A review of the trip to Malaysia "exploration": a Walk around Kuala Lumpur

In Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia, we got to Penang by train. Moved night train (left at 21:00 and arrived at KL Sentral at about 9 am). If someone wants to know how we got on the train, I have already described in the inserts in the article "trains of Malaysia". In General, we arrived completely exhausted and did not sleep because it was freezing in the car for air conditioning all night. Arriving at the station, another half hour we sat and warmed up before you move on.

Картинка из песка в Куала-Лумпуре A picture of sand on the floor in the subway we were greeted Kuala Lumpur

To the hotel in Chinatown decided, as usual, to get economically – into the subway. About the subway in Kuala Lumpur, by the way, read here. Within 30 minutes we were at the hotel, however had to sit at the reception, while preparing the room as we arrived too early and the check in is only after 13 hours. Hotel Mayview Glory has been booked in advance through Agoda for one day. Another two days has decided to extend is already in place, if the hotel is satisfied. In fact again proved that the extension of the reception is more expensive than over the Internet, and we extended the hotel for another two days, taking advantage of the Internet in the hotel. He was there, by the way, cost 3 ringgit (the Malaysian currency) per hour, which is approximately equal to 30 rubles, but worked incredibly slowly and intermittently, so that the booking had gone an hour!

Наш отель в Куала-Лумпуре The hotel
Наш отель в Куала-Лумпуре The hotel
Наш отель в Куала-Лумпуре The hotel

From the Windows open views of both KL tower (photo view at night, beautiful).

Вид на башни из окна отеля Evening view from the hotel window

Our hotel was located literally across the road from the bus station Pudu Raya, where we planned to go to the airport to fly home.

Пудурайя Station Pudu Raya

Not to delay the case indefinitely, immediately went to walk around the city. Literally from the first few hundred meters quiet walk, when you don't have to hurry and look in the map, then the pointers refer to the metro in search of the hotel, the city fall in love with.

Улица в центре КЛ Street in the heart of KL
Улица в центре КЛ Street in the heart of KL
Мечеть Masjid Jamek Masjid Jamek
На площади независимости On independence square
Вечерний Куала-Лумпур Evening Kuala Lumpur

The first walk, as well as all subsequent, finished the evening shopping at the Central market and in Chinatown (Chinatown). Both markets are a 10-minute walk from each other. At the Central market on the ground floor sells mostly tourist rubbish the type of gift, and the second is the clothes, too, though more for tourists. On the market in Chinatown sells everything: all kinds of fakes (watches, glasses, etc.), pirated CDs, clothes, toys, food and of course lots of Souvenirs. At the prices we can say that both are almost the same: some things are cheaper at the Central market, some in Chinatown. It all depends on the seller, but here and there you can haggle. About both markets, we can say that they are not very large.

Вход в центральный рынок Куала-Лумпура The entrance to the Central market Kuala Lumpur
Внутри центрального рынка Куала-Лумпура Inside the Central market of Kuala Lumpur
Вход на торговую улицу Чайнатауна Entrance on the shopping street of Chinatown
Торговые ряды в Чайнатауне Shopping arcade in Chinatown

During one of our forays into the city we walked around the shopping malls in Bukit Bintang. Here there's just a "Klondike" for shoppers. End could not see the shopping areas, so we quickly got out of there.

On the second day we hit the road in Batu caves. Went there on the train. How to get to Batu caves, here.

Batu caves is a tourist attraction scale. Not all get to the top of the stairs to get to the caves themselves. Saw older Europeans who all sweaty turn around and come back. But up there in the caves, working staff, sellers, caretakers of the temples, which every day make this climb. Probably health they are excellent. Much, by the way, was on the restoration and repair, including the giant statue at the entrance to the cave. The off-season after all.

Статуя Ханумана - бога обезьян The statue of Hanuman monkey God

To say that the Batu caves very impressed, I can't, but overall the trip was interesting. On the way up had seen on monkeys who were doing incredible acrobatics, jumping from branch to branch on the slope of the mountain. We just took our breath away when the mother monkey with a baby was riding on a thin branch at a height of 30 meters to the ground. Generally, monkeys are wild, it's still not a Park, and contact with them is not even close. They can behave very aggressive. When we have a crowd of monkeys stole from the table next to some bench package with lunch prepared by one of the sellers shop, literally cost him to look away. They immediately took it out on the ground and began to eat, and the poor Malay probably left without lunch.

And seen how these "creatures" terrorized the dog, driving her from their territory. I thought there without a fight will not do, but the dog retreated in time.

Petronas twin towers we have visited twice, but upstairs did not. Instead, we climbed to the Menara tower, buying tickets at prices lower than the official tour.the office in the hotel. We paid for two tickets for 70 ringgit, while when buying on the entrance to the tower single ticket cost 45 ringgit. However, it was like a limited ticket, with no additional option is like riding a pony and something else. The thing was to climb up.

I expected upstairs we find ourselves in an open area, from which you can make a bunch of clear pictures of the city, but, unfortunately, to observe everything I had through the glass and the pictures turned out not so clear. We were given a poorly functioning media player with headphones, but in the Russian language. Well, in General, from visiting the Menara, I still have mixed feelings. On the one hand, not to go on one of the towers of the capital of Malaysia was simply impossible, and from her visits there was a kind of satisfaction, on the other, nothing interesting for myself, I was not learned and emotions I was not overwhelmed. Except that I found that our TV tower Ostankino is the tallest TV towers in the 2nd place, and Menara on the 4th.

We also visited the "cultural Park" at the foot of the tower that imitates a traditional Malay village. Her visit for free, even don't need to buy tickets for the tower.

Another thing Though. On the approach to it (and went from separating the towers we walk) I felt a strong emotion, and it is approaching these enormous structures was intensified. It is simply breathtaking, as we approached them and they became more and more. I advise everyone to visit the Petronas towers on foot, you can feel the same feelings as I do. But here, in fact, Petronas and their surroundings. 33-38
Еще какая-то красивая башня рядом с Петронасами Some beautiful tower next to the Petronas

Be sure to walk through the Park on the back side of the towers. There (in the Park) on the bridge is a great spot for photographing the towers. Usually tower photographed from the front, where the fountains, and there is almost always in the evenings, crowds of tourists, and on the bridge there was no one.

We also visited the city Park of Kuala Lumpur, but this is another story: the Botanical garden of Kuala Lumpur.

Talk a little about food in Kuala Lumpur. Every day we went to Breakfast and sometimes lunch and even dinner in the food court on the top floor, Pudu Raya station. The prices are just super. Gave a Breakfast for two, a maximum of 15 ringgit. So I advise, if will be near Puduraya. Even ate in a cafe in the building, which houses a Mydin supermarket. The prices are not too high and everything is delicious. A couple of times we had dinner at an outdoor cafe in Chinatown. So little that we paid there twice, the food there is not much. And once the noodles were all kind of bitter, there was simply impossible. In General, food in Chinatown we were not lucky.

Here are the noodles bitter
This is a great restaurant in the building MyDin

That's actually about as we passed our three days in Kuala Lumpur. It was a wonderful, though very short, trip. But we will definitely return.

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