Opinion: "How many" and "kiss me", or my 12 days in Hoi an (Vietnam).

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Gathering in the train, I tried to find as much information and advice to help Orient yourself in a foreign country, and many of the tips were useful.

Your tips will start with this. PEOPLE LEARN ENGLISH!!! Shame on you, comrades, ashamed, when you approach the beach traders and complain that the Russian people don't speak English. And let them say "how many" instead of "how much", "kiss me" instead of "excuse me", but they are unlike the Russian saying.

So, the old part of Hoi anthat are of greatest interest, a very small three parallel streets along the river and the same perpendicular to them lane.

If the hotel at the reception will not be a city map, its a travel guide can be borrowed for free in the little gift shop Reaching Out at 103 Nguen Thai Hoc (the average street in the old town). It's a shop with fixed prices, where you will be able to look at prices so as not to be deceived in other areas. This is one of the few stores where you can pay by credit card. Also look at prices in small green Amart supermarket (after the bridge on the way to the 27 Cua Dai beach or in town 552 Hai Ba Trang), also accept payments with Visa cards. On the market if you haggle, you can get a better price than in Amart, but not by much.


Prices for foreigners traders to inflate several times. For example, tiger balm can request 7 $, then how to market and a shop with fixed prices it price about 1 $ for a small soft toy worth 3$ can request 17$. So do not buy immediately, purchase better to do, check prices in different places after a couple of days of your stay in Hoian. Pronunciation in Vietnamese specific, so you can bargain better on the calculator, they have with every seller.

On the beach at traders prices are highly inflated and they will find a bunch of reasons why they are more expensive. To get rid of them, say you are in Hoi an for several days and know the prices (this is the first question they will ask). If you need practice in English – it is not otmazyvaytes directly from those women who speak well. They will give you a lot of time talking with you on all General topics. Besides, they can ask about the life of local residents. We seemed to communicate with the vendor not bad fun on the beach.

In private shops, the market and the street vendors have to bargain, reducing the price a minimum in 2 times. If the trader tipped the price, he will run after you, offering to reduce the price. If you are not going to run – it means you priced it too low, in the next place consider this.

Apparently, the Vietnamese as Asians I respect those who traded, one woman on the market, with which we are more traded than bought, called us the best buyers and in the end, he even gave us small gifts. How should bargain once, in the future we had it from the price, which in other places would have again for a long time to bargain. The number of places in the market this kind woman Е057.


Some prices:

Tiger balm 20 thousand Dong (Vietnam currency, exchange rate)

The balm "asterisk" 20 tons packing unit 6 pieces

A small packet of tea 15 tons

Coffee 50-70 over 500 grams of a mixture of varieties is the coffee is higher quality, the price is the same for 250 grams. In Hoi an, the market is mainly sold coffee Trung Nguen I, S and a House Blend. The same Trung Nguen in packs of 250 grams is more expensive in the store Amart (he five types on the packs are the numbers from 1 to 5, №3 and №5 – a pure Arabica).

Instant coffee we only found bags. On the advice from the Internet bought Nescafe CAFÉ VIET. Actually turned out better than what is sold here. 48 T. dongs in the supermarket.

Filter for brewing coffee small 20 t, 25 t medium, large 35 t

Sweets are 20-30 t everywhere and the price they practically do not reduce (we managed to bargain for a small discount only on the market in hue).

Fruits are 20-30 t Grapefruit and pomelo you can immediately clean.

If you go to Cham island, the pagoda grandmothers can be bought for $ 1 bag tea, grown only on this island. Them you drink during the tour to the pagoda.

The Vietnamese hat is 20 tons, but was not comfortable. The town has a good selection of regular hats are of good quality. The price of $ 10, you can bargain up to 7 $.

Ordinary Chinese t-shirt cost 4 $, the bulk with the "commemorative" pictures, but there are without a pattern.

For $ 5-10 you can buy light clothing for the beach crinkled.

Swimwear sells modest quality, in some stores you can customize a swimsuit on the figure or stitch other colors, the price of the swimsuit 10$.

T-shirts are of very good quality can be bought in shops of the national company Bambou (58 and 134 on the Tran Phu street). Unfortunately, clothing that is made of bamboo fiber is confined to the two Polo shirts, more like the uniform of a waiter. Mens t-shirts all with pictures. Discounts at these stores do not give.

