Crimea. Leisure and tourism: Partenit, sandy, work area

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Your vacation always want to spend it in a place that remembered and pulled again to yourself. It is possible that such a place can be for you is that this is a very beautiful place at the foot of Ayu – Dag mountain on the southern shore of the Crimea.

At the foot of Bear mountain are a variety of beaches from secluded and romantic places to family, with the smallest pebbles. And paid sanatorium beaches and you will appreciate its cleanliness, coziness and organized leisure activities.

Visiting Partenit Dolphinarium and water activities, Hiking and excursions, cozy pensions and hotels are only a small part of what will make your stay unforgettable.

But what really delights in Partenitis unimaginable beauty and aroma of the shady alleys of the Park Karasan, its exotic trees: pines and cedars, and cork trees and Magnolia trees; flower-beds of fragrant and beautiful flowers ornament with Oriental carpets infused with the breath of the sea breeze.

On the right Bank of the mouth of the Alma river, not far from the Kalamitsky Bay, is located sand. It is popular among people seeking to relax with the family, and among the adherents of active rest. Offer sand for children? – Safe pebble and sandy beaches, various water rides, water from unique sources and an abundance of fruit, comfortable conditions for living.

Whether you live in the hotel or in the private sector, you can always enjoy the evening together to enjoy a walk, as the administrator of the boarding house or the owner of your apartment you'll find a nanny willing to look after your children.

And fans of active rest? Sandy offers fascinating excursions, diving and underwater hunting, fishing and a relaxing evening at the disco. Cafes and restaurants located along the coast, will delight you with not only delicious dishes, but also delicious sunset, smell the fresh breeze.

Work area – Professor's corner – located in the rear part of Alushta. If you have a desire to wander through the places where they lived, rested and worked the representatives of a domestic science, made their contribution to the study of the Crimea, of course, in Professor's corner.

This health resort has the longest in the Crimea (seven kilometers) of the concrete promenade with a great beach, interesting for the construction of the building, a water Park, is the most charming place in Alushta.

Beaches Working area have a smooth bottom, small pebbles and clean water. So there are a lot of health resorts, sanatoria, bases of rest, boarding houses and hotels with all kinds of therapeutic and recreational programs. Mountain Church like dominates on the coast. Remnants of fortifications located on top of a mountain talking about the readiness to defend the ancient city...

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