How to make money traveling

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Пляж Патонг, Пхукет You can earn in travel,
showing tricks

Many travelers are wondering how to make money on travel. We have long avoided this sensitive topic, but it's time to contribute.

Why we consider this topic sensitive? Because it is not so simple, as often seen in loud screaming articles online. Indeed, on the one hand, you can find sites, does offering to reveal the secrets of earning while traveling, you just have to buy the course. The creators of these courses using the most modern marketing methods of persuasion that promise a comfortable happy life, which will allow you to earn and travel around the world, only buy classified rate of earnings. Of course, the sites you will see many "success stories". To be honest, we (the authors) believe that these proposals in some cases outright fraud, and some just a slight deception. As is known, "Who can not earn money teaches you how to earn". Although the authors of these courses in most cases really are a clear success story, not only they earn on travel, and by selling their courses.

On the other hand, earn on travel during travel is really possible, but it needs to be, at least, upscale and sought-after expert in a certain area... well, everything in order:

Earnings in travel offline

  • Renting an apartment

    This is perhaps the easiest way to earn money while traveling, but do not themselves travel. Of course now, when the ruble fell sharply for all major currencies, no longer as before, surrender one-room apartment in Moscow and live in a big way anywhere in the world, but still this passive income really make life easier during the journey. And, of course, the inhabitants of provincial towns with low prices for rent will have to pass two or three apartments, to somehow secure the existence of trips.

    The delivery of housing in your absence can be charged to relatives, friends or realtors, of course, for the Commission. More profitable to take shelter in the short term, especially if you live in the capital or tourist destination, but worries a lot more. And don't forget that by law you have to pay taxes from rental. Read more all the issues of renting we have considered here...

  • To find a sponsor

    If you are really cool level traveler Fyodor Konyukhov, you can find a sponsor for your superpotential. But just money you no pay, because the sponsors give money for advertising. Accordingly, you first need to earn credibility and fame by his travels, and then to represent the company-sponsor. Ie you have to be ready for publicity and fame, with all the ensuing consequences, including criticism, and it's not to everyone's shoulder.

  • Part time job or a job on the spot

    Федосия You can earn money by playing music

    You can find work or part time in the journey, from working in the kitchen as a dishwasher, to tourist services. But do not count on such earnings during the journey, because the job is there, and a lot of washing dishes or floors is not to make money.

    But if you get lucky to find a well-paid permanent job, travel, most likely, have to forget. Yes, you will live far from home, perhaps even in another country, settle there permanently and will be tied to new job. And the result is not excluded that next year will start to miss and want to return home.

  • To get a profession associated with travel

    It is unlikely you are reading this article, if you have a profession that allows you to travel: pilot, translator, journalist, train conductor, flight attendant, DJ, strip-dancer, a professional athlete, Prime Minister, President, movie star, superhero, superspy : -), etc. But if you just stand before a choice, what profession to get and you have a passion for travel, you can try to master one of the above mentioned.

Earnings in the online travel and remote work

Работа в путешествии But you can also work online

Today a lot of people work around the world without being tied to a particular place in the city, even the country. Their work is completely built through the Internet, because this is the only way to perform certain types of work, while almost anywhere in the world.

But such employment requires a lot of effort, besides, you have to be an professional in a certain area. In our opinion, should be much more professional than similar work on constantly residence. We should not kid ourselves that you will be able to work for a couple of hours a week, and the money to travel wherever we want. To work remotely will have a lot of hard and constantly improve their professional level, otherwise the competitors in the profession will simply squeeze out and you will be without pay. Perhaps even you will have to start your own online business and there is no talent is not enough. Do not "fooled" on all sorts of advertised light the secrets of earning through the Internet. All of this fraud, and will earn just for you.

So, here are ways to earn while you travel and on travel online or remotely:

  • Keep your blog or travel website

    It's really working method, but will have to work a lot, and it's not to everyone under force. To maintain your site or blog, you need to master several professions:

    • Copywriter (and who will be for you to write articles?)
    • Web designer and coder (someone should do for you to design a website or blog)
    • The programmer (you can do without it, but to make a really popular website, a simple template blogging on popular CMS engines is not enough)
    • SEO-specialist (without website promotion you will not get users)
    • Photographer (need a quality interesting photos to your website)
    • Marketer (to make money on your site, you need to sell advertising on it, and do it as efficiently as possible)

    And still have to master the methods for obtaining and cashing of money via the Internet; it is possible to learn accounting, if you decide to do everything legally and not to hide from tax inspection; to learn to work in multiple programs like Photoshop, etc.; to study at least English.

    How to earn money on blog or website?

    When your website or blog will become popular and will daily to visit several thousand visitors, you can think about it "monetization", i.e. how to get from it. The ways of earning from the site:

    • Earnings on advertising.

      You simply place on your website advertising one of the advertising systems and receive income from the clicks on ads or impressions. We recommend staying on the popular advertising systems like Google Adsense and and not mess with all sorts of tasercam and banner impressions. All other advertising systems promise a fabulous income, but in fact the most effective, widespread and remain profitable Google Adsense and

      It is also possible to work directly with advertisers. They reach out to you with offers to advertise on your site when it are gaining popularity and attendance. But observe the balance in amount of advertising, because too much is too bad.

    • Affiliate system.