Quality "souvenir" t-shirts with interesting satirical stories during 140-280 t VND to buy in the first shop on the left after the Japanese bridge. Other stores are a bit more expensive.

Хойан Хойан Хойан Хойан Хойан Хойан Хойан Хойан

Labeling of clothing is conditional, so if you want to buy clothes for someone, then measure home clothes and bring a centimeter.

On the An Hoi Peninsula evening starts in the tent market. The range of merchandise. There you can get a better price.

Normal, not inlaid with stone, the chopsticks are in the shop 10 m VND for 10 pairs. For gift options sellers ask a lot more, it is better to buy at the night market on An Hoi Peninsula.

A clay flute in the shape of animals at the night market are 5 m VND.


The most expensive shops in the old town on the streets that evening is blocked for traffic motorcycles. There are traded less willingly.

Good expensive clothing store is considered YALY (47 Nguen Thai Hoc, 47 Tran Phu, 358 Nguen Duy Hieu).

Quality hosiery in store Hot Chili (67 Nguen Thai Hoc).

Sizes of clothing in most stores is not you are sewing by the standards. Manufacturer one day. The price of dresses can bargain for $ 20. You can cheat at the expense of the fabric, giving an artificial material for natural. Remember that natural silk can not be too cheap. The cheapest stores the probability of fraud is higher. To your liking I found a dress in the store LV House of Lan Vo (04 Cua Dai St.) close to the beach. In General, Hoi An – a city of beautiful dresses.

Хойан Shop LV
Хойан Actually I'm in a silk dress from LV
Хойан In the Studio
Хойан In the Studio

In Vietnam it makes sense to shop at the same places as on subsequent purchases, sellers will be more willing to reduce prices.

Bargaining is also possible in the restaurants on the beach for seafood, and that price is per 1 kg. We liked the restaurant No. 4. Tiger prawns with rice treated there in T. 100 Dong per 6-7 pieces. Once I decided to go on a recommendation from the Internet to the restaurant No. 9 and gave up there for 6 shrimp 180 T. dongs! Rice with shrimp in an inexpensive restaurant on the An Hoi Peninsula cost 50 T. Dong, but it was not a live shrimp from the aquarium, like on the beach, and four peeled frozen shrimp. In the restaurant "Cao Cao" on the way to the beach four fresh shrimp cost 70 T. Dong.

Хойан Restaurant Mei Lee
Хойан The restaurant seats Cao Cao

Particularly a lot of dishes we haven't tried. I diet ate only rice with shrimp or chicken. Friend ate dishes of national cuisine – the basis of these dishes is noodles, which placed different toppings and broth. Depending on the combination of products dish has different names. Such meals market worth 20 T. Dong (we ate at the woman across from kiosk Е057), the restaurant can cost from 40 up to 70 tons of dongs. The chicken rice is 40-50 tons of dongs on the street and 60-90 tons of dongs in the restaurant.

Quite satisfying local fast food minimality with different fillings, worth 20 T. Dong (just myself Bogetic costs 5, etc). Cooked a big bleep on the street is 10 m VND, but do not take the merchants with the scooters, they carry it for a long time and it can be corrupted (scooters boxes back ride through the streets and shouting in a loudspeaker – it's the sellers of maize). We took the same old ladies across the street from a grocery market on the corner of Tran Phu and Nguen Hue. Granny came only in the evening with a pan of corn, sold it and went. She always had fresh, still hot corn.

If you do not like spicy food, ask you not to put chili and spices. Chile in Vietnam called all kinds of peppers, so if the menu says that the dish with Chile, then most likely this refers to bell peppers. To find out, we must ask "Chile is spice?".

If you need something special not on the menu, you'll cook, it is clear to explain what you need.

For dessert we took a dish that they called "pancake". It is a small thick pancake, which can be added pieces of fruit. Usually fried in a skillet, but you can ask to bake in the oven. Is 20-30 t Dong. It is possible to ask for yoghurt. Yogurt factory the usual, but tasty and goes well with pancaka.

A lot of restaurants for every taste and budget. Expensive restaurants once seen the interior and the uniform of the staff. There are cheap for foreigners (with normal chairs) and local (with small chairs). Division, of course, conditional, you can eat in either, just in the restaurants, no local dishes of European cuisine. General advice on restaurant choices – see are where a lot of visitors.

