What to do if lost/stolen passport abroad?

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Among the many major troubles that may happen to a tourist or a traveler abroad, the case of loss of passport. Why is this a big problem, it will be clear later. Will try to make out what to do in this case:

In case of loss of passport scheme, theoretically, is quite simple: you go to the police with a statement that you have a stolen or lost passport, the police you will receive a certificate and treat her to the nearest Embassy (Consulate) of the Russian Federation in the host country, where they confirm your identity (that it is you, with your name and date of birth), and receive a certificate (certificate of return), which can return home. For the issuance of a certificate of return you will have to pay the visa fee, the value of which varies depending on the country (from 20 to 100 USD).

This procedure is set out in applicable Russian legislation, namely, Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1142 of 1 October 1998 "On the implementation of certain provisions of the Federal law "On procedure of exit from the Russian Federation and entry into the Russian Federation". According to the established order you have when applying to the Embassy to submit the following:

  • document (Protocol, certificate, etc.) issued by the competent authority of the host country (e.g., local police, law enforcement), confirming the fact of loss of the passport;
  • the application form (the application form issued in the Russian foreign office);
  • two pictures;
  • documents identifying personality of the applicant, to determine his place of stay or residence on the territory of the Russian Federation (for example, military ID, driver's license, etc.) or a duly certified written statements at least two citizens of the Russian Federation certifying the identity of the applicant.

In practice, especially at the confluence of adverse circumstances, this simple procedure can greatly be complicated and delayed. Besides the Embassy staff, only officials, and to help you they will only within its working time and the desktop, which they probably won't even stand up for you. So count on comprehensive assistance from the Embassy is not necessary.

So, first things first you should contact the police, file a report and get help. As stated in the aforementioned decree, you must provide the Embassy with "document (Protocol, certificate, etc.) issued by the competent authority of the host country (e.g., local police, law enforcement), confirming the loss of passport". Don't calculate that in police, you will talk in Russian or even English (it is better to seek the help of a guide or interpreter), and you'll give that same help, that will satisfy the Embassy. The police of each state understands the absurd requirement on issuance of a certificate of loss of passport. In some situations you have to lie and curl, what you have stolen passport, to get the coveted document. Unfortunately, the absurdity of the Russian legislation and the power of our bureaucracy extends far beyond the borders of our Motherland :-(.

Your next problem will be the need to get to the nearest Embassy (Consulate). Most embassies are located in capitals, and it is good if you are staying in the capital or near it, and yet you have on hand the address and phone number of the Embassy. Even more you are lucky if you are in the popular tourist resort where there is Russian Consulate, well, or at least the office of the honorary Consul of Russia. If not, then you have to get to the capital. On the flight to the capital you have is not likely to be put on a train too. So you will have to travel either by bus or by car. And the Embassy doesn't care where you're stuck there: "That's your problem, will tell you - at least get on the sleigh."

Finally, when you got to the Embassy with the help of police and two photographs, you have some way to prove that you're the one who called. This procedure is formally not registered anywhere (at least not known to us) or is a military secret, so how to prove it depends entirely on the consular officer that you will prove. Ideally, you should provide a Russian passport. If not a Russian passport, you can try any other document with your details and photo (driver's license, student ID, hunting license, military ID, etc.). If the submitted documents do not satisfy, you will have to find two or more witnesses (citizens of Russia with documents) who can confirm your identity. They must confirm that they know your name, address, and even know you almost since kindergarten, not to say that they met you last night at the bar, and before that did not even know. If no original documents, you can try to confirm with the help of witnesses and copies of documents (please bring copies with you and store the scan to e-mailbox). If there are no witnesses and copies not accepted, then get in touch with family at home, and let them send you the Russian passport or other documents.

When all document will be provided, your identity is verified and the visa fee paid, on production of evidence of the return will go from 10 minutes to several hours depending on the quickness of the consular officials.

And now some information about the certificate:

  • The certificate is issued for 15 days, i.e. for 15 days you will be able to stay in the country.
  • Upon arrival in Russia must within three days to surrender the certificate marks the border checkpoint (placed at the border crossing) to the organization which has been issued the lost passport (foreign or FMS).
  • The certificate is valid for 10 days from the moment of crossing the border and can be used as proof of identity for this period.

Good luck with travels and never to get into a bad situation!

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