      This is also a great way to make money, but its yield is slightly lower earnings on advertising, especially if misused. The gist of it is that you sell on your website travel services, and receive a percentage from the sale. It seems that you can earn a lot, because affiliate programs offer a decent percentage. However, the problem is that you need to constantly experiment with the location of the block bookings, banners, etc. and look for the most effective, otherwise you'll get the same advertising space and less money than just the ad unit Adsense, for example. However, if you manage to find a good location and make a sufficient number of successful pages, the income can be very high.

      Here is the affiliate system that we work with:

      • Aviasales (aka Travelpayouts) booking of air tickets, hotels, excursions, tours, car hire etc throughout the world. This affiliate system contains many tools with tourism services by posting that on your website, blog or group in social networks you get a convenient search forms, banners, links, etc. We recommend you to use Travelpayouts not only because of the convenience, but at least for the reason that Travelpaypouts faster you reach the required minimum withdrawal amount than in each of the partner systems separately. To register Travelpayouts here
      • Airbnb – search for homes around the world. For every user signup on your link he gets a gift of money at the expense of 1300 rubles for the first trip, and you money on the bill for his trip or for the delivery of housing. To sign up to Airbnb here.
      • Sale links and articles with links. This is a work from the category of SEO, but it is necessary to be very careful as you can easily cause damage to the site and lose the flow of visitors from search engines. One of the most gainful and safe systems of earnings on the links in the articles Miralinks.
      • Selling courses and paid advice. This so-called infobusiness. We were very skeptical of this way of earning because it borders on fraud. In our opinion, today, the Internet has no secrets, and everything that is sold under the guise of secret courses and consultations is just a clever marketing ploy, bordering on deception. As an exception, except that private advice from experienced travelers, which you can use if you have really little time to search the Internet and you are ready to pay for getting answers to their questions in their native language.
    • Remote work

      If you happen to find permanent paid work remotely via the Internet, then you are lucky and can work from anywhere where there is Internet. This usually work in the field of information technology, often a programmer, coder, WEB designer, SEO specialist. But, unfortunately, the chance of getting such a job is very small, usually the employer prefers to see the worker and control it directly.

    • Freelance

      Freelancing – working for yourself is via the Internet to individual customers. Orders you receive via the Internet, often through a special exchange freelancers perform work and receive earnings. The range of work is very broad, starting from writing poetry and ending with work on major it projects. But again, you need to be a professional or paid talent in the region and earn credibility in the markets. In General, this method of earning of employees, but there is a high chance to be without orders, ie no income.

    • Copywriting

      Some travelers as part-time work writing articles for other people's online publications. You can write for both sites, and on random topics. There is a special exchange copywriting where to order or just to put a finished article for sale. You can find a direct customer. The work of a copywriter is very heavy and requires talent to write. Moreover, customers are often very picky about style and quality of writing, so you can easily stay without work.

      Here the exchange of articles, in which you can sell and buying articles:

    • Selling photos

      If you get to photograph well, you can try to sell your photos as stock photography. To sell them you can make good money, and one photo can be sold many times. Theoretically, creating a portfolio of several thousand purchased photos will be available a few hundred dollars of income each month.

      But not so simple as it seems. Photos must be stock (beautiful artwork and personal photos here will not do, needed is purchased), high quality (you will have to spend money on good an SLR camera and set of lenses, but it is not less than 3 thousand dollars), each job will have to add descriptions in English. In the end, to load each photo will have to spend at least 10-20 minutes, and not the fact that she will be tested and will then be purchased.

      If you want confident and want to try, sign up at Dreamstime or any other agencies, and start working.

Now let's summarize. I hope we have convinced you that the simple secret ways to make money in the journey does not happen. To earn you need to be a professional in any field, and even better to have talent, which will allow you to earn. The choice of way how to earn depends on you, but even in this matter it is best to proceed as a well-known popular wisdom – "do Not keep all your eggs in one basket", and learn several ways of earning both online and offline. Good luck to you!

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good day , if anyone wondering how you can travel and earn , send me a PM I will tell you more details ...
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Just intrigued, why is not write.
PS And by the way, "to earn" is money and "talk" with two "s". Well "something" is always hyphenated. Just a little worried, what are the secrets you teach, if in the same sentence so many mistakes. Let's write here the details :lol: . ...
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gregormichael December 5, 2018
Travel to travel, not to earn.
You can accept this option when doing something can your trip be done cheaper.
I spend excursions, including multi-day for up to 4 persons.
If someone will create such a group and will take part in the trip will receive a discount.
You can (and I do it with pleasure) to use with sites that offer hotels for 50% the price (discount does not give),
to buy tickets for a minimal price....
As for copywriting, for example...
Firstly this is not while traveling, and, secondly, Russia's economy is in such a difficult position that tourism is just in the paddock.
Or am I mistaken?
Well, call the tourism package tours to Egypt with Turkey and Cyprus? ...
gregormichael December 5, 2018
Regarding the state of tourism to the themes of travels on the forum a minimum of attention
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Wrong. People are quite active travelling. Not on the scale that the Europeans, but nevertheless.. ...
by admin 6 December, 2018

From there you know better, and I'm here in Russia, do not notice. ...
gregormichael Jan 12, 2019
Of course I know better.
The number of tourists from Russia decreased significantly. ...
by admin on 11 February, 2019
Prepared and added the article "How to earn to travel in the delivery of housing". It shared their experiences and compared different systems for delivery of housing in the short term -
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