How to pay and get an electronic ticket?

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How to pay for the ticket?

The most convenient and fastest way to pay for tickets using credit cards Visa, MasterCard. In some cases you can also use American Express and some other credit cards.

Confirmation of booking when paying by credit card takes place instantly. As soon as you enter personal data, credit card number and security code CVC/CVV and you will see on the screen that your payment is confirmed, you will become the owner of the electronic ticket. Even if your card immediately will not be charged for the ticket, don't worry. Sometimes the amount is just blocked on your account and can be withdrawn only after a few days, and even in parts.

No fees when paying by credit card will not be charged! Your account will be debited as much as you will see as the final amount payable for the ticket.

If you are worried about security and don't want to share the Internet data of your card, the best solution to such a situation is a virtual credit card. With its help you can buy e-ticket is exactly the same as using a normal.

In some cases (depends on the booking system) you can pay the ticket:

  • Electronic money: WebMoney, Yandex money, PayPal
  • In QIWI terminals
  • In the salons of Euroset, Svyaznoy

Information security in the payment and booking of tickets

How to get a ticket?

E-tickets are sent to the specified in the reservation e-mail (e-mail). You print out the itinerary receipt (e-ticket) and submit it at the reception of tickets.

Return flight

In order to return the ticket or change your booking, You must contact the Agency from whom You booked. Check the email Inbox You provided when completing the booking form on the website of the partner, it must be a confirmation letter with contact details of the agent.

Refund of tickets regardless of how the tickets were booked, produced in accordance with the rules of the airlines of our partners.

Fees of the Agency in case of voluntary return the client will not be returned.

Fees of the Agency in case of involuntary refund with written confirmation of the reasons for forced return, return fully.

In case of refund of tickets You need as soon as possible to inform the Agency where you bought the ticket.

If you something have not understood, or you have any problems when returning the ticket, you can contact us by email to address this issue.

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