What is hostel: instructions for use

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Hostel (from the English. Hostel – hostel, also sometimes called a Dorm) is a form of tourist accommodation for budget accommodation (we can say that this kind of hotel) that provides guests on short or long term accommodation in a common room. You can talk about the hostel as a hotel with limited service.

Hostels often provide a bed in a dormitory (room) for 2 or more people (you rooming with strangers). Convenient hostels to stay a big company and take a room, but you can find hostels and 2-bed rooms, where you can quite comfortably accommodate a couple and the comfort level may correspond to a cheap hotel. Sanitary conditions can be represented toilet, and a bathtub in the room (private bathroom), or on the floor in several rooms (sared bathroom). Another option, quite rare, when the toilet and bathroom for each room individual, but is not in the room and on the floor across the hallway. Access in this case may be limited to the castle. Well, one of the most modern types of hostels – capsule, though sometimes it is marketed as a capsule hotel.

Hostels are the most economical type of tourist accommodation. Among Russian-speaking tourists and travelers accommodation in hostels is not very popular due to concerns in security, inconvenient, unsanitary. But in fact, all these fears were groundless and baseless. Just the opposite, besides this type of accommodation has some advantages. Further, all questions of stay in hostels read more...

Почти капсульный хостел Almost capsule hostel is a budget-friendly capsule hotel

The advantages of hostels

  • The main advantage is, of course, low price. This is especially true for backpackers and travelers traveling alone. In fact almost all the rooms in traditional hotels and guesthouses can accommodate up to two guests or families, single rooms very small. And guests can settle at a price three times cheaper than a hotel room, especially during a long and solitary journeys.
  • Another advantage of hostels is their atmosphere. Usually, they stop young people, experienced travelers. And it's almost always social and cheerful people, and therefore in hostels formed the atmosphere of fellowship and fun. All guests get to know each other, talk, spend the evening together, arrange the whole party. The administration of the hostels also contributes to this by creating in their establishments special area for communication and sometimes themselves involved in this.

Компания молодых людей в хостеле The situation in the hostels is often funny and almost family

Cons of hostels

There is in this type of accommodation and some discomfort that someone does not like. If any of the following bothers you, it is better to refuse such placement:

  • The door in the room with strangers whom you've never met. Often sleeping accommodation is for 8 people or more, anyone can snore, someone early in the morning the alarm rings, etc to the liking of not for everyone.
  • As a rule, in the presence of a minimum of furniture, or no none at all. All your belongings must be left in bags or backpack on the floor, or directly on the bed.
  • In most of the hostels have shared bathrooms and toilets for single sleeping room or even the whole floor. This means that you can brush your teeth, take a shower or go to the toilet will have side-by-side with other people. Of course, showers and toilets are closed, but in General about privacy will have to forget.
  • Many hostels are the minimum set of services: there is no reception, cleaning and bed linen change is not made until the time of discharge, there is no free soap and shampoo, no pool. Sometimes there is no hot water.

Комната в хостеле Unfortunately, the furniture a minimum, i.e. there is nothing at all except the bed

What services are there in hostels

Usually, you will not find a porter, maid service, no pool, Convention hall, gymnasium and other amenities to enhance comfort. Often there is not even a towel, soap and shampoo. All done to save in order to make housing more cheap. There are hostels that provide all the services as a hotel but it is rather rare.

At the same time, today almost everywhere there is free WiFi, an equipped area for eating and socializing, there is free coffee and tea across the Breakfast included in the price. Electrical outlets are in each bed. Rarely, but sometimes there are hostels with full kitchens where guests can cook with their products. Often a Laundry service for an additional fee.

Бассейн в хостеле In hostels you can meet pools

Where and how to book hostels, is it possible to look for them on the spot

Hostels you can find and book via specialized search engines, but along with the usual hotels they are present in the popular search systems for finding and booking hotels, such as:

Also many hostels available in the system accommodation booking AirBnB, and usually the prices are lower than individual housing in the short term.

As for the search of hostels in the place on arrival, this way is also the place to be, but there is one problem: to find a hostel on the site is often difficult, as the total mass placing them very much. And so arrived at the resort with the intention to find accommodation in a hostel, you may have to spend more than one hour in his quest, if only you don't know his address.

Security issues in hostels

Staying in a hostel is no more dangerous than the usual hotel, and in a sense even safer. In any self-respecting institution with clear rules that it is forbidden to bring in shared dormitory food and alcohol, have sex, make noises after a certain time, and so on. The staff is always watching the guests, and can not come to strangers.

And yet, many hostels now offered separate accommodation: sleeping rooms or even floors separately for women and even men. But as practice shows, in fact, experienced women travellers are not very concerned about this issue and without any fear choose the sleeping quarters of mixed type.

A lot of concern from inexperienced travelers arises about the safety of things, but can this account be quiet. Some hostels are large, locked boxes or safes. Where they do not exist, you can put your valuables on the front. Our experience (of the authors) shows that even without safes and lockers with the theft of the case safely, in the best sense of the word. We repeatedly left on the bed, tablets, phones, backpacks with things and left for the day, everything remained intact. However, a little foresight never hurt, so valuables and money it is better to keep away from prying eyes: lock them or take it.

Запирающиеся шкафчики в хостеле So the problem with theft
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