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.....This was our first trip "savage".....

Now we're home, behind a 20 days of rest, 31500 km, 9 flights and 6 countries (including transit Holland and France).

Write a review overall as you travel, and place it to the 4-eating countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and Indonesia - in that order), so that each country will be allocated separately in the General text. I also want to say that this review is largely about organized trip than on each country separately.

Well, there you go.......

Took tickets for KLM from St. PETERSBURG via Amsterdam to Singapore and back (about 50 thousand rubles for two), but then something changed, the airline and the return ticket we were offered to change to French airlines with flights sing-Paris-St. Petersburg. Changed at no additional cost.....

Flights From SPB to Singapore is 17 hours, including 2 hours of docking in Amsterdam. Thought on arrival at sing die out, as, not extinct:-))) After arrival in the city "dreams of a Communist childhood", despite the number of hours on the road (to 17 need to add more time at the airport SPB airport Synge), we happily showered, cleaned, dressed, and went to explore the local haunts of Vice:-)))

In order:

The flights of foreign airlines, even no matter what, definitely is not any comparison with our "Charter"!!!!!!!!!! Knees are not rested in the front seat, if you want to drink, come on up and take it, want the juice, you want, however, only by request will bring, but ice cream night is at the bar for drinks for everyone (and most of the country, even to this ice cream spoons are next!!! Is that possible in Russia???!!!)

Now SINGAPORE. (20.11.09 – 23.11.09)

The hotel Robertson Quay Hotel 3*. (more$ 85 a night with Breakfast, if you can call them that)

Visa for Russians – free on arrival (approx. editor: this refers to a transit visa to stay in Singapore for a period of 96 hours), the checkpoint at the airport, assuming you fly (that's fly on a plane) to a 3rd country (not back to the same place of profit) within 96 hours after arrival. At the checkpoint you will be asked to present a plane ticket for a future departure from the country. If you do not have "exit" from sing a ticket or departure time exceeds 96 hours, you probably won't even be put on a plane from the place of departure (also ask to show the ticket on departure).


I don't really understand how it differs from the Guesthouse.....

A room the size of a bed, bathroom....correction, - bathroom.....the size of a toilet.....1,0x1,5 m, however, on the roof of the 3rd floor has a swimming pool (see photo) and are fed Breakfast: egg, sausage and beans out of cans....But no question, if you go to sing just for a few days and only for inspection, that is all you can worry, just be sure to bring all toiletries and towels, especially if you are very squeamish... :-(((

.....However the room has a kettle and tea, coffee, cream and sugar every day report.

The hotel has only 1 advantage: the hotel is very poorly located, next to 2 MRT stations (Clarke Quay and Chaina Town) and the city center almost around the corner....

But in the end, we didn't go in the hotel to sit...


Refined, self-satisfied, self-sufficient, conceited, refined language, and insanely expensive city, not like Asia!!!!!!! I would say that it is the most European Europe, if not pay attention to a large number of Asian people.....Well, you just no one particular would pay attention!!!

All sing very well speaks English (apart from a very strong local accent).

Moving around Singapore by metro. Very convenient. Sometimes had from subway to get to something in a taxi, but taxis always and everywhere – it's very expensive, prices are higher than us. On the bus once wanted several stops to drive, but it did not, because in order to get on the bus, you must first purchase a single pass, which is only sold in the subway.....In General, we did not bathe.....

I read a lot of rave reviews about the sing, I can't say that visiting it "was glad to the pig squeal". Yes, everything is quite unusual, first that of life on earth - almost there, what we were very surprised on arrival.....Then we realized that life is the Central of Singa boils under the ground at 2 - 3 levels, and many levels above the ground.


They do not recognize any other money except their or credit cards......Singapore dollar = where 0.7 from $ us. The best exchange rate in the airport, or to change on arrival, or use the credit card...

The price tag:

To eat for two, if it's not Chinese food in Chinatown – a minimum of$ 50 and above...If with alcohol, it all depends on the number of drunk..... The beer 0,33 in restaurants - anywhere from 8$ in the store - from $ 100 (for our money) tin 0.5 l Heinekken.... Saw in shop vodka Smirnoff, stunned, bottle 0.7 l - about 1500 rubles. these are the prices...

