The most dangerous tours in the world for the bravest tourists

Love to travel each year is growing steadily. Most of us strive to visit various popular resorts, exotic tours, interesting tours, famous sites, especially because such places on our planet very, very much.

But among these places and attractions are, which, despite its appeal, remain inaccessible and very dangerous. Unfortunately, armed conflict, war, the threat of terrorism and crime has made many countries not available, and the ongoing fighting in them destroy the last remnants of attractions. While we can only dream about visiting these places and hope that when the war is completed, there still remain something that can be viewed. Here's the most dangerous country and attractions that may soon disappear from the face of the earth:


It would seem that some attractions and relaxation can be in this country. However, Somalia has excellent beaches with pristine Golden sand, and can even offer unique opportunities for diving in an almost untouched coastal area. But, unfortunately, women, even if you miraculously will be able to be here, to enjoy the pleasant breeze and the sun rays on the skin will not be able to swim and sunbathe here can only be fully dressed. And not only women to be in Somalia would be uncomfortable and dangerous. Because of the long civil war and the actions of the separatists, the country gradually falling apart, and about any security and the rule of law here to not speak. Only the most risky travelers go there now.

There is also enough place and unique attractions. The complex of caves Laas Gaal (Laas Gaal, also Las Geel, translated the "Camel well") holds in its natural and artificial caves with unique ancient rock paintings, the age of about 10,000 years. It's safe to say that this is one of the largest and most significant monuments of ancient culture in Africa. And discovered this place was only recently, in 2002, and is still well preserved, having suffered neither from war, nor from the tourist crowds. Open ever the range of your "doors" for tourists, depends entirely on the political situation in the country is still very dangerous.


It seems that throughout history there was not a single day when we could say that travel across Afghanistan was safe. Since 1978 the country's civil war, and it is unclear whether it will end someday. Of course, there were brave souls, traveling around the country, but independent movement without a guard of armed men here have always been dangerous.

Surprisingly, but in Afghanistan there are sights taken under UNESCO protection. Among them the Minaret of Jam (Minaret of Jam), located near the village of Jam (Jam). The minaret of Jam (height 65 metres) in height, second only to the Qutub Minar Minar in Delhi. Another not very successfully, protected by the UNESCO and is very badly damaged attraction – the Buddhist sculptures of Bamiyan earlier (Bamiyan). Created in the 6th century, it has long been the largest Buddhist building and a place of pilgrimage. Unfortunately, in 2001 the Taliban declared the sculpture is anti-Islamist and almost destroyed it with military equipment, now from her ruins.


Iraq remains the most dangerous place on the African continent and possibly worldwide. Have three decades of wars and conflicts do not leave this country, more and more blood soak the ancient earth.

But no war will not change the fact that Iraq is the cradle of most ancient civilizations. These places are very rich in history, the memory of which gathered and carefully preserved in world famous collections of antiquities in the museums of Baghdad. With the beginning of the war, almost all of the collection was looted, or simply destroyed.

Everyone knows about the existence of the city of Babylon, but only few know that the ruins of this ancient city (according to one estimate the city was founded in the XXIII century BC) are in Iraq, 85 kilometers from the capital. Now from the ancient city of the planet remained only ruins, but they are still the main archaeological monument of the country and would be very attractive to tourists. In addition to the Babylon in Iraq is the ancient city of Ur (one of the oldest Sumerian cities of Mesopotamia), ancient Arcadia, and the capital of the Sassanid Empire - the city of Ctesiphon (V-IV centuries BC), the ancient city of Ashur (mid-III Millennium BC). And this is not a complete list of cities and landmarks, many of which, incidentally, included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

Of course, Iraq is one of the most interesting in terms of tourism countries in the Arab world, and I hope that soon there will be peace, and tourists can enjoy its ancient sites and to help rebuild the economy long-suffering country.


Until recently, Syria was open to tourists and is quite a safe country. But in 2011, the country has inflamed the internal conflict that led to nearly full-scale civil war, and now to visit Syria is not recommended. At the very least, a place in Syria you are unlikely to buy, and very sorry.

