Travel (travel) checks and how to use them

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Дорожные чеки или наличная валюта?

Someone now, just reading the title of this article say: "traveller's cheques are so last century! Why do they now need if all you can pay by credit card." There is some truth to that, but I'm willing to argue. I (author and website) are a supporter of using checks during the journey, at least where possible. And you also suggest. Why I think so, and about what travelers cheques and how to use them, read on.

To start what travellers cheques and how to use them

Traveller's cheques traveller's cheques are also called (eng. traveler's cheque) is a payment document that represents a monetary obligation of the Issuer to pay the designated amount in the check holder to a specific natural person whose specimen signature put on the cheque at the time of sale. To use the cheque, so cash or pay them in another state, the owner must, in the presence of the cashier or teller to put his signature on the check again. Issuers of the checks are commercial banks, credit and financial institutions, travel companies. All of this, it is the definition from Wikipedia. Other, more simple words, a traveler's check is a great replacement for cash, which you can pay almost anywhere in the world for goods and services or exchanged for the national currency.

Unfortunately, progress in the use of traveler's checks Russia bypassed, and according to current legislation in our country you can't use travellers cheques as a payment instrument (excluding Duty Free shops). In Russia, you can only buy traveler's checks or to exchange them again for money. However, this can be done not in every financial institution, and pay them anywhere else is impossible. Apparently with this, and with some difficulty buy traveler's checks in Russia is connected so low their popularity. A survey of our website visitors, conducted over two weeks showed that 27% of the tourists do not know what traveler's checks and use them only 6% of voters (total votes 265 people).

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Опрос, используете ли вы дорожные чеки

But in other countries, even very remote and exotic, to pay by check or exchange it for local currency will not be easy. Moreover, the use of checks offers several advantages compared to cash or plastic cards. And whatever skeptics say about the "last century traveler's checks", they are still relevant, beneficial and convenient.

The most common in the world of travelers cheques are American Express checks. Such checks, you will probably have to use it, if only my arguments on the use of cheques will seem convincing. Checks from other global financial institutions (CitiCorp, Visa Interpayment Thomas Cook Mastercard, etc.) to find in Russia, especially outside Moscow. Therefore, this article examines the practice of use of traveller's cheques American Express. Well, practical information about the other checks, you can easily find on the Internet.

What they are, American Express travellers cheques

Дорожный чек American Express

American Express cheques are available for several currencies: Us dollar, Euro, Pound sterling, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, South African Rand, Japanese yen, Saudi real, Chinese Renminbi and others. But in Russia is quite easy to buy cheques in us dollars or Euro, but other currencies will have to search.

Issued cheques of various denominations:

  • Us dollar: 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000;
  • EUR: 50, 100, 200 and 500.

Every check is well protected by several degrees of protection against forgery.

How to use traveler's checks?

The General procedure of using checks is that

You buy at home in the national currency or an international currency (dollars or euros), traveler's checks of any denomination and sign each check received. Keep the checks you can as long as you want. When you need to use a check (to be cashed, i.e., to change the currency or pay by cheque) you transmit a check to the cashier, while re-signing it, and thereby confirming that it is your check. And that's all!

Where and how to purchase travellers cheques?

Курс обмена дорожных чеков. Доказательство Repeatedly on pages of our forum had some discussion about the fact that traveler's checks sold in the savings Bank not the Central Bank rate and Bank rate. Our practice of buying traveler's checks shows that the sale of traveler's checks Sabrinka is the inland course, which is fully consistent with the exchange rate, as written in the article. As the sample attached a scan of the receipt on purchase of $ 500 in traveler's checks 29.02.2012 year in the savings Bank at the rate of 28.9503 fully consistent with the exchange rate. To check the exchange rate on a specified date can online.
If you have a VALID EXPERIENCE of buying traveler's checks (not consultation by telephone or cashiers), and it is contrary to our stated information, please write on this forum.

Selling traveler's cheques in Russia are engaged in authorized banks issuers. The largest of these, until recently, was a savings Bank. But 01.03.2013 of the year, Sberbank has stopped any operations with traveller's cheques. Now traveller's cheques can be purchased primarily only in major Russian cities in banks Raiffeisen Bank, Russian standard Bank, Svyaz-Bank, Masterbank, Bank of Moscow and some others.

To know where to buy travelers cheques in your city here or by calling toll-free hot line 8 800 200 222 0 and calling your city. On the phone you will get comprehensive information about the places of sale in your city, including conditions of sale.

The average Commission for buying travellers ' cheques is 0.5%, but can be carried out without commissions. And some banks charge a fixed fee in the amount of 10 USD or EUR regardless of the amount of transaction when you buy rubles. Every Bank sells cheques for its internal rate established for the sale of checks, so before you go to the Bank, call there and find out courses. By phone 8 800 200 222 0 selling rates in the Bank were not disclosed.

Don't forget to bring the documents to the Bank, better still a passport or driving license of international standard.

After receiving checks, you have to sign on each of them. Put only one signature is affixed and the second for cashing or calculation in the presence of the cashier.

Also when selling you will be given a document (receipt) confirming the purchase receipts (where specified denominations and check numbers, your data). It is recommended to keep the receipt separate from the cheques, and even better to save their scanned electronically in the mailbox, for example, so you can always access them. The data you will need to restore the checks in case of loss or theft.

