Where to go in the winter?

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The summer is just about over, and many popular resorts of the Russians, too, will soon close its doors for tourists. On the beaches of Turkey, Tunisia, Russian resorts will be too cold for a beach holiday in most European countries winter comes with snow and frost. This, of course, does not mean that it is impossible to find a warm place to stay in Europe or a cozy hotel with all inclusive in Turkey, but as a mass, these areas no longer be offered in the winter season, tour operators, and the time comes to look at other areas.

So where to go on holiday in winter?

Where to go? Do I need a visa? How much is it? *
Thailand (read more) Visa to Thailand for up to 30 days not required (a visa in Thailand read more) from $1500 tours in Thailand
Vietnam (read more) Visa to Vietnam up to 15 days not required visa on arrival for a period of 1 month for free (a visa to Vietnam read more) from $2100 tours in Vietnam
Egypt (read more) Visa on arrival is$ 15, a visit to the Sinai Peninsula (Sharm El Sheikh) for free for 15 days (visa to Egypt read more) from $600 tours to Egypt
UAE (read more) Need a visa in advance, the cost of 2100R. (visa in UAE read more) from $1000 tours in UAE
India (read more) Visa cost 1600 rubles issued in advance. It is planned to receive a visa on arrival (visa to India read more) from $1500 tours to India
Malaysia (read more) Visa to Malaysia for up to 30 days not required (a visa in Malaysia read more) from $3500 tours to Malaysia
Bali-Indonesia (read more) Visa on arrival for 30 days $25 (Visa Bali-Indonesia read more) from $3000 tours in Bali
The Dominican Republic (read more) A visa is not required. Upon arrival for $10 purchased a tourist card (instead of visa) for a period of 90 days + $20 is paid when leaving the country from $2900 tours in the Dominican Republic
Sri Lanka (read more) From 1 January 2012 the visa to Sri Lanka is not required, but it is replaced by a special electronic invitation to ETA, which is made via the Internet and costs $20 (visa to Sri Lanka read more) from $2000 tours to Sri Lanka
Cuba (read more) For up to 30 days visa is not required from $3000 tours to Cuba
Spain Requires a Schengen visa, the cost of 1400 rubles from $1500 things to do in Spain
China (Hainan) For participants in group tours (tours through tour operators) visa to Hainan for up to 15 days are required. For individual tourist visa on arrival for 15 days $30 from $2600 tours to China

* - given the minimum price for a trip for two on the actual departures in December 2012 on 29 July 2012. Prices are subject to change, please check in tour search.



Among the popular and developed areas have traditionally been Thailand, are ready to receive tourists. Despite its popularity, Thailand has not lost its exoticism, and its definitely one of the most exotic destinations from all available in the winter.

Season in Thailand lasts all year round, there is always a warm, cozy and very interesting. Moreover, most resorts of Thailand in the winter months (October to March) begins the high season. Weather at this time is most favorable, there is practically no rain, and the majority of important holidays (Christmas, new year, Thai new year Songkran) takes place in the winter.

Travel to Thailand not only for a wonderful beach holiday, but also to explore the culture and attractions of this country. About it has long been known by experienced travelers, and travelers, and organize your vacation in the land of smiles yourself. If you want to try to go to Thailand alone, with all the necessary information about it can be found in the section on Thailand.

Popular resorts in Thailand: Pattaya, Phuket, Samui.



Exotic country than Thailand and Vietnam, yet not so popular among Russians, but every year it is visited by more and more Russian tourists. For the first six months of 2012, Vietnam visited twice more tourists from Russia than in six months of 2011. It's about saying something. Of course, Vietnam is still inferior to the development of tourism infrastructure in Thailand, but captivating for its low prices and more exotic due to its low popularity.

Here you can find everything you need for a perfect holiday: great beaches under a bright sun, clear warm sea, interesting sights and entertainment. Details about holidays in Vietnam and its resorts here.