Personally, we liked the restaurant in a historic building Moon restaurant & Lounge at the address 321 Nguen Duy Hieu, if you Wake it, be sure to climb to the second floor, its interior, like the building itself, deserves attention.

On the waterfront at the Hong Phuc restaurant II is a good view from the terrace on the second floor and the owner is fluent in English (98 Rue Bach Dang St.).

Fresh juices are 20-30 T. Dong, 5-20 tea, coffee 15-30. Coconut is 30 m VND, a 10 VND so on the street the squeeze is a very sweet juice from the cane.

Хойан Restaurant Moon restaurant & Lounge
Хойан Restaurant Moon restaurant & Lounge
Хойан Restaurant Moon restaurant & Lounge
Хойан Hong Phuc restaurant II
Хойан Hong Phuc restaurant II
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admin 2 October, 2012

But for them, a medal and she received the "Photographer" ;) ...
I 4 October, 2012
Cool! Waiting for the continuation, I hope it will... You about their experience yet silent. Like it or not all the same? ...
Elenka 5 October, 2012
Beautiful photo. Now, it too will have to go to Vietnam and visit Hoi an after your review :D . Whatever sea you like? And in which month was there, by the way? ...
I 6 October, 2012

I agree with Bluekittin. Maybe they don't speak English, but really even the old grandmother she can explain to the buyer in broken English, and Russian tourists, in most cases, generally a few words in English I do not know. And what is bad, even if you know a few words, do not try to use them, apparently believing that everyone should learn our powerful, since they brought their... well in this country. One day we went boating on the river Hoi an (pictured with aliminum), so this grandmother during the voyage to us in English so all told, even joked.
PS By the way, I also speak English almost can't yet learned to just listen yet, but I have always on hand Admin. I'm ashamed of myself too. ...
Irina October 7, 2012
Beautiful photo. I watched and remembered my trip to Vietnam. About English, I can say that Russian people know English, but are afraid to speak, afraid to make a mistake. I guess it all goes back to school. ...
Eugene October 8, 2012
Yes, everything is different, who can speak English who do not. And we have in Vietnam, so did the percentage of English-speaking not higher in Vietnam than in Russia. English babbling by those who are connected in some way with the tourism industry, they need it, and take ordinary Vietnamese, which he speaks English? Kidding? The stewards even in Vietnam Airlins two words typically linked properly in English can't.
Yes, the same number of Thais who speak English, an order of magnitude higher than English-speaking Vietnamese. And the number of waitresses in Vietnam who do not speak English is generally 99%.
Those who say really awful confused about the tenses, irregular verbs, about the pronunciation, I generally keep quiet. What we can learn? How to talk with your mistakes? Units speak well.
Anyway , English in Vietnam is not really needed, there where the mass Russian tourist is Vietnamese oriented to the Russian, in the ne already long ago taught Russian, not English, in Nha Trang the same. ...
Eugene October 8, 2012
I told the Russian language in Vietnam rocks!
About the same they speak in English! :D ...
moonsuncruasan 18 November, 2012
I was resting in the Vietnamese town of MUI ne, where we visited some great shops - Sapphire, Coffee and Tea and a mini market are Perekrestok.VN where bought ring with Topaz and set of silver for mere pennies, I was under the impression, well, minimarket usual, of course, only if the tea they have in a large assortment. ...
Eugene November 18, 2012

It is now what is it? The store is unique to Sapphire? :mrgreen:
check the sample for the sake of interest, do you think 30 percent-be at least silver there will be in this set for mere pennies?

The quality of Vietnamese gold-silver - Yes, it's great! :suicide ...
egorbrel May 5, 2016
Council - learn English for people who are traveling, this is certainly very correct.
But to say that I am ashamed of Russian , because they complain about street vendors...
From all the countries where I've been, the number of people involved in tourism and do not speak English or speak badly, in Vietnam, the biggest. Quality of service is also not the best. The kindness and hospitality? Not even worth talking about it. Here look at You and see only the opportunity to earn. In southern Vietnam and the center said that in the Northern part live bad people (in the Northern part, I have not heard). Well, if something Vietnamese suddenly do not like, i.e. if they are unable to make money, they instantly become extremely aggressive - loudly cursing, unable to spit, to sprinkle sand or dirt can ruin things. I am only talking about the resort areas. Perhaps in the agricultural regions the situation is different. ...