How to get from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi

To the island of Langkawi direct flights from Russia and other remote from Malaysia countries, and, therefore, in most cases, to reach the island will have a capital of the country – Kuala Lumpur.

On the plane

If you plan to travel to Langkawi directly from Russia without visiting Kuala Lumpur, and arrive at the international airport of the capital, the best way to get to Langkawi by plane, flying budget airline AirAsia. If you plan ahead and buy tickets ahead of time and wait for promo fares of airlines, one hour flight will cost hardly more than 100 ringgit (the Malaysian currency, the exchange rate), which is about 1000 rubles. You will save almost a whole day time in opposition to the route on the ground. Buy the best tickets in advance via the Internet, for example, directly on the airlines website.

The flight of the budget airline AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur is from the budget terminal international airport of Kuala Lumpur (read more about the international airport of Kuala Lumpur and its terminals here), called LCCT, while your international flight will arrive at international terminal KLIA (unless it is international flight, low cost airlines). Although the terminals and around, to get from one to the other is by bus, making the journey approximately 20 kilometers. Buses from KLIA to LCCT depart every 20 minutes from 6 am to 12 midnight, walking time 20 minutes, cost 3 ringgit. It is therefore necessary to lay down between flights for at least 1 hour in addition to collecting Luggage, going through customs and border formalities, etc. In practice time to 3 hours between arrival and departure flights is more than enough, but should certainly be borne in mind and the likelihood of delays, problems with customs and the I. p., so you decide.

To find the buses easily: on arrival and after collecting your Luggage look for the signs or with the help of airport staff "LCCT shuttle transfer". When you get to the Parking lot with buses, you will immediately ask what you need and put you on the right bus. Any difficulties you'll have, everything is organized very simply.

If you plan to get to Langkawi, being in Kuala Lumpur, we note that in addition to the near LCCT Kuala Lumpur, there is another airport Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (former Subang Airport), which also operates flights to Langkawi. When planning your trip note that or may be before the departure at the airport.

On the ground

To get from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi by land is only meaningful in the case if you want to travel by train or bus, because the money is great benefit in comparison with the flight local budget airline you will not get (see above).

The land directly to the island could not be reached, the island is not connected to the mainland by a bridge. But there is a good ferry service. By land from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi you can get to via train or bus, and then continue the journey by ferry.

Ferries to Langkawi depart from the cities of Kuala Kedah and Kuala Perlis, so it is up to them, you have to get on the ground. Read more about ferries to Langkawi read here.

By train

Unfortunately, through the towns of Kuala Kedah and Kuala Perlis, the ferry to Langkawi, the railroad does not pass. So you have to get to these cities with a stopover.

The closest railway stations are Alor Setar (Kedah) or Arau (Perlis), which can easily be reached by train from the city station, KL Sentral. E-tickets for trains in Malaysia can be purchased on the website Tickets cost 24 ringgit (about 240 rubles), 100 ringgit, depending on the class.

There are two daily trains that you can deliver from KL to the above-mentioned stations:

  • Night (more convenient, since you do not spend the day and can sleep in the train). Sent at 21:20, arrives at 07:16
  • Day (currently suspended). Departs 05:30, arrives at 19:47.

On arrival from the railway station you have to get to the nearest ferry from Alor Setar to Kuala Kedah, and from Arau to Kuala Perlis. From stations to marinas, ferries can be reached by taxi for 18 ringgit or bus for 1.5 ringgit.

By bus

Bus to Langkawi to get easier than by train, because there are buses that will take you directly to the departure point of the ferry to Langkawi. Bus stations in both cities are within walking distance from the marinas.

Buses to Kuala Perlis and Kuala Kedah from Kuala Lumpur should be sought to the bus station TBS. The best ticket to purchase in advance, what can be done at the ticket office or via the Internet. There are, in particular, and a night bus. The fare is 40 ringgit (about 650 rubles).

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When searching for tickets on buses and trains for pay attention to the ranking of tickets/carriers (marked with asterisks on a five-point scale) and the reviews of actual users who traveled on this route. Selecting carriers with the highest rated according to user reviews, you will protect yourself from possible problems during the trip.

The schedule of buses to Kedah (hereinafter the ferry to Langkawi)

🕒 October 12, 2018

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Good morning, we arrive in KL terminal 1 at 10.40, leaving Langkawi at 12.00 terminal KLIA2. Tell me, do we have time for the flight? Thank you. ...
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Hello Elena! To get from terminal to terminal, you need no more than 30 minutes, but... At 10:40 arrive, clear immigration and get Luggage is 20-40 minutes. Along the way, don't forget to exchange money, to buy tickets to KLIA2, and ran down to the lower level where the train. There on the rack buy a ticket to KLIA2. Waiting for a train, and then as luck at the time, or going immediately and after five minutes on the site, or have to wait for the train for another 15 minutes. When you arrive in KLIA2, you will have to check in Luggage, and find a way to register. Everything is very tight. To accelerate you can, if you fly without Luggage, and if you register on a subsequent flight online to avoid wasting time for check-in at KLIA2 and immediately run to the landing. ...
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Good morning. I was able to change the departure time! Helped my boss-an Englishman, were dealt with together. Now it is possible not to hurry and not to worry. So if anyone needs help in this matter, please contact (e-mail, my And You Admin thank you very much for your participation. ...
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