The popular resorts of Vietnam: Phan Thiet (MUI ne), Nha Trang, O. Phu Quoc island, da Nang.



In Egypt, you can relax all year round, but in summer it's too hot. But with the arrival of winter, the temperature in the resorts of Egypt, slightly lowered, making the beach and sightseeing holidays in Egypt are very attractive. The temperature of water and air in the popular resorts of Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh, even in January and February remains quite high (22-25 degrees Celsius). However, at night the temperature can drop to 10 degrees, but this is rare. If you are irresistibly drawn into the country of pharaohs and pyramids, and you do not want to experience the long 10-hour flights to Thailand, Egypt in the winter time you well be amiss. Read more about Egypt here

The popular resorts of Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Cairo.



Change Arab to Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey in the winter the arena of the United Arab Emirates. High tourist season lasts from September to may.

UAE offers tourists excellent service, great shopping, warm sea and beaches. Shopping in UAE – generally a separate issue. To local shopping centers, even if you have no money stuffed wallet, you will still go at least to museums.

However, you should be ready to fairly strict limits and high fines for violations. So, UAE is sometimes difficult to get a visa single young women; there are restrictions on the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages and Smoking; it is strictly forbidden to sunbathe Topless, etc. In the UAE you will feel in full safety and comfort, but still a little tight restrictions. But for some, it is not a problem. If for you it's not a problem, feel free to go to the Emirates. Information about holidays in UAE here.

The popular resorts of UAE: Dubai, Abu Dhabi.



India traditionally offers beautiful sandy beaches, the sun and the ocean, good service, fascinating ancient culture. But the main thing that attracts tourists to India – incredibly low prices. Don't look at enough high prices for tours, because their main cost is the cost of tickets. But the food in India, accommodation and entertainment are mere pennies. That is why India is well-loved among the backpacker youth who manage to live in India whole seasons in just a few hundred dollars.

India is considered quite acceptable for a tourist visiting all year round. However, the best season to visit accounts for the winter months. The most favorable time to visit almost all the resorts in India time is from October to March. Well, the ideal time and the peak tourist season are the months of November, December and beginning of January falling on the new year holidays.

Popular holiday destinations of India: Goa, Kerala, Calangute



Tours to Malaysia is not cheap. For a simple tour, you will have to pay from $ 3,500. However, if you are ready for independent travel, you will be able to visit the country and for much smaller money. The high cost of tours in Malaysia is determined, apparently, by the fact that it is still rare, is not popular among Russians direction. But why not use it? Study guides, collect the suitcase and go. A great stay is guaranteed.

Malaysia offers tourists everything that you could want: great beach vacation, diving, interesting excursion programs to historical attractions and eco-tourism. And of course great shopping opportunities. Because Malaysia today is a very developed country, and yet not expensive. Independent rest here easily can be arranged from $ 300 per person per week excluding flights. About how to organize their own holiday in Malaysia here.

Popular resorts in Malaysia: Langkawi, Penang island, Kuala Lumpur, Borneo island

Bali (Indonesia)


The island Paradise of Bali is ready to welcome guests all year round. Despite the fact that in the winter in Bali, the tourist flow is slightly weakened because here at this time is too hot and humid, it's still a great time to relax on the island.

Holiday in Bali combines a friendly and hospitable people, rich culture with ancient temples and enchanting dances, spectacular beaches with great surfing and diving, a well-developed tourist infrastructure. Nature on the island is very diverse and captivates with its spectacular scenery. In General – "Paradise island". However, the price of tours is quite high, due to the high cost of air travel. After all, to fly to Bali from Moscow without a transplant almost 12 hours, and during the flight you will cross the equator and enters the southern hemisphere. Read more about Bali here.

