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In mid-may my wife and I are going to rest for a few days in Greece. Carefully studied the reviews of Russian tourists about trips, hotels and interesting excursions. Bought tickets from a dealer of Pegas in the city of Novorossiysk, and at the appointed time moved on.

The rest were in the village of Bali in Crete, the hotel troulis has been. We can say that all the positive reviews about Bali and this hotel confirmed in full, a wonderful holiday, well deserved star hotel. Clean, fresh rooms, friendly smiling staff. The Breakfast, frankly, was simple but quite tasty and edible. If you want to choose the option of "all inclusive", this hotel is not for You. We went to the fifth under the account the country and always try in each of the countries to see, so try not to get attached to Lunches and dinners at the hotel. Greece is very diverse and delicious cuisine, so take every day in the taverns, which are abundant in any locality, some new dish, or if late returning from the tours, and had no desire to go to the tavern, managed a light dinner in the room. The room has a refrigerator, electric stove and utensils, from spoons and ending with pan and supermarkets can be quite inexpensive to buy any of the products.

Taking into account the experience of previous trips, did not just take all vouchers have a private tour operator, and first walked by a small travel Agency Bali village, learned the prices, what is included in the proposed programme and dates of tours. Was very satisfied with the Agency located right in one of the buildings of our hotel troulis has been, friendly Arthur, who moved to Crete and Paul speak in Russian language, offered an interesting program and more reasonable prices than the Pegasus. All recommended, if you want to travel. The second option of travel "rent a car", take a car (from "Pegasus" for some reason 30-40% more expensive than in any rental on the street in absolutely equal conditions) and go for a romantic trip, relying on the map, experienced advice or GPS. The traffic on the roads, in General, calm, not to break traffic regulations, and familiarity with the local police will not take place. The many attractions, there is something to see. Everywhere is very beautiful, I liked everything.

One tip if you are going to visit the island of Santorini – take a trip 2 days or go there yourself. One day – not enough!!!!!! The island is small, but extraordinarily beautiful, for day trips that less of the road will be about 6 hours, you will not have time to enjoy the beauty, because for the most part will run for guide. I would also like to add that every year, in Greece and on Crete and Santorini in particular, speak Russian language, so much difficulty in the shops and taverns you will not experience, and broken English-German-Greek language is supplemented by gestures understood almost everywhere.

Finally, an unpleasant surprise for the Pegasus, and we've never been notified about the check out time from the hotel to the airport of Heraklion, if we had not started to keep ringing on all phones, it would not learned that in 3 hours and 30 minutes a night for us the bus arrives. Everything else was great! A huge Hello to Arthur Altidis from Irene and Constantine.

Author: The Grapes Of Constantine

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nausla 1 November, 2019
Absolutely agree!
If you only publish articles from other resources. ...
Nikolayevich 2 November, 2019
Our winter journey through Poland continued. Leaving Wroclaw, we first arrived in Opole, which is also called the "Polish Venice". There we walked through the old town and climbed up to a medieval tower. And then we went to Czestochowa for many years is the spiritual center of Poland. Despite the late hour, we came to the Jasna Gora monastery and even saw there the miraculous icon.
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AvCa 3rd November, 2019
Thank you. The scheme realized. ...
nausla 7 November, 2019
And even no website! ...
Pexota 8 November, 2019
The river Charysh and Inya river. Altai Krai.
RQDzeOF8Yj4 ... November 8, 2019
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brunner81 8 November, 2019
God! it's so beautiful! Dream summer trip to Israel, took the monastery for the record! Thank you! ...
brunner81 8 November, 2019
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brunner81 8 November, 2019
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brunner81 8 November, 2019
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