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Типичные каучсёрферы
Apparently, the typical kauchserferov in the Russian hinterland :-)
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If you still don't know what is couchsurfing and are a economical traveler, it is all below for you.

Couchsurfing or couchsurfing (Couchsurfing) can be translated to English as "journey to the sofas." This is the meaning which was embedded in the term its inventor, Casey Fenton.

But we're not here to tell you about the inspirational idea and the history of the emergence of couchsurfing (more about this on the Internet and so plenty of information), and will introduce you to what this is, couchsurfing, and look at some practical aspects.

Couchsurfing is a relatively new way to travel (the idea originated in 2000, and earned in 2004), and is primarily intended for budget travelers. The gist of it is that while traveling you save on accommodation in hotels or guesthouses, due to the fact that stay at home same as you people who are ready to provide you with the couch at home. The couch, of course, here the condition is not mandatory, it is understood a roof over your head in any form. The provision of housing for you implies that you can also provide your home with those who travel independently and economically. Plus, associates who provide housing are usually happy to conduct tours, introduced to the sights, and just be good company, if they have time.

The possibility of couchsurfing appeared thanks to the existence of the Internet was realized in the Internet project All community kauchserferov lives on this website. Though there are other clones of this idea –,, - the main place is still

In order to start communicating on the site, you will need to register and fill out a questionnaire. Even in the Russian-speaking interface of the website to fill in all should be in English. In order to begin to fully use the service, you will have to actively communicate and to offer their homes. It is unlikely that someone will offer to live at home, if you do not offer anything to anyone.

If you got it, you agreed with someone about the accommodation and have already gathered in the road, don't forget to take care and bring good-natured host a present, such as Souvenirs from your country.

Do not forget about safety: no matter whether you are host or guest. Basic security measures never hurt anyone. Unfortunately, there were cases of theft, rape and murder attempt in the community kauchserferov, or rather the alleged kauchserferov. It is, in fact, the social network, and stand for a photo on the website anyone can. Feel free to conduct due diligence and don't be afraid to offend the host or guest simple procedure of verification of documents (make a copy or rewrite the data). Maybe someone on this and get offended, but if a person has no bad intentions, offense in General. Still, before giving consent to receive the guest, read the reviews about it, wrote someone about something negative.

On the website there is a system of verification of the user (paid), but it is not mandatory. Yes, and that person confirmed their data, not protects from evil intentions.

Despite these extremely rare case of trouble, were successfully used by a huge number of travelers from students to businessmen, and were quite pleased. You can also try to at the very least register on the site.

Good luck to you "exchanges sofas"!

🕒 November 23, 2018

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