Ten steps to buying cheap ticket

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How many have already written-paranapanema about how to buy a cheap tickets. On pages of our site already had an article: "How to buy cheap ticket", in which we reveal in detail the practice of acquiring cheap tickets. Since then it's been almost a year. The Bank of our knowledge and experience of buying cheap tickets filled with new tips that we have obtained using the presented on the website search system of tickets, and now share with you. But those who are not familiar with the experience of finding cheap airline tickets, we recommend reading both articles.

And now, ten steps to buying a cheap ticket:

  1. Plan your trip and buy tickets in advance, preferably 2-3 months or even half year. To buy tickets in advance you can sometimes almost half the price than a week or two before departure.
  2. Start planning your trip with the purchase of tickets, not the search and booking of hotels, excursions, etc. Why? See step 9.
  3. Buy tickets for special offers and sales of the airlines, and better in the low season. To track the deals on the airlines, sign up to receive special offers by email.
  4. Buy the ticket there and back. The return ticket will be much cheaper than bought and individually decorated there and back separately, even if two tickets are processed within a few minutes.
  5. Buy a ticket back/back to one airport. To fly to one airport and out of it to fly on one ticket there/back will come a lot cheaper than to buy two tickets to fly into one airport and out the next.
  6. If you are traveling as a couple, Threesome or group, just book tickets for the whole group. You may find that by purchasing one ticket at a favorable rate on this best rate ends, and the next ticket will have to purchase much more expensive than if you fly the whole group another airline without special low rates.
  7. Usually cheaper to buy the ticket for flights on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. At the end of the week, and on Monday, the tickets often cost more.
  8. When buying a ticket, use a credit card or electronic money. Purchase tickets via Internet is cheaper: now hardly anyone is buying tickets through cash. Be careful about the design of a plastic card one of the most popular payment systems: Visa or Mastercard. The most popular and common Visa. Commercial banks readily will issue you a card in addition to "payroll card" and will tie to the account. If there is no "salary card", some banks can open an account (put money on Deposit) and to get the card absolutely free.
    If you are worried about what your credit card will be someone famous, get a "virtual Visa card" at your Bank and pay for tickets with it.

  9. Try to see offers of flights for the next days, they may be much cheaper. For this we have provided on the website search of tickets includes a "calendar of low prices" (appears in search results) where you can see the lowest prices on tickets for the necessary direction for the next days. If the calendar is empty, look for and choose in the calendar the next days.
  10. Try to change the city of arrival/departure to neighboring towns. From neighboring cities can be very convenient and cheap flights. To do this, the search system we have on the website there is a service "Nearest airports" (appears in search results) where you can see the prices from/to nearby cities that you specify.

Now, if you understand everything is written, can practice in the search for tickets using the search form in the beginning of the article, or go to advanced search and reservation of tickets on our website.

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Andrey.Grigorev, 7 June, 2016
the middleman's cheaper can not be a priori! ...
Andrey.Grigorev, 7 June, 2016
the middleman's cheaper can not be a priori! ...
terco 5 July, 2016
You can still book tickets, for example, Moscow-Riga-Tallinn, and fly to Riga. In some cases, so it is cheaper than a ticket Moscow-Riga.
Or look at the calendar, price, if still to fly. Such calendars is on aviaspecials.com or aviasales.com ...
nausla Jul 17, 2016

Works if you are flying one-way. But if there and back we may run into cancellation of the ticket. ...
Sergio 18 July, 2016

Actually can be, and is quite common. Today almost all brokers work for Commission on the value of, i.e. they do not wind to the cost of the ticket and sell them for the same price as the carrier, and the amount received from the lecture of your interest. The same applies to tours and other things. The facilitator can be part of your Commission or all of it to sell a ticket cheaper. ...
frog 24 July, 2016

not only can, but often cheaper.
They are to/from the Commission is received, and to be on the first positions in search results aggregators, share part of their Commission ...
frog 24 July, 2016

not always, but often.
this is due to the fact that in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday change the IATA exchange rate .
if the ruble is growing and it is already clear that night, the cheaper the tickets, why not lower the price on Tuesday night :) ...
helga3682 24 August, 2017
Not always the best tickets, for example, when I have somewhere to be. Murphy's law :( ...
Malytka September 3, 2017

Murphy's law always exactly work. ...
SergSm 5 March, 2018
Correct to say that the sledges have summer ...