Attraction tickets - well not Asian prices!!!!!!!! From 15 to 30$ per person, depending on the attraction.

However, flew all this way - walk to the full!!!!! Well we walked.....

Dedicated 1 day from morning to night, Sentosa island, a good artificial beach and various attractions, very nice aquarium, EXCELLENT water-lasino-fire show!!!!!!!!!! The beginning 2 times a night, somewhere at 19-00 and 20-00. Worth a look definitely, effects made at the highest level!!!

It is interesting to visit the cinema 4D unusual.

And just to walk around the island is nice...

Yes, the cable car to the island somehow does not work, say temporarily for repairs. How long is "temporarily" at the time, no one knows...

Ideally not to take the Sentosa bus tour.visits, and to go on the monorail, which departs from towers shopping center (metro station NE1 - HarbourFront), and Sentosa to relax at your leisure. Back You get back on the monorail (free).

Visit the Ferris wheel (Flyer ) – very beautiful views of Singapore!!!!!!

It is interesting to ride on a boat-car (an old military water vehicle(Dack-tour), which first travels through the city, and then floating on the river. It is better to take the duck-car complete with a Ferris wheel, turns out a decent discount.

Great bird Park and the zoo!!!!

On arrival at Singapore airport and take in the various free maps of the city (in Russian, no, English), then you will be able to navigate in the Central sing without problems. And here is a map of the whole Singapore we do or where not found...

MALAYSIA. KUALA LUMPUR. (23.11.09 – 25.11.09)

Hotel Concord Inn Kuala Lumpur Internetional Airport 3* (USD 70-80 per night, can't remember exactly, with Breakfast).

The city, which I fell in love!!!!!!! Incomparable cleanliness (or rather lack thereof) with Singh, however, one of his twin towers (Petronas) are worth!!!!!!!! Incredible!!!!

Knowing English at the primary level, you can always explain.

A visa free of charge put at the airport, taking up 2 pages in the passport......

Flying to Kuala Lumpur "mokotowskie" airlines AirAsia, flights were worth two 1450R. With our "Locosto" don't compare!!!! It is clear that without food and without water (it is possible for an additional fee, order) + paid Luggage, BUT you need to pay only the Luggage which is checked, and the one that you take with you on the plane, you no one will ask..... The first 15 kg baggage per person – 6$, and after that weight for 6$ per kilo.

Flew in to KL late, and to fly we had a day early in the morning, so we didn't make hotel reservations in the city and chose the hotel at the airport. Then we realized that the choice we made is correct:

First, a very decent hotel, has a pool (though we never bathed, had no time).

The room full set of all tools for shower + disposable toothbrushes with toothpaste + a disposable razor. Kettle with tea and coffee and bottled drinking water. Excellent room service and not expensive enough. We in the morning could not resist and ordered Norwegian salmon and lamb chops were cooked and brought quickly enough, everything was delicious and cost cheaper than us in the restaurant.

Secondly, from the airport to the city about a half hour drive, and from this hotel the airport is just 15 minutes. When the stop condition on day 1 and departure on at 7: 00 am - this is what you need. There is another hotel very near the airport and cheaper than this one, but I have it in the Internet is not found (probably not there looking for:-)))


The big difference between exchange at the airport and in the city have not seen, but I still need the money take everywhere. Credit cards are not really held in high esteem, unlike Synge, not all they can pay for.

When you order the car (if you don't "catch" in the city), the cost is stable, so how to pay for the trip, you will not driver and "man in the box", that is, come to the point of ordering a taxi, say where to go, tell you the cost, you pay and get a ticket and then this ticket get in now. Catch yourself – cheaper, but in the airport, for example, you have this "trick" will not work, you are no one without a ticket will not be sent to the machine.

What you can see in the Cuale....Be SURE to Petronas tower – the insane building of steel and glass!!!!! They are beautiful both day and evening with lights!!!!! It is the 12th tallest building on earth from complete, but in them the main thing - not it, but their very greatness......

