Where better to buy a tour at a travel Agency or a tour operator

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"Why visit the same place every time in the world there are so many unexplored corners?", - wrote Marc levy. Indeed, to indulge in travel there is no reason, especially if you know who can make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Rule Stichera reads: "Going on vacation, take twice as less stuff and twice the money". But that's where and how the most money to spend — this is the future tourist is faced at the stage of purchase of the tour package. Where to go is to contact a travel Agency or tour operator and what exactly is the difference?

To purchase turuslug, today a tourist can contact directly to the tour operator and a travel Agency. Moreover, there is no need to live in a big city and go directly to the office of the tour operator. Today to find and buy a tour easy over the Internet, and it is equally easy to do this on websites of tour operators and travel agencies websites. Prices are exactly the same. Agency even more profitable to keep prices at the level of the carrier because the market dictates the conditions. It is better to contact the Agency, because it is a kind of "filter" of tour operators and works reliably and consistently, as it is the seller of a certain tourist product and is liable to the tourist for it.

In case of conflict, the Agency is always on the side of the camper, so most tourists cheaper and more interesting to contact the Agency because it gets in his face of his defender. The operator is the producer of the product, and the Agency seller of this product. The tour operator may at some stage not to fulfil their obligations, but the claim is still going to the Agency as it has sold the tourist product and, accordingly, the Agency will stand on the side of the camper and to protect its interests in resolving the conflict.

If you come to a particular tour operator, he will offer you only the base of the hotel, which he has. It may be about a dozen hotels. If you go to the travel agent, you will be able to offer more than a hundred hotels in the same directions, because he possesses information on all operators today in the market. And if the travel Agency works not the first day on the market, he develops a large base of tour operators, and employees of such agencies know how and from whom to send tourists.

Tourist advantageous to contact the travel agent because in the event of any conflict situations, the tour operator is always easier to deny any tourist, than if the tourist will be and the Agency. After all, to abandon the Agency, which is responsible sales and well and long is the tour operator unprofitable. Accordingly, it will make concessions faster.

The more you network, the longer the Agency on the market, the more it values its name. Therefore, to address in a big network the education for tourism — it is always better than to contact some travel Agency, which is not a network. What are "network education"? It is an independent partnership of legal entities that are United by a common purpose, objective, one logo, etc.

A travel Agency can offer you to extend the limit of liability of the insurance company for life and health, and you can also insure trip cancellation in the event of unforeseen illness or more unfortunate events. You can still insure your property for the period of absence you.

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