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Today, tourists and travellers are offered a huge number of various search engines and booking tickets. Virtually all of them produce the same prices because their suppliers are the same sellers (directly to the airline and a special international system sales). The difference occurs only at the convenience of the search, because of complex and confusing interface, and cluttered with lots of buttons, switches, and forms, each of which have to be filled in every time you buy another ticket, very easy to miss really attractive fares and convenient flights.

Some of the most advanced and user-friendly interfaces for quickly buying tickets offers Russian search engine Aviasales. The interface of this search is fast and intuitive, and has recently become even more convenient, you can check it by using the search box above. Aviasales presented a video presentation of improvements to its search that now allows you to quickly find not only tickets, but to buy them. Watch the video:

In addition, new features in search, but it does not prevent and does not slow down:

  1. Search wherever you go. If you want to travel, but don't know where you can fly from your airport in the destination drive "anywhere", and the result will display all the flight options from your city. So convenient to plan a spontaneous trip, if you unexpectedly have some free time.
  2. There is information about baggage. For experienced travelers it is no secret that the cheapest fares are offered for flights with no Luggage and only include hand Luggage. In such cases, it is easy to make , and then to fix it, you will have to pay much more. Aviasales first presented in the search results, this information, and you can now quickly select the desired rate, and not to make a mistake.
  3. Fast clearance. Now it is possible the fast execution of some of the tickets directly on the website Aviasales. While it's Aeroflot and suggestions from world seller but in the future there will be others. What gives? Once entering all your data, you no longer have to be re-entered in the subsequent purchase: the system will remember them, and in the future will automatically fill in the required fields for registration.

And finally, another convenient feature of search engine – search by top 100 destinations from your airport or any other place. Click on this link - https://top100.aviasales.ruto see the list of tickets prices from your nearest airport, but if you want you can ask and other places of departure.

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gregormichael 19 November, 2019
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Skyler 21 November, 2019

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spartacs 21 November, 2019
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