Malaysia is waiting for wealthy tourists

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Куала Лумпур

Malaysia is not among the countries for which tourism plays a major role in the economy. This is a fairly advanced and rich country with a powerful industry, agriculture, extractive industry, so that tourism is not so strongly affects the economy of the country. Therefore, the development of tourism in the country was paid not so much attention.

But in recent years, the situation began seriously to change. It is not surprising for a site with such potential for tourism development. And competitors, neighboring Thailand, Cambodia, and even mini-state, Singapore time to catch up. Because the Ministry of tourism Malaysia is actively engaged in the development of tourism. And the results were not long coming: with every year the number of tourists visiting Malaysia is increasing, including increasing the flow of tourists from Russia.

Today (2012) in the framework of the development of tourism in the country, the government of Malaysia plans to invest in the modernization of the tourism infrastructure of the island of Langkawi and Langkawi 5 billion ringgit, which is approximately 500 billion rubles. According to the forecasts and plans of the government, as a result of the actions of 2 million flow of tourists to date in 2015, expected to grow to 3 million. Whether it will turn out, time will tell, but to date the government plans to develop infrastructure on all Islands of the archipelago Langkawi, where there are hotels. Of course, he will be raised and the island of Langkawi, rich with hotels in the tourist areas and beaches. This will built some new five and four star hotels.

To increase the overall tourist arrivals to Malaysia from abroad in General, the government took the unprecedented step: developed a program of incentives for organizers of Charter flights, which means that the implementation by carriers of certain conditions, they will receive $10 for each passenger. Will also be supported financially and their efforts on advertising of tourist opportunities of Langkawi island.

Узнать, как купить тур в кредит Куала Лумпур

According to some estimates, Malaysia also hopes to change the tourism policy not only in terms of increasing the number of tourists but also their qualitative composition, namely, to bet on wealthy tourists. Especially for the wealthiest citizens of foreign countries are developing a variety of acquisition programs, one of which, for example, Luxury Elite Club. Under this program, the rich foreign tourists will stay at the special hotels of category "Suite", to walk and to move from place to place in helicopters, to hire luxury limousines and yachts, to use the services of Concierge service. All of these programs, as it sounds funny, part of a massive government project to increase the expenditures of foreign citizens in the country. But budget travelers in this regard, nothing to worry about. Infrastructure development, partly by government, partly by rich tourists, should not create preconditions for the growth of spending budget travelers, but rather may serve to lower prices due to the development of competition and increase opportunities.

As regards specifically the Russians, then new year, Malaysia became for us a little closer. From December 2011 for the first time in the history of Russia and Malaysia joined the regular flights of the company "Transaero", however, unfortunately, the prices of the flights on this route do not offer competitive flights offered by foreign airlines with transfers (no Longer done). Most often, the Russian tourists prefer to holiday in Langkawi and Borneo island, visit the capital Kuala Lumpur. Much less Russians visit the Islands along the East coast of Malaysia is a haven of Redang island, Tioman, Perhentian. Tourists often combine a visit to Malaysia with a stay in Singapore.

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admin December 22, 2017

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From Pattaya you need to get into Satun (city in the South of Thailand), and from there by ferry or drive to Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis in Malaysia already.
I would prefer the first option, Satun, as passed through twice, it was fine. To Satun from Pattaya can be reached with a stopover in Bangkok. Travel from Bangkok to the southern bus station and there change to the bus to Satun. Previously, these buses were a lot, now looked up the schedule, there are very few, maybe just schedule them there. But even then that is quite suitable, it is night, will arrive in Satun in the morning and in the afternoon we will depart on the ferry. Basically about Satun all we've got painted -
The second option is via Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis. If by bus, you must first get from Bangkok to hat Yai (, and from there to Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis as you prefer, and then onto the ferry. According to this embodiment can be on the train ride.
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admin February 25, 2018

Yes, prices Malaysia and Langkawi in particular never pleased, is that the only duty-free shops. ...
admin September 23, 2018

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zhanna 23 October, 2018

No. Since October the Islands are closed, no boats, no running hotels, possible storm. Was last year in late September, a couple of days the sea was very restless. ...
admin 28 January, 2019

Honestly, difficult to answer, after all this is a very controversial status without citizenship. It can at passport control not to pay attention to it, and the place of issuance of the passport to put the visa for 90 days as a citizen of Estonia, and can not supply a visa and even do not give, because there is in fact a list of countries that require a visa and persons without citizenship there is clearly no. Try to call the Embassy in Moscow, and even better to write them a letter at least e-mail to answer on paper just in case. And if not difficult, then let me know what happened. ...
admin 30 January, 2019

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admin 26 February, 2019

Missed this post, I hasten to refute. Neither Uber nor Langkawi in Malaysia is working. Here works Grab-taxi ...
admin 7 April, 2019
Yes, and here is the schedule of buses from TBS to Mersing - ...
on 29 April, 2019
Train from KL Central to Batu caves run every hour ...
admin June 6, 2019

Hello Eugene! Neither here nor there, and the airport Subang. ...

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