Climb the tower and view the city from a height is very impressive.

There is another cave with a Buddha statue, judging by the advertising prospectus, very nice, but we did not go there.....

If you stay in Cuale more days, perhaps there are more interesting places, but we had not much time, because we waited for Cambodia.

CAMBODIA. SIEM REAP. (25.11.2009 – 27.11.2009)

Angkor Star Hotel 3* ($33 per night with Breakfast)

Aircraft from Skypark to Siem Reap and back for two – 11650R. also AirAsia. In Siem Reap, flying a limited number of aircraft from a limited number of cities. Basically, all fly to Phnom Penh, but this option did not suit, it is in our journey and there Malaysia.

Visa at the airport on arrival – $ 20 from the person. Visa necessarily need a photo, take any for documents, no matter colored or not.

Flight departure – 25$ airport tax also person.

English at the level "to explain" you know almost everything.


In any case don't change dollars for local currency!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have their own currency do not accept, and if you take it at the very best exchange rate!!!!! You need to have a small baksik. Credit card there will not help, as they are almost no where accepted, is that only in the hotel and in a large jewelry store.

The country is very poor, but I think not for long if the government will not change, as now the course for the prosperity of the holding is correct.

See the temples of Angkor need now, as they strenuously set about their restoration. After the restoration some of the temples might be beautiful, but it will lose its "wild" beauty. An indescribable delight it is those churches that are "captured" by the jungle. Temples – amazing!!!

Be sure to visit Boyon, Angkor Wat, Ta Prom, Banteay Srei, Preah Khan, to climb the Phimeanakas, Takeo and Pre Rup (we were on the conquest last effort is not enough:-))). Another beautiful view from a hot air balloon ($15 per person). Other temples you can visit that will offer, as they are among themselves similar, and smaller. There is another temple of Beng Melia (km 70 from Angkor) and temples group Roluos, but their use need a few more days in Cambodia, I don't know if it's worth...

C a guide agreed in advance on the Internet, as Russian-speaking guides there is little, and on arrival, most likely, will not find a free.

Coordinates: Anna (Manager of company) phone: +855-17-826832. This ordering guide, of course, much more than you can negotiate on the spot with local drivers of different vehicles, but at the same time, you get extra comfort, namely: we were met at the airport in the early morning and immediately drove to the temples, in the evening was taken to the hotel for check-in then in the morning again taken, and again before the evening at the temples. The temples that we wanted to visit, we also agreed in advance, but will be a little (or a lot) change. At the time of visiting each temple all also depended only on our desire.

On the day of departure we drove to the airport (for $10 extra).

For the services of a guide and drove for 2 days we paid 170$ for 2 days entry to the temples – even at$ 40 per person (this is a constant, which takes the state). You are given a ticket with your personal photo, which I do immediately, and dates are permitted to visit the temples. At the entrance to most of temples are the police who carefully check the validity of your ticket.

Honestly, we have never regretted that I overpaid for a guide, so if you want to stay within the 2 days, as was the case, then this is the best option. In the 2 days we had a lot to see (see photo). When I read reviews about Cambodia in the preparation of this trip, I realized that the best option for exploring the temples of Siem reap - it is just 2-3 days.

Now about the hotel...

We liked it very much, firstly, it is very conveniently located, in the evening is where to go to eat (no longer have the strength), everything is close. All recommended cafes Deap Fish really tasty and not expensive. Those restaurants that are very close enough (if not more) expensive, so better move a little bit away.

Hotel room excellent, all the furniture of carved mahogany!!!!! Plumbing wasn't very good, frankly, but it's not particularly depressing.

In addition to the usual shampoo and shower gel in the range of toiletries is a disposable toothbrush, nail file and sewing kit.

The room also has a kettle and tea and coffee + drinking bottled water.

Decent pool (working hours before 6 PM. Later, too, no one will be kicked out, but its already starting to clean, and backlight special.

Decent for "treshki" Breakfast.

