The Gili Islands (Lombok, Indonesia): what island to choose to stay?

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The Gili Islands, view from above

Gili (Gili) in Indonesia means "little island". Rather, it means "little island" in the language of the natives of Lombok island, Sasakul. The Gili Islands near Lombok island in Indonesia are among the most popular places among tourists to Lombok. Around the island there are quite a lot of small islets, but which, as they say and dream of tourists, only three: Gili Trawangan (Gili Trawangan), Lombok (Gili Meno) and Lombok (Gili Air). All three island are next to each other and quite close to the shore of Lombok. About how to get to Gili Islands you can read here, and you can see the position of the Gili Islands Lombok on the map here.

On all three Islands the tourism infrastructure is well developed: there are many diving clubs; hotels from cheap and affordable to expensive and comfortable. Transport on the Islands is prohibited. You can move either on bike or in a cart drawn by horses or riding. Here's exotic.

Every year, these Islands attract thousands of tourists, who find here a wonderful beach vacation and, of course, unique diving and snorkeling. If you were among the lucky ones who are planning a trip to Lombok, then visit one of the Gili Islands is simply impossible. And best of all to stay here for a few days or even weeks. Even the Gili Islands is very easy to visit from Bali, if the bulk of your holiday will be held there. It remains only to choose one of them, unless of course you are not going to go at all.

The largest of the Islands is Gili Trawangan. He is the furthest from Lombok. Hotels here the highest number from all three Islands. It is also the most populated and most exciting of the Islands, you can even safely say that he is the rave. But the most important thing on Travagance diving. Diving centres on the island a huge number, and most of the tourists are divers. The most famous dive centre "Blue Marlin", which almost from the shore begins the coral wall.

Gili air (photo DPV from the site

Gili Meno compared Trawangan may seem simply a village, but if you are looking for complete peace of mind – you here. The complete absence of movements and parties – a synonym for Meno. Hotels are not many, and almost all of them without pools. Entertainment, bars and restaurants outside of the hotels are almost there. The beaches here are very nice and clean, but a few meters from the shore under water, the bottom is littered with debris of corals. Somewhere under water with rocks. In the center of the Meno is a very beautiful lake. Summing up, about the Meno, we can say that there is nothing to do except eat, drink, fall down in the sun, swim, snorkel and walk along a deserted island.

Gili air is the smallest of the three Islands and the closest to Lombok. It is also considered the greenest of the three, with more lives of local residents. The beach and water here are as beautiful as the other two Islands. "You like this" this island is between Meno and Trawangan, ie seems to be some movement there, but its quite a bit. Bars and restaurants on the island are available, and many of the bars are openly sold hallucinogenic mushrooms, which here will honor that law. To do here is nothing unless swimming, snorkeling, and "zaharinka", and did that walk a few times around the island between the houses of local residents, who, by the way, almost does not speak English.

Well, if you have not decided where to stay, then stay on any of the Islands, and if you don't like it, then move from one island to another in half an hour won't be easy.

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