A review of the trip to Malaysia "exploration". The Island Of Langkawi

Immersed in a beautiful brand new Airbus and AirAsia have lunch on the way (food ordered when purchasing tickets), after 40 minutes, landed at the Langkawi airport. But here we were waited by a surprise. An employee of the airport near the "tape Luggage" made the announcement that some of the Luggage from our flight was accidentally placed on another flight that went after our too in Langkawi after 50 minutes, ie he is on the way. We, with your 3 kilograms of Luggage that had to pass because of a penknife, was among the lucky ones. The employee was offered the choice either to wait the arrival of a plane or go to the hotel and Luggage will be picked up there. We decided to use the first option and wait a bit, but at the same time and find out what it is for the airport.

Langkawi airport is small but everything you need is there. Currency exchange at the airport at a reasonable rate, not too low. Shops, cafes, Duty Free – is all there.

В аэропорту Лангкави

The entrance to the airport

Вход в аэропорт

The flight arrived on time and we received their coveted 3 kilograms of Luggage.

In Langkawi are completely absent public transport, and transportation of tourists from airport to hotels organized in the form of airport taxi. Our hotel was located nearby and we escaped with 18 ringgit ringgit. Details about how to get to Langkawi and about transportation here.

Our hotel in Langkawi , Sweet Inn Motel. Reviews about it can read the link here, some of whom are mine, so staying here will not. Paid, by the way, when booking through the website cheaper than the price at the reception.

Modest room:

Отель на Лангкави

By the way, for those who still don't know the difference between hotel and Motel: the difference is that the hotel rooms are located in the same building with a shared entrance and the Motel each room has its own entrance from the street. Even the reception and the restaurant we ended up on the street.


Отель на Лангкави

Restaurant and reception:

Отель на Лангкави

Throwing stuff at the hotel, immediately went to reconnoiter the situation on the beach of Pantai Cenang, where we actually stopped. About the beaches of Langkawi, I wrote in detail here.

The next day morning took the Motel owner in a rental for 30 ringgit (about 300 rubles) stool-machine for a day and went to explore the island. Met, by the way, places where you can rent a bike for 20 ringgit.

Мотоцикл на Лангкави
Мотоцикл на Лангкави

Boats the poor tourists-fishermen:


Waterfall "Seven wells". A great place to visit. To ascend to the waterfall will have quite long and hard to go step by step, and to get to the top, from which the water falls and pools where are located the "seven wells," to rise for even longer. But it's worth it. Remember to bring your swimsuit and take a dip in the cold water on top.

Семь колодцев
Семь колодцев
Семь колодцев

"Oriental village". Nothing special, just a lot of shops and attractions for tourists. But you can not escape, if you want to climb the mountain on the cable car.

Восточная деревня

Langkawi cable car and sky bridge. Another place to visit. By cable car you will not only climb the mountain, but can walk along the "sky bridge" between the two vertices. At the top there is a cafe. There are free binoculars through which to see the island and try to find your hotel. We your found.

Канатная дорога
небесный мост

Waterfall "Temurun". Nothing special. Just a small waterfall that you can admire and photograph. Which is good, far it is not necessary.

Водопад Темурун
Водопад Темурун
Водопад Темурун

Beach with monkeys Pantai Pasir Tengkorak. The famous beach, perfect for an evening swim monkeys. Unfortunately we were a day and caught the monkey just on the wires. The beach itself is nothing special hooked: desire to swim on it appeared.

Лангкави: пляж с обезьянами
Лангкави: пляж с обезьянами

The black-sand beach. Near the beach a large shopping center-the market. The beach clean was not inspired, but the sand is really black.

Лангкави: пляж с черным песком
Лангкави: пляж с черным песком

The hot spring village Langkawi. Nice place. Bought in hot healing springs, wandered around the beautiful Park. But us in the village was empty.

Деревня горячих источников Лангкави
Деревня горячих источников Лангкави

Waterfall "Durian". Very long waterfall. Rise to the start of the waterfall not far, but to the top of the waterfall to go up a very long time.

