Review: Botanical garden Kuala Lumpur (Botanical Garden, also Lake Gardens)

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October 2011.

In Kuala Lumpur we had planned to stay four days, and one of the days we have already decided to devote to the inspection of the Park "Botanical garden, Kuala Lumpur" (Botanical Garden, also Lake Gardens).

Our stop was at the hotel Mayview Glory Hotel, near the station of metro Kuala Lumpur, Plaza Rakyat, which is quite far from the Park. But despite this, we decided to do a serious hike to reach the Park on foot. On the way to the Park we jumped at the Merdeka square (Merdeka Square), went through the entire Park (and there are many strayed because of the ugliness of maps of the Park) and went to the southern part and then reached KL Sentral, where they boarded the monorail and successfully returned to the hotel, however with a change. All in all it took us almost all day, and we have visited most parks and museums inside. And on foot we walked at least five kilometers. Here is a huge Botanical garden of Kuala Lumpur. Move through the Park on motorcycles and cars are prohibited, so even if you come here by motorbike or taxi, you still have to cross the entire Park on foot.

Inside the Park and its outskirts is located the bird Park of Kuala Lumpur (KL Bird Park), national monument (National Monument), deer Park (Deer Park), Amphitheatre, Lake gardens (Lake Gardens), the Orchid Garden and hibiscus (Orchid & Hibiscus Garden), the police Museum, national planetarium, national mosque, national Museum, Museum of Islamic art (Islamic Art Museum), and much more.

City map, we walked through the Park, which gets most of the tourists upon arrival in the city, good for orientation around the city, but with regard to the Park, you can not find epithets acceptable for this card, except "stupid card". It absolutely does not correctly indicates the location of the attractions and even the very form of the Park. The lake Garden is generally at the other end of the Park is specified. And all this is compounded by the lack of clear guidance and maps in the Park. So count on yourself, on Google and on the compass. Google map Kuala Lumpur, indicating points of interest and metro stations here.

Already on the way to the garden is clear, as are looked after and cared for appearance. Capital as in any way:

This is just on the way to the Park
The local "gardeners" care for a dividing strip

In the Park a lot it is prohibited to pluck flowers, to light a fire, to litter, walk dog, move car and motorbike to sell from carts, and even kissing.

The plate with the prohibitions in the Park

Given that it is forbidden to trade with trucks, to find drink and food is not so easy. If very hungry, almost in the center of the Park is Hornibill Restaurant & Café where you can eat in a simulated village environment.

Except for the different parks and museums inside the Botanical garden, the Park is very beautiful. There are waterfalls, fountains, a lake with an island, beautiful plants:

You can go to the deer Park and look at the mouse deer (mouse deer). They are really very small, only the size of a mouse, but rather with the cat. There are deer normal size. The entrance, by the way, absolutely free. To find the entrance to the deer Park, you need to follow the signs to the gate with the words "Taman Rusa & Kancil". Mouse deer kept in cages, and those that are conventional in the aviary. Although the usual deer here, too, several times less than ours, but maybe just not grown up.

Mouse deer
Mouse deer
In such "normal deer" Santa Claus is definitely not going anywhere.

The entrance to the Bird Park and Orchid Garden and hibiscus is located almost in the center of the Park from the main road that runs through the entire Park and is called Jalan Perdana. But don't even try to navigate around the map in this street, all to no avail. Just stay on this main street, you'll stumble upon the inputs. Closer to them to go with the southern part of the Park, from the National mosque (National Mosque).

And judging by the warning signs "don't feed the monkeys", monkeys live in the Park, but we never saw (see how to behave with monkeys, precautions).

Information about other attractions of Kuala Lumpur can be viewed here.

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