. There we had Breakfast. Cheerful and went hood aimlessly. And our eyes gazed in the direction of pharmacy. You had to buy anticatabolic tablets. If someone will be is unknown, but I want to play it. The more that Americans have a great pharmacology, but as well, and everything else. All interesting, even to me, haven't been here. And of course we absorbed, absorbed, pharmacy. Formation (in Russian- pharmacy) in the United States is a dangerous mix of pharmacy and Auchan. On this occasion, Ilf and Petrov in his book "one-Storey America" is very well said :

Here it is necessary to explain what constitutes a small American town and what kind of pharmacy, where you can dine. This story might be called: "Pharmacist without mysticism, or the Mystery of American pharmacy". When a major American businessmen in pursuit of profit, have turned their attention to the pharmacy business, the first thing they are interested in, what are you doing behind their partitions pharmacists. That they are there, knotted together important person, rubbed with a pestle in their thick porcelain cups? Medication? Well, how many of these drugs ever? Fifty, a hundred, well a hundred and twenty, finally! One hundred twenty-antipyretics, stimulants or pain medications! Why make them artisanal in pharmacies? They need to produce on a mass scale in factories. Because drugs are now made in factories, the patient has not become easier – the drugs not cheaper. But the pharmacists lost their income. He was caught by pharmacy manufacturers. To increase their income fooled pharmacists began to sell ice cream, cold water, small fancy goods, toys, cigarettes, kitchen utensils – in short, had a ball.

And the present-day American pharmacy is a large bar with a high counter and revolving Grand piano stools before it. Behind the counter scurrying around red guys shifted to one side in white pussy or Flirty, curly a few years ahead of the maiden similar to another that has just come into Vogue movie star. Sometimes they resemble Kay Francis, sometimes Greta Garbo, before they all looked like Gloria Swanson. Girls churning the cream, start up of Nickel-plated taps noisy jet Seltzer water, roasting chickens and with a ring toss into a glass of ice cubes. In new York, survived one pharmacy where the pharmacist personally manufactures medicinal drugs. Oh, it's a wonderful place, shrouded in medical mystery! In proof that there really prepare medications manually, the owner of the pharmacy put in the window a pile of old yellowed prescriptions. It looks like the den of a medieval alchemist. Even scary to enter! Whether it is an ordinary pharmacy. It is possible to eat, buy a pocket watch or clock, a pot or a toy, you can buy or rent a book ......" - end of quote.

Here in this place and we hung for about two hours. To gather the people together, it's hopeless. They absorbed America, with its products and service. And there were many and unknown. In a beautiful package, not known destination. And since our group was mostly women, the very group was the risk that bish a group of no return from the store. But the more everyone wanted to get on the ship and with a sick soul, but light footed, we went back to the hotel to pack and get into the bus. Ahead of us was waiting for a ship. With a slight excitement we went to meet him.

Continued... "

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marina.mak-mak 24 March, 2018
You trip, like a trip to the cinema. On good envy and think about something like that. ...
Eli 8 April, 2018
Great you got the rest! We flew in 2014, Moscow-Miami only Transaero, bought tickets back for 25 Grand. And also flew in an empty plane and with the same layout of seats where they slept 4. But back it was horrible because we were in a 2 story plane and it was Packed on the brim. Then Miami went to a great cruise. The cruise cost us two only 32 thousand rubles. In the cruise we spent a penny. So we went out quite a not expensive stay, but it is much better than Turkey or Egypt. And we spent not much more money. ...
nausla 9 April, 2018

If you do not remember about the American visa, and it is not is not clear, the price of two (if you take over in early 2014 in about 2000 dollars to get) nowadays just science fiction. If very modestly it is necessary to multiply for 2 and even three times. It is cheaper to Mauritius or the Seychelles to fly. ...
admin 9 April, 2018

Why times two or three? Are prices in dollars for four years, have grown so much, or is another thing? ...
nausla 9 April, 2018
In dollars including. I considered the Caribbean cruise this winter. Worked on two in the amount of 300,000 rubles. However, I wouldn't even continue to count the cost, you understand that the ship is not all included in the price of the cruise and the prices are not children, and flights. ...
Ederman 11 April, 2018
Wow the amount is not small, even if the ruble is so low would not fall ...
change 22 April, 2018
Just returned from a cruise. Was with his wife and grandson. For two weeks, the company MSC. Just olimus and write a report with prices. I have to say that for the cruise paid for 3150$. But of course there were more expenses, it is difficult to say how much. I mean mandatory spending. ...
admin 22 April, 2018

Great! Wait. I hope it will, as always, with all details and prices ...
23 April, 2018
Also I will wait for the report,particularly what was the additional mandatory costs ...
Lilia23 20 December, 2018
Unforgettable impressions. How many interesting and colorful on the planet... breathtaking. Need next stay in this format organizovati. ...