New baggage rules and carry-on baggage in the aircraft in 2017

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Салон самолета

From November 5, 2017 in Russia came into force new rules of baggage allowance and hand Luggage, which will slightly complicate the life of those who prefer to save money while traveling and travel, although as stated by the authors, it is aimed at the lower prices. First of all, decreased the rate of weight hand Luggage, ie, things you can take into the cabin in addition to checked Luggage. Also, the list of items you can put in your hand Luggage over the established norm. But that's just the cheapest non-refundable rate. Allowance for ordinary tariffs not changed. So, what has changed:

  • Airlines were allowed to impose tariffs without the free baggage allowance.

    Ie if you buy tickets on this non-refundable rate, you will not be able to take anything for free for bringing in Luggage, and will only be able to take into the cabin hand Luggage. If you wish, you can take the Luggage surcharge on airline fares.

  • Maximum weight of hand Luggage for non-refundable rates reduced to 5 kg

    Previously, he was 10 pounds. Ie before you could take with you in cabin bag or backpack weighing up to 10 kilograms, but now not more than 5, and on top of all that is paid at the airline tariffs. However, there is a caveat: the airlines themselves can set the hand Luggage weight above 5 kg, which in practice is unlikely to apply, because we know the insatiable appetites of our airline.

  • Introduced a list of things that you can take to the salon in excess of the weight of hand Luggage

    This is a ladies bag, portfolio, garment bag, outerwear, baby food, baby stroller, flowers, backpack, drugs, goods from shops "duty-free". The sizes of the backpacks are set by the carrier on their own, so read carefully the rules of the airline before boarding with a backpack.

How now to adapt to the new rules? Really has not changed much, because, again, note, these rules apply only to the cheapest non-refundable rate. So if you are planning to go light, choose the appropriate tariff which involves the transportation of Luggage, and no difference will not feel.

Don't forget that even if you are planning to buy a non-refundable fare and travel without Luggage, that there are prohibited items to be carried into the cabin of the plane, and before boarding you will have from them or to get rid of, or to pay extra for baggage. Such items include sharps, down to the nail scissors, liquid, children's toys, weapons, rope, tape and much more (see list of prohibited items on the plane).

What to do if you have still formed a overweight hand Luggage? You can try to cheat, and stuff the heavy things out of the baggage pockets. You can also wear on his outer clothing, and to fill the pockets in it.

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