Лангкави: водопад Дуриан

Hindu temple. Just got in the way a temple near the road. The name, don't know.

Лангкави: индуистский храм

The eagle square. Unfortunately the eagle was on the repair.

Лангкави: площадь орла

Park "Legends Of Langkawi". Since the eagle was being repaired, decided to make it a walk in the Park. The Park in General beautiful, but there seemed boring.

Лангкави: Легенды Лангкави

Well, a couple of interesting pictures along the way:


Almost everywhere where we were and where we were supposed to take money for entrance, nobody took. Everything was open and free. Then it was explained simply: the low season. In low season sightseeing not to work full-time, and therefore money from tourists do not charge. So at least we were told.

Had to pay only 1 ringgit for Parking the bike at the foot of the ascent to the waterfall "seven wells" and for the cableway for 30 ringgit. If I understood right, you could save a 1 ringgit in the Parking lot, just leaving the bike 50 metres to the car Park :-).

But, and here found domestic producers :-)


In General, in one day we almost twice drove the island along the perimeter and saw almost all the important attractions of Langkawi.

The next morning the Motel owner "insisted" that we rode on the bike since our day had expired after 10 hours, but we decided to climb on Pantai Cenang, and the weather in the morning wasn't working and it was raining. And we went to the rice Museum. Inside the Museum building to photograph we were not allowed, only in the fields. As in drugih places on Langkawi, no money from us for the visit did not take.

Лангкави музей риса
Лангкави музей риса
Лангкави музей риса
Лангкави музей риса

While engaged in questionable entertainment - studied how rice is grown, the rain stopped and we moved to the beach. Walked along the beach through the Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah.

Лангкави пляж

Unfortunately, you can find these "sea creatures" on the clean beaches of Langkawi:

Лангкави пляж
Лангкави пляж
Лангкави пляж
Лангкави пляж
Лангкави пляж

The beaches in the morning clean. Footprints in the sand from the machine after cleaning.

Лангкави пляж

The next morning, still a little tread on the beach and in the afternoon moved out of the hotel. The airport got a taxi for 18 ringgit, catching car on the street. It was the second and our last taxi ride in Malaysia. Next was a move only by public transport.

Summing up about Langkawi, I would say that there we basically liked, but to do so as we are there is not particularly anything. Fall for hours on the beach and chat with neighbors in the hotel is not for us. Attractions and interesting places one, two and miscalculated (the day we toured, I think, a good half of the attractions), mass entertainment is not noticed and the festive mood is felt. There are of course the island has many interesting excursions, including trips to the neighbouring Islands, but left me with the question: "Why Langkawi is the most popular island in Malaysia?"

Read more "Penang Island"..."

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Firs 01 Feb 2017, 06:06
I live in the South of Russia and if you wander not in your district, you can safely get to the head and to remain without money and a cell phone. In Switzerland, for example, I have seen also a bunch of signs that need to be always on the lookout and watch for pickpockets, but that does not mean that it is a dangerous country and there are a bunch of thieves. Everywhere, especially in big cities, I think should be careful and everything will be fine. And so, if all to be afraid of, then your home is just not worth it to come out) ...
admin 2017 Mar 14, 04:54
Good luck with your journey, if you write that ...
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I would prefer the first option, Satun, as passed through twice, it was fine. To Satun from Pattaya can be reached with a stopover in Bangkok. Travel from Bangkok to the southern bus station and there change to the bus to Satun. Previously, these buses were a lot, now looked up the schedule, there are very few, maybe just schedule them there. But even then that is quite suitable, it is night, will arrive in Satun in the morning and in the afternoon we will depart on the ferry. Basically about Satun all we've got painted - https://nashaplaneta.net/asia/thai/satun#getin
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Hey Tahmina!
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Ferries and jetty Langkawi
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PS And do not hurry to refuse the flight. Strange the prices you can write 7-15 dollars per kilogram... Airasia 20 kg of Luggage is $ 12 on this route. ...