How not to overpay when buying tickets at Aviacenter

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That airlines discounters, they're low, they're budget airlines, you can fly really cheap, we have seen in the article "Airlines discount: myth or reality?". But all is not gold that glitters. Even the discounters airlines need to be able to use it, otherwise, no benefit from the flights you get. How, read on:

Select only required services

On the website you happen to AirAsia
even become the owner of the red
carpet to the aircraft for 100 ringgit

The secret of buying tickets from budget airlines is simple: you need to carefully monitor the total value of the issued ticket and choose only those services that you need.

If you never purchased tickets on sites in discount stores, you'll be surprised by the large number of services that are offered by the airline in addition to buying tickets. It's insurance, food on Board, charges for Luggage, charges for the use of "Comfort kits", airport transfers, services of communication on Board and whatnot. But it's not because of the airline discounters such advanced and they have a lot of additional services compared to traditional airlines. In fact, when buying the tickets from low cost airlines all of these services are already included in the ticket price. The discounter tries to "force" all of these services are additionally to get as much money from passengers.

Part of these services, you can refuse, but some, such as the Commission for payment by credit card will be added to the cost regardless of your desire. Than more services you give, the cheaper will be the ticket. However, to refuse services is not always so simple. Some airlines discounters make their sites so beautiful and intricate that the buyer is in the heat of the chase for the cheapest ticket, just don't have time to take a bear by default the checkboxes for additional services, and eventually gets in two or three times more expensive ticket than was originally proposed. The medicine here, as mentioned above, is simple: to follow closely the final cost of the ticket buying process, read everything on each stage of purchase and to reject all unnecessary services.

Free registration

One of the additional fees some airlines discounters now charge for airport check-in at the front Desk. However, if you check-in on the website or using the auto stands (terminals) at the airport, additionally you will not pay anything. But for this you need to be sure to have a printed boarding pass (in case of registration on the website) or the itinerary with the reservation code (for registration on the auto racks).

How to be when you register on the website or automatic racks with Luggage? It's very simple: go with your boarding pass in a special zone of delivery of Luggage (Baggage Drop) and checking baggage there, presenting your boarding pass.

The fee for baggage

Considerable fees discounters charge for the carriage of any Luggage. This hand baggage up to certain limits on the weight and size you can carry for free. So, if your Luggage fits the carry-on baggage specific airline and it is prohibited in the cabin items (this is, as usual, liquids, aerosols, sharps, etc.), can refuse Luggage fee at the stage of buying tickets. But remember that if you later change your mind, fees for baggage in the airport can be much higher than when buying on the website.

To purchase tickets in advance

Well, of course, all the traditional techniques from the "How to buy cheap ticket?" valid with the purchase of tickets from discounters.

The most significant of these is the purchase of tickets in advance, as well as simple airlines, low greatly raise the price a few days before the flight, and they can become comparable in price to conventional flights.

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Andrey.Grigorev, 7 June, 2016
the middleman's cheaper can not be a priori! ...
Andrey.Grigorev, 7 June, 2016
the middleman's cheaper can not be a priori! ...
terco 5 July, 2016
You can still book tickets, for example, Moscow-Riga-Tallinn, and fly to Riga. In some cases, so it is cheaper than a ticket Moscow-Riga.
Or look at the calendar, price, if still to fly. Such calendars is on or ...
nausla Jul 17, 2016

Works if you are flying one-way. But if there and back we may run into cancellation of the ticket. ...
Sergio 18 July, 2016

Actually can be, and is quite common. Today almost all brokers work for Commission on the value of, i.e. they do not wind to the cost of the ticket and sell them for the same price as the carrier, and the amount received from the lecture of your interest. The same applies to tours and other things. The facilitator can be part of your Commission or all of it to sell a ticket cheaper. ...
frog 24 July, 2016

not only can, but often cheaper.
They are to/from the Commission is received, and to be on the first positions in search results aggregators, share part of their Commission ...
frog 24 July, 2016

not always, but often.
this is due to the fact that in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday change the IATA exchange rate .
if the ruble is growing and it is already clear that night, the cheaper the tickets, why not lower the price on Tuesday night :) ...
helga3682 24 August, 2017
Not always the best tickets, for example, when I have somewhere to be. Murphy's law :( ...
Malytka September 3, 2017

Murphy's law always exactly work. ...
SergSm 5 March, 2018
Correct to say that the sledges have summer ...