What is e-ticket?

E-tickets have long been used in air transport worldwide, first appeared in 1996. Russia, though much too late with the introduction of electronic tickets (introduced by order of Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation dated 08.11.2006 No. 134 "About establishment of forms of electronic passenger ticket and the baggage receipt in civil aviation" and "legalized" the Federal law No. 314-FZ "ON INTRODUCING amendments TO ARTICLE 105 of the AIR CODE of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION" in 2007), but now uses e-tickets at full strength.

What is e-ticket?

Electronic ticket or e-ticket is an electronic document that certifies the contract of carriage between the passenger and the airline. Unlike a paper ticket, e-ticket is a digital record in the airline's database (Wikipedia).

Electronic ticket (e-ticket) to date, the most widespread and convenient form of shipping documents. Purchase an e-ticket guarantees the same rights and opportunities for the passenger that it has the usual ticket on the form.

Thanks to the technology of electronic tickets process of buying a ticket much simpler and improved reduced costs when selling tickets (as a consequence of the cost reduction and the absence of the Commission of the seller), the purchase procedure has become more mobile and comfortable. But the most important advantage for the modern world is that there is the possibility of buying tickets via the Internet from the comfort of home or even while on the go from a mobile device connected to the Internet. In this case, the confirmation of ticket purchase is entry into a single database and "itinerary receipt" of an electronic ticket (itinerary receipt), which you will receive via e-mail or simply will be able to print on the website when purchasing.

To purchase an electronic ticket to anywhere in the world, you can "the Planet" in the section "Tickets".

But this does not mean that the acquisition of tickets was possible only with the help of the Internet. Likewise, you can buy an electronic ticket at the ticket office or travel Agency (tickets packages are now almost always electronic) and get your hands on the printed "itinerary receipt". In some cases, for the acquisition of the electronic ticket through the Fund to the cost of the ticket sellers will add some Commission: it is necessary to pay salaries to sellers and their head :-).

What is the itinerary receipt e-ticket?

The itinerary receipt (itinerary receipt) issued to you upon purchase of the electronic ticket and contains all the necessary passenger information about the flight. Itinerary receipt is often sent by email, printed directly from the booking site, and if necessary (for financial statements) may be sent by mail or can be obtained in the office.

In fact, the itinerary receipt is only printed on a piece of paper without any stamps and signatures, and only serves to simplify identification of the passenger at check-in. The real proof for identification of a passenger at the airport and during the flight are the passport data are entered into the database at the time of purchase of the ticket together with other data about the flight. Check you can do without the "itinerary / receipt", just in case you may to search long for passport data in the list of passengers of future flight.

The itinerary receipt is fading, and some airlines have already refused from them, replacing them with newer technologies, such as self check-in via mobile phone, web check-in, or by entering a reservation code at the check-in-registration.

How can I pay for the ticket?

E-ticket can be booked in advance, payment is made in any convenient for the passenger way — in cash or by Bank transfer. Immediately after payment the customer receives an email itinerary receipt with detailed information about the flight.

Most popular, best and fastest way to pay for airline tickets on the Internet is plastic card, most often it is plastic cards of the system Visa or Mastercard, which produce almost all Russian banks. When you withdraw funds from a plastic card log on Visa and Mastercard from the account written off is the amount you will see on the screen as the amount to be paid. No fees when paying by credit card online you will not be deducted! If you are worried about security and don't want that information on your card has become known to third parties, you can get yourself a virtual card and pay for her ticket just like normal.

Less convenient payment methods, sometimes including the Commission in favor of the payment system are: payment terminals, salons of "Euroset" and "Svyaznoy".

Some reservation system is available for the purchase of tickets by electronic money WebMoney and Yandexmoney, but it's still a rarity.

How to answer to accounting for the purchased electronic ticket?

E-tickets officially "legalized" and are required to take any accounting in providing the required documents. According to the letter of the RF Ministry of Finance dated 17.07.2007, No. 03-03-06/4/99 such documents are:

  • itinerary receipt electronic ticket (even a simple printout of the itinerary / receipt without the seals and signatures obtained and printed email);
  • original boarding passes;
  • receipt or other document confirming made payment of transportation, issued on the approved form of the strict reporting. Other documents there may be a Bank statement when paying by credit card, cheque payment terminal.

If you lose the original boarding pass, it will be possible to request the carrier or the seller the itinerary on the letterhead of the strict reporting or duplicate boarding passes, but for an additional fee.

How to return or exchange an electronic ticket?

The purchaser of the electronic ticket has exactly the same rights as the purchaser of a paper ticket. Return or exchange an electronic ticket is produced by the same rules as refund or exchange paper ticket, in accordance with the terms of the fare on which he was discharged.

For a refund or exchange you must contact the Agency that issued the ticket that you want to return or exchange.

Remember that many of the cheapest fares with restrictions provide for the return or replacement of the ticket with fines only (i.e., does not return the full amount). And it is not dependent on electronic or paper ticket you purchased.

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