Review of the killing Fields in Cambodia (Phnom Penh)

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Our trip to Phnom Penh in Cambodia was very short. We went here just to extend your stay in Vietnam without a visa. If someone does not know, in Vietnam , the Russians could quietly enter without a visa, getting on the border of the stamp for 15 days, and then again to go and get a new stamp. Of course, the option of obtaining a visa much easier, don't have anywhere to go and give its citizens for free, but I wanted at least a couple of days to look into Cambodia, which we did.

In General, to Phnom Penh we got out of Saigon with a two-day tour of the Mekong Delta in one direction. Ie, we was driven to the Mekong Delta for two days, and the third was brought to Phnom Penh and left there. Gets back as you want :-). Well, actually, all the plans, do not think that we are so screwed. For this tour, by the way, we paid less than $ 80 for two, with two nights in hotels and the Breakfast was included in the price.

In one of the two days in Phnom Penh we decided to hit the road to the famous killing fields, near Phnom Penh. In English they are known as the "killing fields" and the Khmer - "Choeung Ek". For those who do not is what it is – "the killing fields", first a bit of history:

In fact, in Cambodia, a lot of places called killing fields. The so-called places, which during the reign of Salor SATA, known to the world as Pol Pot, and buried their victims, headed by the Khmer Rouge. For three and a half years (1975-1979) they were destroyed about one and a half million Cambodians. Although the word "buried" is not true: the victims simply buried in huge pits. The Pol pot, it seems, carefully concealed places of these graves as they were discovered much later. Destroyed people the most savage and brutal ways were killed with hoes, axes, sticks, simply died of starvation. Now say that you used such guns to save ammo. And I think that the torturers just got a taste of what to kill the victim with a bullet, they were not enough.

The most famous of the killing fields in Cambodia - killing fields "Choeung Ek" near Phnom Penh , where we went. The whole history of these fields is strongly associated with death: once upon a time their place was a Chinese cemetery. Then came Pol pot and filled their nameless corpses. Here is a sad place.

So, for our trip, actually. From the Internet we knew that to get to the killing fields can only be by taxi, because public transport in Phnom Penh is not at all. Anyway, they are located quite far from the city, 30 minutes to go.

We caught a taxi at the walls of the Royal Palace. They are constantly staffed and simply do not give a pass to tourists. So "caught" is a taxi driver us, not us him.

Узнать, как купить тур в кредит
Вот тут водятся таксисты в Пномпене Here there are taxi drivers in Phnom Penh

Well, and taxis are certainly not the same as you might think. It's a motorcycle with a sidecar, something like tuk-tuk. Here it is in pictures:

Поездка в пномпеньском такси Trip to Phnom Penh taxi

Agreed with driver that for $ 8 he will take us to the killing fields, there to wait until we look around, and take you back. I think it's a great price for such a trip, although bargaining began with $ 18.

По дороге на поля смерти On the way to the killing fields

Immediately upon arrival the driver showed us where we go and where we will have to wait, along the way, carefully driving away from us, begging children who were surrounded by a dense pack of regular tourists. At the entrance we paid five dollars. The Museum is listed on the entry was from 8:00 to 17:00.

Вот мы и в музее Here we are in the Museum

In General, to tell what are the fields of death, and there is nothing special. There are very simple. The history of the field much more impressive than the Museum itself. The entire Museum field is small, we all walked the perimeter in about 15 minutes. In these pits on the fields was of burial:

Захоронения Burial

And here are exhibited the remains (bones)...

Кости Bones

and clothes of the exhumed victims:

Одежда Clothing

This "Magic tree". As the inscription on the plate of this tree hung the speaker and played loud music throughout the neighborhood, to drown out the screams destroy people.

Волшебное дерево Magic tree

On the territory of the fields is the Museum building. In a small room exposed photos, murder weapons, remains, and documents. There is to stay and more to see. Photographing inside the Museum is prohibited, but we did sneak a few photos.

Внутри музея Inside the Museum

There, in the Museum building, you can watch a short documentary. The session begins approximately every half hour. The film, of course, English. Not to say that everything is shown very objectively, most of the movie-fun for escalating the situation (I had the impression), but twenty minutes of watching to pay costs.

The main symbol of the Museum - a Buddhist stupa that contains the remains of 5,000 people. At least it's written everywhere that there is 5000, but it seemed to me that it is not so a lot of them there. In a mortar, you can go and look at the remains very close.

Ступа на полях смерти Stupa at the killing fields
Останки в ступе The remains in the stupa

On a visit to the killing fields took us an hour and a half. If you ask me, is it worth to visit this place, say: "Definitely worth it". Just do not expect this place too much, it's not Disneyland. It is important to place the story, though dark, and you should not leave offended that this attraction was not as interesting as you expected.

PS If anyone is interested in the theme of the killing fields and the history of the war in Cambodia, be sure to advise you to watch the film "the killing Fields" (The Kiling Fields). I only watched it after visiting the fields, and very regret not to. If you learn about the history of these places before you visit them, they will appear before you in a very different form. Even better to visit the killing fields after the prison visit-the genocide Museum "Tuol Sleng" (Tuol sleng).

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