People in Cambodia are very friendly, but very annoying, if you have started to offer something to buy, then get rid of them very difficult, will go and conicity, what would you is something you have bought...For this you just need to be ready and do not pay attention to them, there are no other options, otherwise, if you begin to "freak out", then all you will get, it will only ruin the mood...but if you find yourself holding your wallet, I certainly will not let this go, until something sell... :-))

INDONESIA. BALI. (27.11.2009 – 07.11-2.2009)

Ayodya Resort Bali 5* ($120 per night with Breakfast)

Flights Kuala Bali 4850R. for two of the same AirAsia.

Visa on arrival at the airport$ 25 per person. It is better to give without taking, because the change will give their tug at the very best exchange rate.

When departing, another for$ 25 from the nose (or 15... something was forgotten, but not a big difference), but take them only in local currency!!!!


The airport should not change, as the course is not profitable, and in the Basques they charge you with pleasure. Must-have small dollars to pay for.

To change the coin will still have, but to exchange better big bucks, as they are of course cheaper, and to change is better in the city. Local money is also sometimes useful. You need to remember one thing: if you call the price in dollars, pay in dollars, if you call the price in rupees, pay in rupees, as if to start to translate on the spot, always cheated on the course, and still take more than asked for.

Cards should not use where, in addition to the hotel, and the hotel better cash, as the course card some "ugly" work, and take them to isolated places. Moreover, on arrival home, the Bank told me that my card will be blocked and reissued, as something for the payments in Indonesia, my Bank seemed unreliable.

The English know all the local, and almost all of them can speak Russian, in a word, Bali is a Russian colony. Terms of the continuous Russian speech. While vacationing Russians (at least in Nusa Dua), very decent people, and such a Bedlam that our compatriots love to arrange, for example, in Turkey, you will not meet.

Balinese themselves – just darling. Very pleasant, polite, and they are not "well...Lisa" (pardon my "French", exact words are not found...)

Bali is a very nice island, but you have to understand where you are going. I like the Red, there never will be. It is an ocean with currents (sometimes very strong), tides, waves (such that may not even give a log in the ocean), seaweed floating in the water...

In order that as little felt, and we chose this hotel, because here at any tide there is water (though not always clean from sand and algae).

In fact, Kuta hotels much cheaper, but at the same time and expect them to need much less...

In my opinion, if you are in Bali, don't skimp very much on the hotel, Ayodya very reasonable in terms of price-quality, have settled in the hotel for 35$ a day, impression of Bali is often spoiled.

In Bali there are several beach locations, the most famous and visited Kuta, then goes Nusa Dua (where was our hotel) and Jimbaran (the rest will not mention, less explored by tourists, and we were not there).

The most expensive hotels on the beach, but the place itself we didn't like. There is a beautiful sunset and a bunch of cafe on the beach with tables right on the sand, but outside the hotel is noisy and dirty.

Next comes Nusa Dua is a resort area, quiet and peaceful. There are all designed only for tourists, so everything is quite expensive and impurity Bali Collection is better not to buy anything. However, not far from the hotel (5 minutes walk) is a small village, where there are a number of cafes with free WiFi and a good kitchen. Beef "Gordon blue" it was great!!! There are also several shops where you can buy Souvenirs...

Next is Kuta – a place of pilgrimage for surfers and all parties in Bali. Draw your own conclusions...


As I wrote, we really enjoyed it. Liked the area – very beautiful. Liked the room, liked the beach, liked the food (by the way, you can take$ 15 coupons, but initially at least 3 per person), which can be used in any of the hotel restaurants for lunch or dinner. We went to a Japanese restaurant where the chef cooks everything right in front of you), then Balinese theatre-buffet and 3 times in the main restaurant of the hotel near the artificial lake. Like...

Removed, however, the rooms are not with due zeal (in terms of cleanliness), but this did not spoil our experience. Indeed, in the room mostly at night...

Yes, give all the information on the hotel upon check-in Russian, there is a staff member at the reception - Russian girl Olga.

In the room the whole kit for shower + Bathrobe and Slippers, drinking water, kettle and all that, a LCD TV (though not in all rooms).

The plumbing in the room, of course, pumped up, but not so much that it would get hysterical.