How to cash or pay with travellers cheques?

For use of cheques (payment or withdrawal) you need to be in the presence of the cashier to put the second signature on a check, identical to the first. Also, just in case, you should have a documents proving the identity.

In many countries checks are calmly accepted in shops, restaurants, hotels, buying tickets etc., with the surrender of the outstanding amount of the check you will be given in local currency. But a little more profitable at first to exchange the checks for local currency in one of the offices or American Express points, receiving checks without a fee. The addresses of such points can be found here In addition to these points, you can exchange checks at competitive rates (the rate is higher than for cash) in the exchange of currencies. Almost all tourist places of the world you can find such items and quietly to exchange checks.

Of course, there are exceptions. Thus, in countries with unstable and weak private currency exchange the currency is not recommended. Better to pay from cheques (and possibly with minimal change) or foreign currency.

Advantages of travelers checks

  • Security. The first and main advantage of traveller's cheques, for which they were created is security. If it is correct to use traveler's checks, then you are absolutely not in danger of losing money. Traveler's checks are registered, and your signature and ID, which are carefully checked for payments and cashing, the check is not valid. I.e. no one can use your stolen or lost checks. Well, you can restore it in the destination, contact the nearest authorized institution, and recovery absolutely for free. This procedure is not to say that instant (takes 24 hours), but it's better than losing money.

    You can argue and say that the theft or loss of plastic card also in danger of losing money. This is true, unless your card does not fall into the hands of cyber fraudsters. In this case, your card may be locked (especially in high-risk countries) or simply refuses to work in any country. She also can use the crooks using scanners on ATMs, etc.

  • Profitability. In my opinion, the use of traveler's checks – the best way perekonvertatsii of our ruble is the national currency. When you purchase checks in Russia they are sold at a lower rate than cash (for example, 29.02.2012 I bought) and with a very small Commission (Sberbank only 0.45%, and sometimes the shares are held for the sale of cheques without Commission). During the exchange in a foreign state occurs most often at a higher rate than cash. Of course, cashing checks in a foreign country also have the Commission, but American Express offers to exchange checks without a fee to one of more than 100 000 points exchange worldwide. The location of such points are easy to find on the site Even if you don't find in the desired location of exchange cheques without a fee, they can exchange and with the Commission, because it is rarely more than 1 dollar for 1 check of any denomination. This, by the way, is connected and benefit checks to purchase a large face value: 500 and 1000 dollars.

  • To export unlimited amounts. You can take out from Russia (and Kazakhstan and Belarus) traveler's checks of any amount with no restrictions, which is very convenient, for example, when purchasing real estate, vehicles or business abroad. The only condition upon departure and entry are required to fill out a customs Declaration if You carry traveler's checks for an amount that exceeds the equivalent of 10 000 US dollars.

  • The perpetuity. If a plastic card has an expiration date, the traveler's checks, as well as cash, expire no. You will be able to use them and many years after purchase, or even inherited.

Of course, for all its advantages, travellers cheques, have not only advantages. You still have to deal with national cash currency after cashing out cheques that you can lose or which can be stolen. Also, you will have to search the Bank at home, which sells travelers checks, and take the time to purchase them. But my opinion is that the advantages of traveller's cheques surpass these inconveniences, and therefore, I recommend to use this tool perekonvertatsii and transportation of cash.

If you still have questions or concerns about using checks, you can write them in our forum (or lower on the page).

Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
admin 26 July, 2013

Without problems can buy cheques in almost any country and any foreign currency in banks. Russia is no exception: any citizen can buy checks. Just in case I will remind that now the savings Bank stopped selling the cheques they need to buy only from other banks. ...
9 September, 2013
from 1st August 2013. sale of traveller's cheques of American Express in Russia terminated....alas... ...
admin 9 September, 2013

I already know the problem :( :( :( :( . What kind of country we have, 19th century :roll:. The reason for the termination of sales is low demand. And how can he be high if they are just impossible to buy. Used to somehow the BEAC can be beneficial to buy, however I had to order them in advance, and large checks did not exist. And as the savings stopped sales of the like have no place at all was at a reasonable price to purchase. ...
Adaund 17 October, 2013

what does it mean? What are the implications of that are so "bad"? Explain, please, very interesting ...
admin October 17, 2013

As well, what is the consequence? Now they are not even in Russia to buy. ...
Kira777 30 August, 2017
Don'T know about others, but I have most of the money on the card. Beach valuables and money do not take. For all the negativity was not. ...
nausla 31 August, 2017

About the beach a little weird, not everywhere there are lockers.
I take Himachal from the smartphone on the neck where I put my money.
Also, try to leave at least one guard from the things. ...
kamneedoff 21 April, 2018
If going to the beach not one, not see a problem. If one, in the package (if you swim)...)) If just to sunbathe, then the problem of preservation, too, disappears... ...
Eric December 3, 2018
tell me please I have inherited travellers cheques American Express 200€ where I can change and what documents are needed if there is one signature ...
admin 3 December, 2018

Well, in Russia most likely anywhere else because we have more checks the entrance for many years. Therefore try to cash them abroad. If they can't, give to relatives/acquaintances who go, maybe they'll try it. Theoretically, nothing but a passport to exchange them is not necessary, but about the signature of course the question may arise that in the passport and on the receipt signatures are different. Try your best formal question to American Express to write There is also a contact form and email. ...

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