The World Cup FIFA 2018 FIFA: game schedule, the price forecast for hotels and tickets

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One of the most anticipated events in Russia in 2018 will be the world Cup FIFA-2018. Even such an important political event as election of the President of the Russian Federation in 2018, lies in the shadow of the world Cup preparations.

The cities where will take place games, are working hard in organizing this international event: finishes construction of stadiums, new hotels are opening, being completed a road junction. For example, in Samara even built a new airport terminal specifically for the tournament. It is now known to all the participants and the schedule in 11 cities of the Russian Federation.


Today fans snap up tickets and book hotels. According to some projections, the prices of the tickets can go up to 50%, and rooms in hotels in the host cities of the games can go up 3-5 times. We can already see that the prices of the tickets for almost all destinations in Russia for June and July is above 30%, and will continue to grow, the less they remain.

To check, compare prices and book hotels and tickets to FIFA for the 2018, you can now:

So, here is the schedule of games for the host cities of the championship, and forecasts the cost of accommodation:

  • Moscow

    Date of championship: from 14 June to 15 July 2018 (semifinal, final)

    Prices for accommodation in Moscow, surprisingly, are among the lowest among all cities, and will be held there and the most interesting games, including the finals. At this time, the cost of accommodation in the hostels will start from 300 rubles., hotels from 4900 rubles.

    ФИФА-2018, расписание игр в Москве
  • Saint Petersburg

    Date of championship: from 15 June to 14 July 2018 (semi-final)

    The cost of living in the hostels are from 400 rubles, the hotel room is from 2800 rubles.

    ФИФА-2018, расписание игр в Санкт-Петербурге
  • Kazan

    Date of championship: from June 16 to July 6, 2018 (1/4 final)

    bed in a hostel from 350 hotels from 3700 rubles. Rooms there are already very few, you should hurry.

    ФИФА-2018, расписание игр в Казани
  • Nizhny Novgorod

    Date of championship: from June 18 to July 6, 2018 (1/4 final)

    In Nizhny Novgorod tourists are willing to accept the 448 objects. The cost of the hostel from 450 rubles, hotels from 7600!!! Seats have very little.

    ФИФА-2018, расписание игр в Нижнем Новгороде
  • Samara

    Date of championship: from 17 June to 7 July 2018 (1/4 final)

    Night in the hostel from 400 rubles, a mid-level hotels from 2300 rubles. There were no more places d chain hotels. Alternatively, you can stay in Togliatti, where the trainings will take place one of the teams, and drive the game in Samara.

    ФИФА-2018, расписание игр в Самаре
  • Sochi

    Date of championship: from 15 June to 7 July 2018 (1/4 final)

    One of the most enjoyable for the championship of the city, because near the sea, beaches and mountains!!! Prices for hostels of 300 rubles, a city of 7,000 rubles. Dates, prices not change too much, but still better to book in advance.

    ФИФА-2018, расписание игр в Сочи
  • Rostov-on-don.

    Date of championship: c 17 June to 2 July 2018 (1/8 final)

    Hostels traditionally for 300 rubles, cheap hotels from 2300 rubles.

    ФИФА-2018, расписание игр в Ростове-на-Дону
  • Kaliningrad

    Date of championship: c 16 June and 28 June 2018 (group stage)

    Prices in the days of the games unrealistically high, it is already night in the hostel on the day of England's game against Belgium on June 28 is 18 thousand rubles!!! On the other days of the championship the prices are 10 times lower, but still significantly higher than in the rest of the year. Alternatively, you can stay in the Amber city for 2 900 rubles, and drive by bus or taxi.

    ФИФА-2018, расписание игр в Калининграде
  • Saransk

    Date of championship: c 16 June and 28 June 2018 (group stage)

    In Saransk accommodation facilities is very small, so the rooms available for the dates of the games are already gone. Alternatively, you can stay in Arzamas for 900 rubles (two hours one way) or Penza (options from 700 rubles and two hours).

    ФИФА-2018, расписание игр в Саранске
  • Ekaterinburg

    Date of championship: from 15 June to 27 June 2018 (group stage)

    In Yekaterinburg still have boxed versions embed with the price of a few thousand per night, but the bulk of proposals with a price tag of 10 000 rubles/night and above. Alternatively, you can stay in Nizhny Tagil, and ride to the games on a high-speed train (1 hour 49 min, 260 rubles).

    ФИФА-2018, расписание игр в Екатеринбурге
  • Volgograd

    Date of championship: c June 18 to June 28, 2018 (group stage)

    For the match England in Volgograd left piece accommodation cheaper than 3,000 rubles per night, the rest of the hotels and apartments are much more expensive. The other days of the championship rooms.

    ФИФА-2018, расписание игр в Волгограде
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