Yeysk travel

In Kuban there is a town by the sea
With crystal turquoise wave
Where the sun with the wind constantly arguing,
Where beckons the sail in a haze of blue.

Estuary at dawn! This is a must see:
Will flash in the sun the Golden RAM!
Already the boys caught mussels,
Ready delicacy in so early!

These verses the poet Olga Tolmacheva visited the city of Yeisk, which is located at the base of Yeysk spit washed by the waters of the Azov sea(to the East of the Yeysk estuary, and from the West of Taganrog Gulf). Rest in Yeisk will bring You a lot of impressions. Will give the opportunity to improve their health and restore their spiritual strength. Yeysk really beautiful town. Perhaps no city in the South of Russia have failed so comprehensively to preserve its special historic character.The unique atmosphere of coziness and charm,goodwill and peace reigns in the city. For Yeisk is characterized by straight streets leading from the sea to the estuary and neat old houses,lush summer greenery, trees and flowers.

In the center of the city is almost completely preserved building of the late 19th and early 20th century, which gives it the unique look of the old merchant city. House similar to one another, each marked by some unique architectural element:sculpture on the facade, a monogram of owner with date of construction.Yeysk favorably with many southern cities in the strict urban simplicity. It has no main street. The center of the city, like in medieval European towns-market square.This obviously affected the European tastes of its founder, Prince M. S. Vorontsov.

A distinctive feature of the town is a combination of history and modernity,old and new, are mutually complementary.

The favorable geopolitical position: the presence of sea, air, rail, road transport and many other factors create the perfect conditions for its comprehensive development. Today Yeysk is the most popular resort of the Azov sea, the Kuban.

Due to the large number of trees and shrubs in Ejsk can be considered one of the greenest cities in the Kuban.The largest green area is a Park named after Ivan Poddubny.Here in the area of 20 hectares there are about 120 species of plants and shrubs.The Park has one of the largest collections of rides of Russia.A large number of summer cafes,fountains,and numerous shady lanes,made this the oldest Park of Kuban,with the existing 1898года a popular place of recreation for residents and visitors alike.Additionally, in Yeysk have two of the Park.This is St. Nicholas Park and Gorky Park.

Along the Gulf of Taganrog extends Primorsky Boulevard is a favorite vacation spot.The promenade offers beautiful views of the sea.

In Yeysk aquapark,Dolphinarium,aquarium.

The favorable climate,flat sloping bottom of the Gulf of Taganrog and Yeisk estuary have made this resort a favorite spot of children and adults.Especially children!Small, fast and warm sea you can swim in it, even the children could barely walk.Sea ionized air in conjunction with the steppe,creating the effect of natural inhalatorium.On the seabed there are rich deposits of hydro-carbonate-sulfate and magnesium-calcium mud that heals diseases of the heart and blood vessels,diseases of the nervous system,of the musculoskeletal system. Eysk-mud-bath seaside resort of the steppe zone of Krasnodar region.Fame to the resort,opened in the beginning of the last century , brought the mud of the Khan lake, as well as natural mineral waters by their chemical composition and curative properties are superior to the sulphur springs of Matsesta,the Hot Key.Resort area in the city is the Yeisk spit,which separates the Yeisk estuary from the Gulf of Taganrog of the Azov sea.Taganrog Bay is a little deeper.Here is the main city beach. Yeisk estuary is smaller, so the beaches on this side are considered childish.Popular beach "Kamenka".Sand from the Northern side it gradually passes to the South in the pebble.The sea here is shallow, during low tide the surface are numerous shoals,forming a large sandy "Islands". Yeysk is also called the Russian Mecca of surfers.The first Windsurfing competition took place on the basis of the Yeisk yacht club.Since then, the number of participants and fans of this spectacular sport is growing steadily.

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