Popular resorts in Bali: Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran

Dominican Republic


In this distant Caribbean country travel for excellent service and a beach holiday. To talk about the fact that there are many cultural and historical attractions and interesting sightseeing vacation, it would not be fair, but plenty still don't have. For tourists there are offered a huge variety of attractions, eco-tourism, and the service is just the best for the money. This, of course, is not about the cost, which is very expensive due to the long and expensive flights, the service and entertainment offered by the local tourism sector. Residents of the Dominican Republic will be ready to carry you on his hands, if only you were pleased with the stay and came back to him. If you want to feel like a real gentleman and willing to pay for it is $3000, then this is the place for you.

The popular resorts of the Dominican Republic: Punta Cana, Boca Chica, La Romana

Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka for the Russians is still a super-exotic destination. Meanwhile, the country is very interesting, many attractions, unique culture and history. At the same time there are great beaches, the opportunity to go diving, organized entertainment for tourists in resort areas.

The tourist season in Sri Lanka lasts all year round. True when choosing a place to stay should be aware that in the winter months (September to January) in the North-Eastern coast of the island the rainy season, therefore, for the rest it is better to choose the South West coast. Details about Sri Lanka here.

The popular resorts of Bentota, Ahungalla, Hikkaduwa, Negombo, Weligama, Wadduwa, Wold, Colombo.



Some of our compatriots have already tasted the taste of Cuba, and return to again and again. This rich "island of freedom" never fails to please: there are plenty of attractions, great beaches, a special attitude to foreign tourists, and... low prices on all. The income of Cubans are incredibly small even in comparison with the incomes of Russian citizens, so that any tourist for Cubans is a real gentleman and a wealthy man can afford to buy everything in Cuba anything. Hence, a special, almost reverent attitude towards tourists.

Cuba will really be interesting and nice to relax, just need to find about $3000 for a ticket, because you can fly there very long and expensive. Well, the weather in the winter months there is just great.

Popular resorts: Varadero, Havana.

So, in conclusion, I want to say that this is not a complete list of places to go in the winter. The above are only the most popular beach places to stay. Do not forget that there are more ski vacation, tours of Europe, and our homeland has to offer something interesting for the winter holiday. If you know places can share them in the comments.

Author: Elenka

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AntonyS 19 April, 2019
Spain is a great option. And not even for the beach. Going to football and experience for themselves the atmosphere of the Spanish matches are invaluable) ...
Mafatar May 5, 2019
I would poehal winter there where there's sun) And sunbathing would be, the wife is the opposite of friendly ski resorts.. the eternal debate ...
mocca 6 June, 2019
This year I decided that winter to go to Greece. Long ago, me, this country attracts by its history. If someone was in the winter, tell us where the rest and the kind of company fly. ...
Strannica 11 June, 2019
In the winter you need to fly somewhere warm and you can dramatically change the situation. Turkey and Egypt - the last century. For the same money in other parts of the world, more interesting to visit.

Near Athens is the town of Arahova, but this place is more for active recreation. Last winter there vacationing with friends, like crazy. The tour took Ambotis, for the excellent organization of rest, you can thank forever. ...
Solnishka 12 June, 2019
Wow, intrigued, even in Greece wanted. Active rest we also love very much, cility on the beach or by the pool - it's not for us. ...
mocca 13 June, 2019

Thank you, interesting option. Egypt we did not consider Turkey, too, don't really want have already been there recently. Greece are serious. And what about the visa situation? Out without problems? ...
Strannica June 14, 2019

Yes, we are the tour operator just helped with this issue. 5 days have done without red tape and unnecessary bureaucracy. ...
mamasha_12 4 July, 2019
Lapland in winter is good, or the Kola Peninsula. Northern lights, polar night - quiet and peaceful. ...
nausla 5 July, 2019
Yeah! Storms, frost, snow above the belt - romance. ...
Ho4u_v_otpusk 8 July, 2019
In Cuba in the winter well) Sun, sea, white sand, rum. However, when I went to the center of the island, came under such heavy rains that even two pairs of spare clothes, we are not saved ...