There is a cafe on the beach (not a hotel), if you stand with your face to the sea, it left from the hotel. In this cafe we used to go sometimes to eat, not expensive and delicious. And the beer is much cheaper there than beer in the hotel. Take in this cafe any money, but in the mnt obtained much cheaper than in dollars and change.....


We are so "noexcuses" in Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia, especially here that they are not addicted, just wanted to relax, however, definitely need to see Uluwatu and Tanah Lot. Locals call them temples, but not churches as we know it. On the territory of these temples do not enter, but the views around, is amazing: ocean, rocks, waves!!!!! We went there somewhere in a 14-30, but it's too late. I think it is better to go in the morning first to Tanah Lot, where you can slowly see all the beauty of the area and stroll through the large market in front of the temple, where you can buy Souvenirs and then go to Uluwatu to watch the sunset and arrogant monkeys, walking between people and robs russaw all those holding bad (see how to behave with monkeys, precautions).

Take a trip to a seafood dinner at sunset on Jimbaran. But...if you get a cab and just tell the driver that would take you in a cafe at Jimbaran, he will bring you in the cafe, which brought visitors to unfasten him, so price tag on dinner is likely to be overstated. The best way to get to where he will bring, and then, without entering it in this cafe, to go along the beach and choose what you like on the spot, and the prices you can haggle a bit.

Loved the diving. Went 2 times to different places. 1st time went to the dive site Crystal Bay, hoping to meet the maul-the maul, but we were not lucky because it's not the season...the Season for her August-October. The second time we went to Tulamben, to the sunken ship. The life of the ocean, of course, not the same "color" as in the Red sea, but there all different and all very impressive. Sorry, didn't have enough time to go for another Menjangan, which would look at various acular, turtles and other large inhabitants of the Indian ocean. But on the other hand the cost of diving in Bali is higher than in Egypt, for example. We bargained for the first time to 95$ per person for 2 dives for 40 minutes, but this is assuming that we sank 4 people and 3-e went with us snorkeling for 45$ per person. If riding less people, the price most likely will not. The second time we agreed to the$ 85 and if you go on Holidays, I think it will cost noticeably more expensive, as it is on the other end of the island and to go there 4 hours. In the end, the cost of the dip depends on the distance on the map to the dive sites.


Bali 2 rivers, which carry on rafting. Usually all offer the Ayung, it's closer, but they say that the water is dirtier and less extreme. We went to Telaga Waj there and the water is clean and thresholds abruptly and the terrain - just fly away!!!!!

What else can you write about Bali???..... Probably a lot, but the words still can not describe all. Know now that the rest of the sea-the ocean I will go there...

Next was a flight from Bali to sing for the trip home via Paris. Flew to sing the same AirAsia for 4500R. for two. The plane was a home all day, so I went to the Singapore zoo, where pleasure took the whole day. Then drove to the fountain of wealth in Santec City, as it was the first time we did not manage to see the evening laser show on it. And then to the airport...

So our Big Asian tour with a total duration of 20 days. The mass of impressions!!! Days is not enough, however, for the 4 countries have been day 3... Now I know all our future trips will be only "savages"!!!!!

Oh, I forgot the most important thing before the trip she always tried to find but failed: the WEATHER!!!!!

At this time (November - December) in all countries (except Cambodia) was the rainy season. In Cambodia, on the contrary, the rainy season just ended.

SINGAPORE - mostly cloudy, hot. For 4 days a few times caught in the rain. 1 time he went somewhere for 40 minutes, but it was not rain, the other a couple of times - at least 15 minutes, but from the soul.

MALAYSIA - the second night of our presence, poured as from a bucket, but the day was dry with variable cloud cover.

CAMBODIA - a very good time to visit, as the dry, constant sunshine and not too hot, you can walk around the temples all day, without a break for Siesta.

BALI for 10 days the rain was heard (just heard) only 1 time, the last night before departure. Temperature and air and ocean is very comfortable, even I would say the ocean is very warm. The sun without clouds was not often, but it does not neglect the cream, even if it is cloudy, burning with enthusiasm. I'm not white and usually not burned never, but the day on the 4th managed well to singe the back, forgetting before swimming with a mask smeared with cream...

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