How to choose the right resort?*

Winter - a time when traditionally popular holiday destinations for Russians, such as Turkey, Egypt, domestic tourism, may not please the solar and warm weather. Then comes the time to look at more distant and exotic countries. And winter has become quite traditional in other areas, the country of eternal summer and warmth: Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Cuba, Dominican Republic and others.

It's safe to say that the selection of routes in winter is greatly expanded, because in the summer all choose cheap and therefore more affordable Egypt and Turkey, and on the other not paying attention at all. Of course, there are still tour Europe, which is nice and fun to visit any time of year, but now not about it. For us, tired from a long winter of cold nights and short days, missed the sunlight and the sun caressing the skin, the ultraviolet rays are much more interesting to go to the warmth and sun of the region. And that this choice was not bad, of course it is necessary to consider all the factors that are inherent in a possible vacation spot. We are of course talking about the weather, and about visa requirements and security. Not necessary in any case to forget about the cuisine of the country in which you travel, the attitude towards Russian tourists and many and many. Why spoil a vacation with small hassles that can emotionally spoil all the most pleasant holiday experience.

The easiest way not to be mistaken with a choice, to listen to the opinions of professionals and other tourists. Better yet, consider the above to collect and verify the information yourself, and then make the decision. Often because the professionals of the tourism business, i.e. the managers of travel agencies and tour operators will tell you the direction that is for them more profitable, or, perhaps better guided by their personal perception. Two countries, no matter how similar they may seem, can be very different, even if are close by.

For example, you can take two countries in Southeast Asia, which is by the way your favorite author countries – Thailand and Vietnam. Both countries are very similar, are very close (they share only Cambodia and Laos). Both countries are superficially similar to the untrained eye people, traditional religion is Buddhism.

Most travelers and experienced tourists with humility and understanding of perceived differences and disadvantages of both countries. Tourists with claims, most of which, by the way, with all due respect "tourists a week", often very sensitive to minor flaws and troubles that manifests one or the other country. What is this subtle difference between the two countries:

Of course, tourism in Thailand is much more developed than in Vietnam. Mass tourism opened in Vietnam for the world not so long ago, although the Vietnam tourism exists for a long time. Thus, one can speak about the revival of tourism in Vietnam, lost their positions during the building of communism. Now he is developing here by leaps and bounds. There are obvious advantages to this – cheaper prices. For example, in the popular resort of Vietnam, Nha Tranghotel, you can settle for $ 10. Food in Vietnam and the movement is also much cheaper. At the same time, the people of Vietnam, apparently only freed from the command-administrative system of communism and capitalism greedily, more businesslike, enterprising and speculative. Likely to be deceived in Vietnam much more than in Thailand.

Let's look further. You are going on vacation, but don't expect all the time to lie down by the pool or sunbathing on the beach. You have the desire to explore, to travel, to learn something new. Ideal for this would be to take a rent of transport, and quietly explore the country or at least the resort surroundings on their own. In Thailand this will not have any problems. Take international law, leave passport as a Deposit, and go to meet adventures well, or God forbid the trouble. What happens if you want to do the same in Vietnam. Nothing. The most that you will be able to count on international rights in Vietnam, rent a moped or bike, and to ride on the roads under threat of being stopped by a police officer. But the fact is that international law in Vietnam do not apply. To drive trucks in Vietnam only for the rights received in Vietnam. It would seem a trifle to most tourists, but for someone this can be a big disappointment which will ruin the impression of the country for life.

So why given these simple examples. To show the importance of a nuanced approach to the elections of room for your travel or holidays, unless of course you are not "thick-skinned tourist," which satisfied the "all inclusive", the presence of booze and a beach near by where you can look at girls in bikinis. If you are "thick-skinned tourist", learn more information about estimated places of your holidays, and then make a decision. Because saved a few thousand rubles in favor of lower-cost countries are not worth your frustration and spoiled holiday.

Happy travels!

*This article is the opinion of the author, and do not claim absolute certainty

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🕒 October 12, 2018

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