On the territory of modern Syria was born and killed a lot of States, each of which left on her land in this part of his history. It was ruled by Phoenicia, Assyria, Mesopotamia, the Hittite Empire, Rome, Persia, Egypt, Babylon, Herod's Kingdom, Byzantium and the Arab Caliphate; marching phalanx of Alexander the Great and over through the famous cavalry of Saladin. The concentration of historical sites from different eras in Syria, apparently the highest in the world.

Under the protection of UNESCO in Syria taken a unique "old town" in Damascus. It is surrounded by a wall built by the Romans. The city of Damascus is one of the oldest cities on the planet and the most ancient of the existing capital.

Another attraction of the UNESCO list is a Greco-Roman city of Palmyra. Palmyra now – dead city, but no less interesting. The first mention of it date back to the XX century BC, In the number of monuments protected by UNESCO, also includes knight's castles erected by the crusaders on the way to the Promised Land.

And this is only a very small fraction of interesting places and attractions in Syria.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo, or former Zaire, since 1962 is in the grip of civil strife, and another round of conflict began in 2002 with the beginning of the so-called "African World War". Although military action is not conducted in the country, in the local never-ending conflict has already killed more than 5 million people. Accordingly, tourists to go there it is not recommended, which is a pity.

Although there is no significant historical or cultural attractions, but nature, life and culture of the people of the Congo deserve to to visit the country. The flora and fauna of the Congo is very rich and diverse. Almost 15% of the country are nature reserves and national parks. There are volcanoes, dense jungle, lakes and the Congo river is the main natural attraction of the country. Despite this, the flora and fauna of the Congo is under great threat because of the hunger of the local population with frightening speed kills wild animals for food. Are eaten and destroyed everything, including the rare species of animals and birds, which are not found anywhere else. Of course people dying is much sadder than destroy the sights and eat rare species of animals, but still somehow very pathetic.


The history of confrontation in Sudan has lasted for more than 50 years, since 1956 when the country gained independence. The attainment of freedom by the people of the Sudan has turned into a protracted and bloody civil war, which has not been exhausted to this day. And although the second civil war that began in 1983 and officially ended in 2005 with the signing of the peace agreement and the division of the country into South and North Sudan, the situation in both countries is reminiscent of a fire show in the powder keg. And what is wrong, the goal of the extremists are often foreigners, especially tourists. And if tourists are allowed to visit the Sudan (South or North) is at your own risk, strongly not recommended to visit certain areas of both countries. Moreover, such areas most of the areas. In fact, the sites will be discussed further in the context of the two countries.

Many will be surprised, but in the Sudan there are great beaches (i.e. Northern Sudan). North Sudan has access to the Red sea, and could offer excellent opportunities for diving. There are in the Sudan and significant historical attractions, which is not surprising given the age of the state (the first mention in the III Millennium BC about the state of Nubia).

In 2003, the world heritage list of UNESCO included the rock of Jebel Barkal in Northern Sudan. On the rock are the ruins of the great temple of Amun (built mainly in Piangi), 12 three the Nubian temples and palaces that date back to the XV century BC Another object of UNESCO in the Sudan – a city-monument Meroe, dated VIII century BC

In Sudan many interesting historical objects which are unexplored and unknown, and, perhaps, when the situation in the country stabiliziruemost, you will be among the "pioneers" of new attractions.

North Korea

We can say that North Korea has "left" our world in 1953, isolating themselves from the outside world. Guests of the country are not so dangerous to be in it, if you follow strict limitations, nothing to photograph and take a video camera, nowhere to go and not to go, except for certain routes, with no one to talk to. You could even say that it is a very safe country for tourists. But to get into the country is possible only as part of organized group tours during the entire tour services are controlled by Korea. You will not be able to see anything, except that identified in advance the authorities of the country. Everywhere you will be accompanied by a special escort that restricts your movement.

A look at North Korea there is nothing. It's almost not broken "achievements" of civilization, virgin nature, many national parks, marine reserves. Of course, this and many Buddhist temples. And the main exotic – political system and ideology of Communist North Korea.

Is this list still one country that, by the standards of the various international ratings, one of the ten most dangerous tourist countries. Although it is not wars and armed conflicts, to visit foreign tourists are not recommended. Objective this assessment or not, let everyone solves itself, but the country is Russia. On individual ratings of Russia in 2010 ranked 7 and 10 places among dangerous countries for tourists, along with the above-described States.

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